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Virginia Beach Votes to Up Taxes to Fend Off Rising Seas

Residents OK $568M bond to pay for infrastructure projects

(Newser) - Voters in Virginia Beach have approved one of the larger bonds in the US to pay for infrastructure projects to guard against rising seas and intensifying hurricanes, suggesting that more Americans are finally willing to spend tax dollars to adapt to climate change. Tuesday's "yes" vote earned nearly...

Rare 'River in the Sky' Could Slam Parched California
'Bomb Cyclone,' Meet
'Atmospheric River'

'Bomb Cyclone,' Meet 'Atmospheric River'

2 big weather events set to converge Saturday into Sunday on West Coast, and it likely won't be pretty

(Newser) - Update: As if California didn't have enough to not look forward to this weekend, warnings of a potentially rare "atmospheric river" are now being joined by ones for a hurricane-strength "bomb cyclone," which takes place when a low-pressure system's central pressure plummets 24 millibars or...

Determined Couple Floats to Wedding in a Pot

Kerala, India, had been hit with deadly floods

(Newser) - There's making an entrance, and there's making an entrance. A determined couple in Kerala, India, traveled to their wedding venue by cooking pot, floating down flooded streets in the huge vessel. The AP reports floods and landslides killed at least 28 as of Monday in Kerala, where angry...

Flood Alerts May Have Run Into 'Warning Fatigue'

Flood Alerts
Come Under

Flood Alerts Come Under Question

Weather service realizes it might be overusing the system

(Newser) - Cellphones across New York and New Jersey pulsed with urgent warnings of catastrophic flooding as the fury of Hurricane Ida's remnants, carrying torrential rains, approached upper New Jersey and New York City on Wednesday. The first alerts of severe weather blared across millions of phones at 8:41 that...

Many Killed In NJ Flooding Found Trapped In Cars

Deep, swift water seems to have caught drivers off guard

(Newser) - At least 25 people died in New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. The remnants of the storm dumped rain on the Northeast—as much as three inches in an hour in some areas, the Wall Street Journal reports. People in areas that got severe weather and flooding got...

Father Dies in Flooded Car Leaving Daughter's Volleyball Game
Floods Killed at Least 11
in 'Death Trap' Apartments
the rundown

Floods Killed at Least 11 in 'Death Trap' Apartments

And more from the tragic mid-Atlantic and northeast flooding

(Newser) - One of the dozens of people who died in flooding caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida was killed on his way home from watching his daughter compete in a college volleyball match. Donald Allen Bauer, 65, had left DeSales University, which was hosting Moravian University, the school his daughter...

Apartment Complex Deaths Raise Flood Toll to 14
More Than 45
Dead in Flooding

More Than 45 Dead in Flooding

23 victims were in New Jersey, 12 in New York City

(Newser) - A stunned East Coast faced a rising death toll, surging rivers, tornado damage, and continuing calls for rescue Thursday after the remnants of Hurricane Ida walloped the region with record-breaking rain, drowning more than two dozen people in their homes and cars, per the AP . In a region that had...

Lone Helicopter Pilot Saved 17 in Floods

'I don't want to lie,' says Joel Byers of Tennessee. 'It was almost a little fun for me'

(Newser) - Nashville-based helicopter pilot Joel Boyers had just finished helping his fiancee earn her pilot's license on Saturday morning, and they were heading home to celebrate, when he received a frantic call from a woman in Pennsylvania. Her brother's home in the small city of Waverly, Tennessee, was underwater...

Before She Was Swept Away, She Went Live on Facebook

Linda Almond's body was recovered Sunday after home caved in

(Newser) - One of at least 22 victims killed in Tennessee flooding described her terror in a Facebook Live video moments before she was swept away. "We're being flooded right now," Linda Almond announced in a 70-second video filmed from her son's home in Waverly just before 10:...

Infant Twins Swept Out of Father's Arms to Their Deaths

Death toll in Tennessee flooding now above 20

(Newser) - The death toll in Tennessee's devastating floods is at least 22, authorities said Sunday, with about 20 others confirmed to be missing. The victims range in age from just months old to elderly in the Humphreys County tragedy. Among the dead is Wayne Spears, the longtime foreman of the...

Henri Weakens but Remains Dangerous
Henri Makes Landfall
in Rhode Island

Henri Makes Landfall in Rhode Island

Heavy rain has begun in Northeast, and storm's winds are reaching 70mph

(Newser) - Now a tropical storm, Henri hit the coast of Rhode Island on Sunday afternoon, with high winds that knocked out power to thousands of homes and rain that has brought flash flooding to the Northeast. Even as a tropical storm, Henri had wind gusts up to 70mph, the AP reports,...

Tennessee Towns Left Gutted by Catastrophic Flash Flood

At least 10 dead and dozens missing

(Newser) - Catastrophic flooding in Middle Tennessee left at least ten people dead and dozens missing Saturday as record-shattering rainfall washed away homes and rural roads, authorities said. Business owner Kansas Klein watched in horror from a bridge Saturday morning as cars and entire houses were swept down a road in...

Downpours Swamp Japan
Downpours Could Last a Week

Downpours Could Last a Week

More than 5M residents have been advised to evacuate

(Newser) - Heavy rains are causing floods, landslides, and evacuations in Japan, with millions of people advised to flee. The nation's meteorological authority issued evacuation warnings Saturday covering more than 5 million people, CNN reports. The agency warned that the rain front could remain over Japan for a week. The southwest...

Death Toll in Turkey Floods Rises to 44, More Missing

Climate change, improper construction blamed for flooding and destruction

(Newser) - The death toll from severe floods and mudslides in coastal Turkey has climbed to at least 44, the country's emergency and disaster agency said Saturday. Torrential rains that pounded the Black Sea provinces of Bartin, Kastamonu and Sinop on Wednesday caused flooding that demolished homes, severed at least five...

German Reporter Suspended For Smearing Mud on Clothes

Susanna Ohlen apologized, said she'd been ashamed her clothes were clean

(Newser) - A German reporter has been suspended from her TV station after smearing herself with mud before broadcasting from a flooded town. Susanna Ohlen, who works for RTL’s Good Morning Germany program, said she had been helping with clean-up efforts in the days preceding the broadcast but felt ashamed...

Commuters Sent Final Texts as Water Rose in Subway Cars

Survivor describes ordeal of being trapped during flooding

(Newser) - "I may not be able to get out," Pure Li messaged a friend Tuesday as the subway car she was trapped in flooded in Zhengzhou, a city in central China. As the situation deteriorated, she updated her message. "Screwed," she typed. Li, who was trapped with...

In Age of Extreme Weather, Subways Bear the Brunt
In Age of Extreme Weather,
Subways Bear the Brunt
the rundown

In Age of Extreme Weather, Subways Bear the Brunt

Storms are turning them into flood zones with increasing regularity

(Newser) - The scenes are remarkable. People had to wade through waist-deep water in the New York City subway earlier this month. This week in China, floodwater in Zhenghou trapped passengers in subway cars, per CNN . (Read their first-person accounts via the BBC .) The examples aren't as unique as you...

Moon Could Help Trigger a Decade of Flooding
Moon Could
Help Trigger
a Decade
of Flooding
in case you missed it

Moon Could Help Trigger a Decade of Flooding

Effects on tides might not be huge, but researchers say some coastal areas are 'close to the brim'

(Newser) - Flooding in the 2030s might make us look back fondly on this decade. NASA sea level researchers say high tide flooding could seriously worsen next decade along US coastlines, NPR reports. That's the sort of flooding in which water invades streets and yards in coastal areas. "Nuisance floods,...

In a Single Hour, 8 Inches of Rain Flooded a City

12 died in a flooded subway in Zhengzhou, China

(Newser) - "Flood-prevention efforts have become very difficult," said China's Xi Jinping in a televised statement. That's putting it mildly as central China experiences flooding said to be the heaviest in 1,000 years. The downpour is slamming Henan province and its capital of Zhengzhou, which in three...

Receding Water Uncovers 'Surreal' Devastation
Receding Water Uncovers
'Surreal' Devastation

Receding Water Uncovers 'Surreal' Devastation

Death toll rises in flooding, which has spread from Germany, and many survivors lack drinking water

(Newser) - The waters have begun to recede in parts of Germany after historic rainfall and flooding, providing a clearer look at the extent of the damage. It's a sight that Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday is "surreal, ghostly," while in Schuld, where the Ahr river overflowed and swept...

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