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How Adele Is Like a Modern Kurt Kobain
How Adele Is Like
a Modern Kurt Cobain

How Adele Is Like a Modern Kurt Cobain

He was 'authentic,' too, and it led to lame copycats: Mike Doherty

(Newser) - There's no question that Adele is the reigning queen of pop music, and she's frequently hailed for her "authenticity"—much as Kurt Cobain was two decades ago. But that "early ‘90s fetishization of authenticity" led to a bunch of "dour, humorless copycats" who...

Courtney Love Explains Weird Cobain Rant

Oh, and did we mention she went topless, too?

(Newser) - Courtney Love had quite the night on Sunday, first ranting against a fan who held up a picture of Kurt Cobain before storming off stage, only to return and flash the audience. Afterward, she explained the diatribe (which you can watch in full in the gallery—it’s definitely NSFW),...

Courtney Love: First Night With Kurt Was at a Days Inn

They watched 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video in bed

(Newser) - Courtney Love slept with Kurt Cobain for the first time at a Days Inn in Chicago, she recalls in an excerpt from an upcoming book in New York . During their first "post-coital moment," the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" came on, she says, and "I...

6 Craziest Quotes From Courtney's Vanity Fair Interview

She'd kill Kurt Cobain for killing himself, and more

(Newser) - Courtney Love is getting a lot of press for a recent Vanity Fair interview in which she says that if Kurt Cobain came back to life, she'd kill him again for committing suicide. But that's far from the only interesting thing she says. Highlights:
  • The full Cobain quote:

Nevermind Turns 20, Will Hit Shelves Anew

Seminal album sold 30M copies, will be re-released Sept. 19

(Newser) - Nirvana's Nevermind turns 20 this September (yep, it has been 20 years and yes, you are old). So Universal thought it only right to celebrate the multi-platinum album by issuing a remastered version of it—as part of a massive set that includes four CDs and one DVD. The...

Courtney Wanted to Snort Kurt's Ashes: Book

Politely, she offered them to author Neil Strauss first

(Newser) - It’s been a while since Courtney Love’s last crazy headline , but fortunately, author Neil Strauss is here to give you a fix. In his new book, Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, he reveals that after Kurt Cobain’s death, Love considered snorting her late husband’s...

Courtney Love Is Writing New Yorker a Pretty Story
Courtney Love Is Writing
New Yorker a Pretty Story

Courtney Love Is Writing New Yorker a Pretty Story

Proud of her literary talents

(Newser) - Listen up, New Yorker editors: Courtney Love is preparing a story for the mag. She's always wanted to be a writer, she tells New York Magazine . She's quite proud of the literary heft of her song lyrics and never, ever writes things like "CU later" in her lengthy text...

20 Long-Running Celeb Mysteries

How old is Catherine Zeta-Jones for real?

(Newser) - E! is blowing out 20 candles on its birthday cake this year, and it has one wish: To learn the answers to the top 20 nagging celebrity mysteries.
  1. How old is Catherine Zeta-Jones really? (And Beyoncé, for that matter.)
  2. Murder mystery No. 1: Did OJ kill Nicole Brown

'Courtney Love Is Dead,' Says Courtney Love
 'Courtney Love Is Dead,' 
 Says Courtney Love 
meet 'courtney michelle'

'Courtney Love Is Dead,' Says Courtney Love

Singer says she's switching to her real name

(Newser) - Courtney Love has had it with her stage name, which, to hear her tell it, has become more like a slave name. “The name Courtney Love is a way to oppress me,” she said in a recent interview with NME magazine. “Courtney Love is dead.” From...

Pattinson as Cobain 'Stupid,' Says Courtney

Finally, Courtney Love says something we can really get behind

(Newser) - It’s always nice when Courtney Love takes a break from being crazy to say something we can all agree with: The idea of Robert Pattinson playing Kurt Cobain is ridiculous. Rumors recently went around that the Twilight star was her personal pick for the upcoming biopic, but she clears...

Frances Bean Cobain Set for Singing Debut
 Frances Bean 
 Cobain Set for 
 Singing Debut 
rock royalty

Frances Bean Cobain Set for Singing Debut

Daughter of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love to sing with Evelyn, Evelyn

(Newser) - Finally, some Frances Bean Cobain news that doesn't involve custody battles or Facebook rants by her mother. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter will follow in her parents' footsteps, making her singing debut on an album coming out March 30. Evelyn Evelyn, by the band of the same name, will...

Frances Bean Cobain Gets Restraining Order
 Frances Bean Cobain 
 Gets Restraining Order 

Frances Bean Cobain Gets Restraining Order

Courtney Love continues Facebook rants, conjures Jamie Lynn Spears

(Newser) - Kurt Cobain’s family has been trying to take custody of Frances Bean for years, his uncle tells TMZ , because Courtney Love “can barely take care of herself”—and is certainly “not fit to take care of Frances.” As of yesterday, Love not only lost custody...

Drugs Not Factor in Love's Lost Custody

17-year-old Frances Bean Cobain just 'strong-willed'

(Newser) - Yes, Courtney Love lost custody of daughter Frances Bean Cobain, but don't blame it on her drug-addled history: The singer's "been clean for years," says her lawyer. "This is simply about Frances preferring to live with her grandmother at this time." Love's daughter with Kurt Cobain...

Courtney Love Loses Custody of Frances Bean

Kurt Cobain's daughter has new temporary guardians

(Newser) - Troubled singer Courtney Love has lost legal control over her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and a California court has appointed the 17-year-old's paternal grandmother and aunt—Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's mother and younger sister—her legal guardians. Wendy O'Connor and Kimberly Cobain have authority over the girl's education, health care,...

Guitar Hero 5 Uses Cobain's Image Illegally: Love

Nirvana frontman's widow threatens to sue Activision

(Newser) - Kurt Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, says she plans to sue Activision for allegedly including the Nirvana frontman’s image in its Guitar Hero 5 without permission, MTV reports. “For the record this Guitar Hero shit is breach of contract on a Bullys part and there will be a proper...

Cobain Play Hits London
 Cobain Play 
 Hits London 

Cobain Play Hits London

(Newser) - Teen spirit has hit a London stage in a play that involves the troubled life of rocker Kurt Cobain, reports the Independent. The production, Nevermind, features a struggling music critic, John, visited by Cobain's ghost. "Cobain appears as his alter ego: a success who couldn't deal with it, as...

CD Smells Like Teen Spirit, Sounds Like a Lullaby

Cobain 'Lullaby' Sending Tots to Slumber Land

(Newser) - A new CD is lulling babies to sleep with the gentle sounds of Nirvana, AC/DC, and Queen, the Sun reports. The makers of Rockabye Baby created lullaby renditions of hits like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with xylophones, wood blocks, and glockenspiels. The CD—which also includes songs from Bob...

Love to Fans: I'm 'Not Suicidal'

Singer regrets blog post about death

(Newser) - After alarming fans in a recent MySpace blog post about death, Courtney Love reassures everyone: “No, I am not suicidal,” Us magazine reports. The musician, whose husband, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide, posted a follow-up to explain: “Occasionally, like all of us, I get depressed.” She said...

Artist to Smoke Kurt Cobain's Ashes

Nirvana frontman's supposed remains, stolen from wife, will star in Berlin exhibition

(Newser) - An Australian performance artist who claims to have obtained late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s ashes will smoke them at a Berlin exhibition, NME reports. Artist Natascha Stellmach says the lighting up will symbolize Cobain’s ultimate freedom from the media. As to how she came by the remains, which...

Love Sued Over Nirvana Catalog

Company claims Cobain's widow broke verbal contract

(Newser) - Business firm London & Co. sued Kurt Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, for $975,000 yesterday, claiming she didn’t give them their share of the $19.5 million she earned from selling part of Nirvana's publishing catalog. They allege Love broke a verbal contract to share 5% of profits from...

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