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Jobs Report Shows 'Another Healthy Month of Hiring'

America's employers added 206K jobs in June, a strong gain despite pullback from May's numbers

(Newser) - America's employers delivered another healthy month of hiring in June, adding 206,000 jobs and once again displaying the US economy's ability to withstand continually high interest rates. Last month's job growth did mark a pullback from 218,000 in May. But it was still a strong...

DOJ Hits Firm With Fine After 'Whites Only' Job Listing

Labor Department got involved, too, after ad posted by Virginia's Arthur Grand Technologies

(Newser) - In March of last year, Arthur Grand Technologies, a tech firm based in Loudoun County, Virginia, posted an ad for an open business analyst position within the company. That in itself isn't unusual, but the wording of the ad was a different story. "US Born Citizens [white] who...

These Cities' Job Markets Are A-Plus for Young Workers

Tucson, Arizona, tops LinkedIn list of best places for young workers seeking job opportunities

(Newser) - As young adults launch their work lives after graduation, where to start off is one of the biggest questions at top of mind. That could mean relocation is in the cards, notes Quartz —so enter LinkedIn , which just put out its 2024 "kickstarting your career" primer, including the...

Get Paid $100K to Throw Pool Parties All Summer

Swimply is looking for a CPO: chief pools officer

(Newser) - Wishing your summer could be one giant pool party? Imagine we told you it could—and that you'd get paid handsomely for it. For one lucky person, that prospect will become reality when they're hired for the CPO (chief pools officer) position now being advertised by private pool...

Here Are the Best (and Worst) Places to Kick Off Your Career

Atlanta tops WalletHub's list for those just starting off

(Newser) - With college commencement ceremonies currently taking place around the nation, lots of eyes are on where this latest slew of grads will end up working. WalletHub wanted to find out which US cities were the best places to kick off one's career, so it looked at more than 180...

People Are Happiest at Work Than Ever...Sort of

Conference Board's latest survey ranks job satisfaction higher than ever, but with a caveat

(Newser) - Morale is up for employees these days, at least according to Conference Board's latest report on US job satisfaction. Worker satisfaction hit an all-time high since the nonprofit research group began distributing the survey in 1987, with 62.7% of respondents reporting back that they're satisfied on the...

Job Seekers Get Callbacks Based on Their Names

A new 'Discrimination Report Card' is out, and white-sounding names seem to get more callbacks

(Newser) - In 2004, a study found that job applicants with stereotypically white-sounding names got callbacks for interviews 50% more than applicants with Black-sounding names. Now, scientists have rebooted that research, and while the results are better than they were two decades ago, they show that racial bias still appears to come...

Sony Slashes Gaming Jobs
Sony Slashes Gaming Jobs

Sony Slashes Gaming Jobs

Company to drop 8% of workforce, close London's PlayStation Studio

(Newser) - Sony will cut about 900 jobs in its PlayStation division, or about 8% of its global workforce, becoming the latest company in the technology and gaming sector to announce layoffs, per the AP . Sony cited changes in the industry as a reason for the restructuring. "The industry has changed...

Site Closure Caps a Gloomy January for Media
Another News Site Goes Bust

Another News Site Goes Bust

The Messenger shuts down less than a year after launch with big ambitions

(Newser) - Add another media casualty to the new year: The digital news site the Messenger abruptly went belly-up on Wednesday, after less than a year in business, reports the New York Times . The site founded by Jimmy Finkelstein, who previously owned the Hill and The Hollywood Reporter, launched in May with...

To Save $1B, UPS Cuts Thousands of Jobs

Company slashes 12K workers amid higher labor costs

(Newser) - UPS will cut 12,000 jobs and released a revenue outlook for this year that sent its shares down sharply at the opening bell, per the AP . The company also hinted that its Coyote truck load brokerage business may be put up for sale. The Teamsters in September voted to...

Oscar Mayer Has a Tremendous Career Opportunity for You

Apply now to drive the Wienermobile—just don't get your hopes up

(Newser) - If you're looking to travel the country in one of the doofier rides out there and make new friends with an appreciation for highly processed meat, well, Oscar Mayer has just the gig for you. As USA Today reports, one of the nation's biggest names in hot dogs...

This Is the Best City in America for Job Seekers

Arizona's Scottsdale tops WalletHub's list, while Newark, NJ, comes in last

(Newser) - New year, new you? If that new you includes scouting for a new job, WalletHub has narrowed down which cities in America are best for that hunt. The site looked at more than 180 of the country's most populated cities, using 31 key metrics in two main categories: a...

Spotify Staffers Walk Into Bad News on Monday

Company announces it's laying off 17% of its workers, the 3rd round of layoffs this year

(Newser) - Spotify is about to get smaller—17% smaller. The streaming music service announced its third round of layoffs this year in a Monday blog post from CEO Daniel Ek, who called the downsizing a "strategic reorientation," the AP reports. Ek noted that the new "leaner structure" would...

Job Hunting? Here's the Best Place in America for It

Washington state ranks No. 1 in WalletHub's ranking of the best states for employment

(Newser) - It can be grueling pounding the pavement in search of a new job, what with all of the resume prep, job board scouring, and interview processes. WalletHub wanted to see which parts of America were more job-hunter friendly, so it looked at nearly three dozen metrics in all 50 states,...

Another Law Firm Rescinds Job Offers Over Israel Letters

Davis Polk slams law students whose groups signed statements condemning Israel

(Newser) - An elite law firm has withdrawn job offers to three law students from Harvard and Columbia, saying those students were part of groups that signed public statements regarding the Israel-Hamas war. "These statements are simply contrary to our firm's values," so "rescinding these offers was appropriate...

Employers Willing to Pay Nearly $1M for AI Jobs

Salaries on job advertisements are going through the roof

(Newser) - Recent reports like this one from Futurism about the AI "bubble" popping notwithstanding, some companies are willing to pay big bucks for a brain that can truly understand the best uses of artificial intelligence. The Wall Street Journal reports that major employers are chasing data scientists and experts in...

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty
Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'?
Don't Feel Guilty

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty

In the 'NYT,' Jessica Grose advocates for 'reasonable boundaries' for workers

(Newser) - Feel a twinge of guilt on the days you leave work right on time? Don't, says Jessica Grose, who takes a deep dive for the New York Times into what it means to be a "good" employee. Grose wants a more "positive spin" on two fairly new...

People Want to Stay With These Companies in 2023

Some major businesses tend to retain employees for a decade or more

(Newser) - There are many elements to what makes up a good workplace—a combination of co-workers, benefits, pay, culture, and policies, just to name a few. Not many employers get it all right, but has put together a list of places employees definitely want to stick with in 2023....

Tech-Savvy Job Hunters Turn to 'White Fonting'

But trick to outsmart AI screening for resumes could backfire, warn recruiters

(Newser) - Some applicants have been using an interesting hack to dupe AI and other tech filters when pursuing new positions. It's called "white fonting," explains the Washington Post. The idea is pretty straightforward—job seekers cram keywords from job descriptions onto their resumes, but change the font to...

The #LazyGirlJob Trend Could Backfire on Gen Z
The #LazyGirlJob Trend
Could Backfire on Gen Z

The #LazyGirlJob Trend Could Backfire on Gen Z

Flexible, remote jobs are likely to be among the first cut, writes Megan McArdle

(Newser) - The idea behind the viral TikTok trend #lazygirljob, touted by influencer Gabrielle Judge and others, is to find a low-stress, extremely flexible, remote job that pays the bills while allowing for a decent work-life balance. The trend isn't specific to women. It's "the latest iteration of 20-...

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