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Frogs Hopped Around Ancient Antarctica
A Supercontinent Split.
The Frogs Ended Up Here

A Supercontinent Split. The Frogs Ended Up Here

Fossils in Antarctica are evidence of the breakup of Gondwana

(Newser) - "Frogs, nowadays, are known on all six other continents. Now we know they were also present on the seventh." That's according to Swedish scientist Thomas Mors, whose discovery of 40-million-year-old ancient horned frog fossils in Antarctica suggests frogs were transported around the globe by the breakup of...

Microplastics Found in One of World's Remotest Places

96 particles found in sample of Antarctic sea ice

(Newser) - Grim news from one of the remotest places on Earth: Microplastics have been found for the first time in a sample of Antarctic sea ice. Researchers say they found 96 tiny plastic particles in an ice-core sample that had been stored in Tasmania since it was taken in 2009, the...

This Place Once Had a Rainforest
Antarctica Once
Had a Rainforest

Antarctica Once Had a Rainforest

Researchers find evidence of a much warmer era

(Newser) - Little else but ice, snow, and penguins likely pops into your head when you can spare a thought for Antarctic. But there's much more to the continent than meets the eye, as scientists describe in Nature . Analyzing a sediment core taken from the seafloor of West Antarctica's Amundsen...

Almost 70 in Antarctica? Scientists Report a Milestone

Researchers record a temperature of nearly 70 degrees Fahrenheit

(Newser) - Earlier this month, researchers in Antarctica recorded a temperature of 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit, which would be a record if confirmed. Now, however, different Antarctic researchers already may have surpassed it. Brazilian scientists on Seymour Island in the Antarctic Peninsula recorded a temperature of 69.3 degrees on February 9,...

Antarctica Reaches 65 Degrees for First Time

Station's reading beats 5-year-old record

(Newser) - Antarctica's peninsula is warming faster than nearly anyplace else on the planet, and a researcher said it's sometimes pleasant enough to go outside in a T-shirt. That's the case now. A research station at Esperanza, on the peninsula's northern edge, has recorded a temperature of 18....

6 Men Cross World's Most Perilous Passage in Rowboat

They made it across Drake Passage in 13 days

(Newser) - As freezing water thrashed their rowboat in some of the most treacherous waters in the world, six men fought for 13 days to make history, becoming the first people to traverse the infamous Drake Passage with nothing other than sheer manpower. They dodged icebergs, held their breaths as giant whales...

All 38 Passengers on Doomed Plane Presumed Dead

Wreckage of the Chilean Air Force plane has been found

(Newser) - The wreckage of the Chilean Air Force plane that went missing en route to a base in Antarctica Monday night has been found, and Chile's government believes all 38 passengers aboard are dead. "I would like to express our condolences, support and the pain we are feeling for...

Search Crews Comb Antarctic for Missing Plane

Chilean plane was carrying 38 people

(Newser) - Search crews are combing the Antarctic for a Chilean military transport plane carrying 38 people that vanished en route to a base on the frozen continent and will tirelessly press ahead as the hunt gains widening international support, officials say. Gen. Eduardo Mosqueira says Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and the US...

Plane Carrying 38 Disappears on Way to Antarctica

Chile lost contact with military aircraft

(Newser) - Chile's air force said it lost radio contact with a transport plane carrying 38 people on a flight Monday evening to one of the country's bases in Antarctica. It said the military had declared an alert and activated search and rescue teams. The C-130 Hercules carried 17 crew...

Catastrophe Drowned Thousands of Penguin Chicks

Emperor colony has suffered total breeding failure

(Newser) - The second-biggest breeding ground for Antarctica's emperor penguins is now almost completely deserted after a 2016 catastrophe, researchers say. Satellite photos show that the Halley Bay colony in the Weddell Sea, where around 8% of the world's emperor penguins normally breed, disappeared almost overnight, the BBC reports. Researchers...

Stunned Scientist: 'It's Like Seeing a Dinosaur'

Researchers discover a new kind of killer whale

(Newser) - A killer whale is hard to miss, and yet we did—for decades. Now scientists have discovered what could be a new species of killer whale thriving in a very inhospitable part of the world, reports. Dubbed Type D, the whales were first recorded in 1955 when 17...

Antarctic Mission Zeroes In on Famous Doomed Ship

Researchers hope this week to find Ernest Shackleton's sunken Endurance

(Newser) - A team of Antarctic researchers sets off on Monday to find one of the most famous shipwrecks in history. The only thing that stands in their way is about 75 miles of ice nearly 10 feet thick in places, reports the Guardian . If they can break through, however, the researchers...

American Completes &#39;Impossible First&#39; in Antarctica
American Completes
'Impossible First'
in Antarctica
in case you missed it

American Completes 'Impossible First' in Antarctica

Colin O'Brady finished trek in 32-hour push

(Newser) - With a final, 32-hour push, American explorer Colin O'Brady has completed a journey seen as an "impossible first": a solo, unaided, 921-mile trek across Antarctica. "I did it!" the 33-year-old told his family in Portland, Ore., after finishing the journey in 54 days. O'Brady was...

2 Workers Die in Unexplained Accident at US Antarctic Station

They were found unconscious in generator building

(Newser) - Tragedy in Antarctica: Two technicians are dead after an unexplained accident at an American research station, the National Science Foundation says. The NSF says the two men had been working on a fire-suppression system for a McMurdo Station building that houses a generator for a radio transmitter, Reuters reports. They...

In Antarctica, 2 Vie to Finish 'Impossible First'

Louis Rudd, Colin O'Brady are separately trying to become first to cross continent unsupported

(Newser) - Two years ago a man died trying to take on "the new Everest." Now, the New York Times reports that two more men are attempting the feat, and they're racing to not only conquer a frozen continent, but also each other. Both 33-year-old Colin O'Brady and...

Attack in Antarctica Results in Attempted Murder Charge

Researcher Sergey Savitsky is on house arrest

(Newser) - A researcher at Russia's remote Bellingshausen station allegedly stabbed a colleague earlier this month, the Guardian reports, citing the Russian-language Interfax news agency. Investigators say that the researcher, identified as Sergey Savitsky, wielded a knife on Oct. 9 and "deliberately struck [his colleague] at least one blow to...

Fresh Iceberg Looks Strangely Rectangular
This Iceberg Looks
a Little Unusual

This Iceberg Looks a Little Unusual

NASA takes image of a rectangular iceberg believed to have come from Antarctic ice shelf

(Newser) - As far as icebergs go, this one is oddly perfect. NASA has shared a photo of a rectangular iceberg floating in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica, its flat top and straight edges appearing so exact as to suggest Mother Nature used a saw, per CTV News . The BBC explains that...

'Headless Chicken Monster' of the Sea Caught on Camera

It's actually a sea cucumber, and it was captured on film in a rarity

(Newser) - A bizarre ocean creature with an even stranger nickname has been caught on camera for the first time. Previously only seen in the Gulf of Mexico, the sea cucumber Enypniasties eximia, affectionately known as the "headless chicken monster," was spotted in the Southern Ocean off of eastern Antarctica...

Antarctic Ice Melt Is Accelerating Rapidly

3 trillion tons of ice have melted since 1992, study says

(Newser) - Scientists monitoring ice loss in Antarctica have chilling news: The melting rate has accelerated alarmingly and the ice sheet is now shedding more than 200 billion tons a year, according to a study involving 88 scientists published in the journal Nature . The researchers say the rate of ice loss has...

Giant Antarctic Ice 'Cork' Is Deteriorating

Scientists prepping for $27.5M study of Thwaites Glacier, how sea level rise will be affected

(Newser) - An Antarctic glacier is losing so much ice that it contributed to about 4% of the planet's total sea level rise in recent years—and scientists are now concerned this rapid melting could remove one of the few "corks" keeping the West Antarctic Ice Sheet at bay. That'...

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