violence against women

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Report Alleges Diddy Was Violent While in College

'Rolling Stone' airs new allegations

(Newser) - A six-month Rolling Stone investigation has unearthed new allegations against the hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, including that he publicly beat a girlfriend while a student at Howard University in the late 1980s. Combs allegedly attacked the woman outside her dorm, in view of her friends. One witness said...

Horrific Cases of Femicide Spur Protests Across Africa

Brutal murders in Kenya, Somalia, and Cameroon have sparked protests

(Newser) - Recent acts of femicide and gender-based violence across several African countries—including Kenya, Somalia, and Cameroon—have prompted protests and calls for government action. The details are harrowing, and include beheadings, immolation, and mutilation, with the majority of cases involving intimate partners, the New York Times reports. Women's rights...

Global Demonstrations Call for End to Violence Against Women

Italy's protests honor Giulia Cecchettin, whose body was found a week ago

(Newser) - Demonstrations around the world on Saturday marked International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In Italy's main cities, tens of thousands took to the streets of Italy's main cities, just as an Italian man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend was extradited from Germany. The slaying of...

Mass Sit-In Calls for Justice in Mob Assault of Women
Sit-In Protests Women's Assault

Sit-In Protests Women's Assault

Thousands in India demand arrests and official's resignation

(Newser) - Thousands of people, mostly women, held a massive sit-in in India's violence-wracked northeastern state of Manipur on Saturday to demand the immediate arrest of anyone who took part in the harrowing May assault of two women who were paraded around naked and molested by a mob in an attack...

Pope Admonishes Nation Over Treatment of Women

Future of South Sudan, where sexual violence is rampant, depends on change, Francis says

(Newser) - Pope Francis warned Saturday that South Sudan’s future depends on how it treats its women, as he highlighted their horrific plight in a country where sexual violence is rampant, child brides are common, and the maternal mortality rate is the highest in the world. On his second and penultimate...

28 Arrested in Viral Video of Men Beating Women in Restaurant

Footage of women brutally attacked put gender-based violence back in spotlight

(Newser) - Update: Twenty-eight people have been charged in the June assault on multiple women at a restaurant in China that sparked outrage regarding violence against women in the country. Authorities say the incident and charges are connected to gang activity in the area, the Washington Post reports. Authorities had previously said...

Son of One of Pakistan's Richest Families to Be Put to Death

Zahir Jaffer sentenced to hang for brutal murder of Noor Mukadam

(Newser) - The son of one of Pakistan's wealthiest families has been sentenced to death for raping and beheading a childhood friend who reportedly refused his offer of marriage. Pakistani-American Zahir Jaffer, who hails from a well-known industrialist family, held 27-year-old Noor Mukadam in his family home in a swanky part...

China Makes Arrests in Chained Woman Case
China: Chained Woman
Was Actually Sold Twice

China: Chained Woman Was Actually Sold Twice

Officials update Xiaohuamei's story once again

(Newser) - Update: Chinese officials' evolving story on the woman found chained by her neck has gotten another revision. While authorities earlier reversed their denials and confirmed the woman, named Xiaohuamei and confirmed to be 44, had been a human trafficking victim, they now say she was actually sold twice. In early...

Nation Accepts Responsibility for Journalist's Gang Rape

International court finds Colombia tolerated, if not consented, to 2000 attack on Jineth Bedoya

(Newser) - Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya was kidnapped at gunpoint outside a prison in Bogota, where she'd expected to interview an imprisoned paramilitary leader in May 2000. It was the start of 16 hours of torture that would include a gang-rape, reports CBS News . "All I know is that I...

Turkey Pulls Out of Domestic Violence Treaty

Thousands were expected to protest around the nation after Erdogan withdraws from Istanbul Convention

(Newser) - A decade ago, Turkey was the first nation to sign an international treaty meant to protect women from domestic violence. In March, the nation was stunned when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced he'd issued a decree to pull out of the Istanbul Convention , and on Thursday, that withdrawal was...

London Officer Enters Partial Guilty Pleas in Slaying

Sarah Everard's death lead to national debate about violence toward women

(Newser) - A London police officer has pleaded guilty in the attack on Sarah Everard, whose slaying in March brought to the surface widespread anger about violence toward women. Anger toward police also mounted after officers broke up a vigil , attended by Kate Middleton, and arrested women who were participating. Everard, a...

Biden: Treaty on Domestic Violence Is Needed

President criticizes Turkey for dropping out of international agreement

(Newser) - President Biden added his voice Sunday to the international criticism of Turkey's decision to drop out of an agreement designed to prevent violence against women. "Countries should be working to strengthen and renew their commitments to ending violence against women, not rejecting international treaties designed to protect women...

First Signee Quits Domestic Violence Pact

Human rights group calls Turkey's decision 'devastating' to global efforts

(Newser) - A nation already dealing with shocking cases of violence against women was stunned Saturday when Turkey's president withdrew from an international treaty to protect women. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued the decree early in the day, and protesters immediately took to the streets of Istanbul, the BBC reports. An...

'Call Trump': White Supremacist Loses It in Restaurant

Nicholas Arnold Schock assaults woman in Florida

(Newser) - Nothing like a little fine dining—especially when a self-proclaimed white supremacist explodes in a rage and hits a female staffer in the face. That's what happened at a restaurant in Nokomis, Florida, where a man identified as Nicholas Arnold Schock was caught on video going berserk, TMZ reports....

Deemed Too Old, He Was Released. Then He Killed Again

Albert Flick convicted of murdering woman as her twin children watched

(Newser) - A man who served decades in prison for fatally stabbing his wife 14 times in front of her daughter was convicted Wednesday in a nearly identical crime—stabbing a woman at least 11 times while her twin children watched. Albert Flick, 77, who was previously deemed too old to be...

Canada, 'Genocide'? Come On
The Debate
Is on About

The Debate Is on About 'Genocide'

What word describes it?

(Newser) - A national inquiry in Canada found that its policies were tantamount to "genocide" against Indigenous women and girls, who have suffered violence for decades. Now, the debate is on. "The men who killed Indigenous women were not génocidaires set on destroying a group," writes Erna Paris...

Hotel Staff, Guests Do Nothing as Woman Attacked

Video of the attack has gone viral in China

(Newser) - A man attacked a woman in a hotel hallway Sunday in Beijing for minutes on end as hotel staff and other guests ignored the situation, the Washington Post reports. Video of the attack has since gone viral on Chinese social media, bringing attention to the country's issues with sexism...

College Suspends Rugby Team for Necrophilia Song

UMW team also ordered to take classes on sexual assault for party chant

(Newser) - The University of Mary Washington's entire rugby team has been suspended after video surfaced of several of its members singing an obscenity-laced chant describing the sexual assault of a prostitute's corpse. The song was recorded by a student at an off-campus party, per Jezebel ; the student posted the...

'Tiger Lady' Murder Case Gets Second Life

Police release new sketches of woman found by New Jersey interstate

(Newser) - Police are hoping that new sketches of a woman known only as "Tiger Lady" will help solve a cold case that has gone unsolved for 23 years, the Star-Ledger reports. The woman's partly decomposed body was discovered beside I-80 in Knowlton Township, NJ, on Oct. 26, 1991, stripped...

1 in 3 Women Victim of Domestic Abuse
1 in 3 Women Victim
of Domestic Abuse
new study

1 in 3 Women Victim of Domestic Abuse

Studies look at problem worldwide

(Newser) - The most comprehensive review to date of violence against women worldwide finds that domestic abuse is "shockingly" common, in the words of one of the researchers. Specifically, about one-third of women have been physically or sexually abused by a partner, concludes the WHO analysis. Some of the findings, from...

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