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It's One of the Biggest Known Rattlesnake Dens

Scientists, and the public, are watching a 'mega den' of hundreds of snakes

(Newser) - They creep, slither, and slide over and around each other by the dozen and now there's a webcam so that anybody can watch them online at any time. A "mega den" with as many as 2,000 rattlesnakes is providing a viewing bonanza for scientists and other snake...

Mom of 5 Is Swallowed Whole in Rare Python Attack

Indonesian man stumbles upon wife's slippers and pants, next to snake with 'very large belly'

(Newser) - When an Indonesian man from South Sulawesi went out last week to search for his wife, who went missing after going to pick up medicine for their sick child, he stumbled upon a horrifying sight, per police: the 36-year-old mother's pants and slippers, lying on the ground about 1,...

Candidate Says Snake Bites Worse Than Losing Election
Candidate Bitten by Snakes
While Taking Down Signs

Candidate Bitten by Snakes While Taking Down Signs

West Virginia candidate Doug Skaff says it was worse than losing the election

(Newser) - Former West Virginia House of Delegates member Doug Skaff lost the Republican primary for secretary of state on Tuesday—but that wasn't the worst thing to happen to him this week. The 47-year-old was bitten by two copperhead snakes while he was taking down campaign signs with his 7-year-son...

'Fluffy' Won't Leave Her Car, So Woman Just Drives With It
'Fluffy' Won't Leave Her Car,
So Woman Just Drives With It

'Fluffy' Won't Leave Her Car, So Woman Just Drives With It

'Fluffy' being a poisonous red-bellied black snake that 4 separate snake handlers can't remove

(Newser) - A venomous snake that Lisa Kournelis believes has been living in her SUV since March apparently has no intention of leaving—and so the Aussie woman now simply throws on protective gear and drives around with it. Kournelis tells ABC Australia she thinks a red-bellied black snake snuck into her...

It May Have Been the Biggest Snake Ever
It May Have Been
the Biggest Snake Ever
new study

It May Have Been the Biggest Snake Ever

Experts estimate that Vasuki inidicus in ancient India was up to 50 feet long

(Newser) - Scientists in India may have unearthed the biggest snake ever to have slithered across the planet. From a mine, they unearthed skeletal remains of an ancient beast estimated to have been up to 50 feet long—meaning longer than a typical school bus, reports Smithsonian . Paleontologists, who published their findings...

Dad's Attempt to Move Snake at Day Care Turns Tragic

Australia's Jerromy Brookes dies after being bitten by suspected eastern brown snake in Townsville

(Newser) - Its name may sound boring enough, but the eastern brown snake is one of the world's deadliest. That's why when Australia's Jerromy Brookes found out there may have been one nestled in a Queensland child-care center this week, he rushed in to retrieve it—a move that...

With Warmer Weather, Expect More Visits From Snakes

Australian snake catchers have seen an uptick in post-season snake activity

(Newser) - Snakes are keeping their Australian catchers in Queensland busy these days as they pop by more homes uninvited, to the horror of unsuspecting residents. But the reason snake visits are on the rise has to do with changes in their environment, the New York Times reports, largely caused by climate...

Feds Find Goose Intestines Under Dead Rattlesnakes

Feds bust 6 for illegally importing gross stuff hidden under other gross stuff

(Newser) - Six people were arrested in New York on Tuesday on charges of illegally importing goose and duck intestines from China, in some cases by hiding them under packaged rattlesnakes or mislabeling them as pet grooming products on customs forms, federal officials announced. The scheme, which the AP reports also included...

As Far as Discoveries Go, It's Quite Literally Huge
The Rumors About
the Snake Were True

The Rumors About the Snake Were True

A new species of giant anaconda is identified

(Newser) - Bryan Fry calls the discovery "the highlight of my career"—and it's quite literally a big one. The University of Queensland professor and his team managed to document a new species of giant anaconda in the Amazon, per a press release . As Fry explains, his team got...

Key to Saving Lives From Snakebites Could Be a Pill

Matthew Lewin hopes varespladib, currently in clinical trials via Ophirex, will help buy victims time

(Newser) - According to World Health Organization stats, nearly 140,000 people die annually around the globe from venomous snakebites, with most of them succumbing to the snake's venom before they can get emergency assistance. A California doctor hopes his idea will stymie the Grim Reaper in many of those cases,...

Dutch Town Warned to Steer Clear of Green Mamba

Escaped snake hopefully remains in owner's home

(Newser) - Residents of the Dutch city of Tilburg are being told to keep their eyes peeled for a long green snake—and stay far, far away should they see it. The AFP reports police were called on Monday night by a homeowner who said a highly venomous green mamba had escaped...

Amazon Driver Dropped the Box. The Snake Struck

She was bitten on the back of her leg while delivering a package

(Newser) - An Amazon driver encountered something worse than a porch pirate on Monday. As Monet Robinson was delivering a package to a home in Palm City, Florida, she was bitten in the back of her leg, just above the knee, by an eastern diamondback rattlesnake that had been coiled by the...

Guy Who Surfs With Pet Python Hit With a Fine

Wildlife authorities aren't pleased with Australia's Higor Fiuza and his snake, Shiva

(Newser) - Higor Fiuza is a familiar face in the beach community along Australia's Gold Coast, and he's often got Shiva in tow. Shiva isn't the name of his surfboard, or a canine companion—that's his pet Morelia bredli python, who accompanies Fiuza in the water as he...

20 Rattlesnakes Found in Man's Garage

That's a new record for Arizona snake removal company

(Newser) - An Arizona man called a snake removal company after seeing what he thought were three rattlesnakes lurking in the garage of his Mesa home. He was wrong. There actually were 20 snakes—five adult western diamondback rattlers and 15 babies. One of the adult snakes was pregnant. Snake wrangler Marissa...

This Is Not What You Want to Find in Your Toilet

Tucson woman discovers a snake in her bathroom after 4 days away

(Newser) - Like a scene out of a horror movie, Michelle Lespron returned to her home in Tucson, Arizona, to find a snake had set up camp in her toilet. "I'd been gone for four days and was looking forward to using my own restroom in peace. I lifted up...

Hawk Drops Snake on Her, Fights to Get It Back
What You
Definitely Don't
Want to Happen
While Mowing

What You Definitely Don't Want to Happen While Mowing

Hawk drops snake on Texas woman, then fights to get it off her arm

(Newser) - Two quotes might help prepare you for reading about Peggy Jones' lawn-mowing ordeal in rural Texas. "It's probably been the most terrifying thing that's ever happened in my life," she tells the Washington Post . And, more to the point: "The story was so bizarre that...

Florida Has a Fresh New Invasive Species Hell
Florida Has a Fresh New
Invasive-Species Hell

Florida Has a Fresh New Invasive-Species Hell

Green anacondas may be breeding, worrying locals and conservationists

(Newser) - A Burmese python incursion has become a headache for Florida over the past two decades, but that's not the only pesky reptile the Sunshine State is now contending with. The green anaconda, the world's heaviest snake, has also been setting down roots, with NBC2 reporting that the invasive...

Snakes Appear to Comfort Each Other
to Comfort
Each Other

New Study

Snakes Appear to Comfort Each Other

How ssssssssweet

(Newser) - Only the most adamant reptile lover would use words like "cuddly" or "sweet" where snakes are concerned. New research, however, has found that the cold-blooded creatures may have some semblance of emotional life, even comforting fellow legless wonders when they are upset. CNN reports that a study published...

Protests Force Moulin Rouge to Drop Snake Act

Terrestrial snakes were dropped in water tank with cabaret dancer

(Newser) - The snake show is now history at Paris' historic Moulin Rouge cabaret. The club has dropped a long-running act in which a dancer swims around snakes in a water tank, the Guardian reports. Animal rights campaigners said the snakes involved, Southeast Asian reticulated and Indian pythons, were terrestrial species and...

Snakes on a Plane Became Real Life on This Flight
Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation'
on Back Made Terrifying Find
in case you missed it

Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation' on Back Made Terrifying Find

Highly venomous cape cobra had slithered its way onto the plane

(Newser) - A cobra encounter is nerve-wracking no matter where it takes place, but we imagine it's worse when trapped in a small plane 11,000 feet high in the sky. That was the plight earlier this week of a South African pilot and his passengers when he was confronted by...

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