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Karl Rove: Palin Has 'Enormous Thin Skin'

If she doesn't like speculation, she can end it, he points out

(Newser) - The Karl Rove-Sarah Palin feud continues: Last night on Fox News, Rove called Palin “thin-skinned” a grand total of four times before being abruptly cut off for a breaking news update. Greta van Susteren repeatedly tried to get Rove onto a different track—she wanted to know why the...

Palin Haters Should Pray That She Runs

It's the only way to get rid of her

(Newser) - Odds are, Sarah Palin’s occasional gestures toward the 2012 race are “a long and tiresome tease,” and that’s a shame, writes Steve Kornacki of Salon , because a presidential run “may be the best way of making her disappear for good.” Palin would definitely suffer...

Palin's Camp to Rove: You Know Nothing

...about Sarah Palin's 2012 intentions, at least

(Newser) - Karl Rove has said it and said it again in recent days: Sarah Palin will run. Apparently, that wasn't inside information gleaned from his BFF, Sarah Palin. Politico spotted another "Setting the Record Straight" post on the SarahPAC website that doesn't name Rove, but clearly takes a...

President Obama Leads Sarah Palin by 17% in Poll
 Obama Would Wallop
 Sarah Palin: 50% to 33%

Obama Would Wallop Sarah Palin: 50% to 33%

Generic GOP candidate still leads Obama by 6 points

(Newser) - President Obama should be rooting for Sarah Palin to join the race and take her mama grizzly act all the way to the Republican nomination. A new Rasmussen Reports survey shows that if Election Day were today, Obama would trounce Palin 50% to 33%, better than the 47% to 38%...

Karl Rove: I'm Serious, Sarah Palin Is Running

It's do or die for the 'teaser,' he warns

(Newser) - Karl Rove predicted again that Sarah Palin will run for president—and that she'll announce soon. The GOP strategist pointed to upcoming Palin events in Iowa and a new campaign-styled video as strong indications that the former Alaska governor will jump in . But she's got to speak up...

Karl Rove Thinks Sarah Palin Will Enter Presidential Race Around Labor Day
 Rove: Sarah Palin Will Run 

Rove: Sarah Palin Will Run

He expects her announcement around Labor Day

(Newser) - Add Karl Rove to the Sarah-Palin-will-run camp. Palin has a new video out about her recent trip to Iowa and a big speech planned in the state early next month, he notes. "This is her last chance," Rove told Fox News today, according to the Washington Examiner . "...

Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin Should Either Get In the Race or Get Out of the Way
 Enough Already, 
 Sarah Palin 
Meghan McCain

Enough Already, Sarah Palin

Meghan McCain: She looks 'confused,' is hurting the GOP

(Newser) - Meghan McCain sounds very, very tired of Sarah Palin. In her new Daily Beast column, McCain says she doesn't think her dad's former VP candidate is actually going to run for president and is doing the GOP a disservice by distracting attention from the real candidates. "I...

Sarah Palin Hits Iowa State Fair as GOP Candidates Descend on Ames
 Palin Drops In 
 on Iowa Fair 

Palin Drops In on Iowa Fair

Maybe-candidate clearly trying to stay in spotlight as race heats up

(Newser) - Probably just a coincidence, but as GOP presidential hopefuls were whipping up their best barbecue ahead of today's straw poll in Ames, Sarah Palin decided to pay a visit yesterday to the Iowa State Fair. Though she contended she was simply accepting an invitation, Palin was well-received: She was...

Sarah Palin Restarts Bus Tour, Heads for ... Iowa

She'll be there Saturday, same day as Ames poll, Perry announcement

(Newser) - Somewhere in Texas, Rick Perry just groaned. He was all set to steal the thunder from the candidates competing in Iowa's Ames straw poll on Saturday by announcing his candidacy that same day in South Carolina. Now he's got serious media competition: Sarah Palin is firing up her...

Palin Lashes 'Clueless' Obama for Debt Debacle

Stop dithering, drill for natural gas, she urges

(Newser) - Sarah Palin skewered President Obama on Facebook last night over the nation's credit rating downgrade, saying he doesn't have "even a notion" of how to deal with the current fiscal meltdown. She blasted his latest press conference as another orgy of "old talking points and finger-pointing....

GOP Hopefuls Shun Mitch McConnell's Plan

Candidates refuse to endorse budget compromise

(Newser) - Mitch McConnell's budget compromise plan has been met with either rejection or silence from the GOP's White House contenders. Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul have come out against the plan, and not a single candidate has endorsed it, reports AP . Bachmann and Paul have pledged to...

Sarah Palin: I Can Win

 Sarah Palin: 
 I Can Win 
newsweek cover story

Sarah Palin: I Can Win

'My family knows they have to make sacrifices,' she says about race

(Newser) - "I do believe I can win" a national election, Sarah Palin has declared to Newsweek . The latest teaser from Palin seems to indicate that she's about to go for the big shebang, but don't take that as an announcement that she's decided to run for the...

Epic Palin Documentary Trailer Debuts

Smoke rises, money burns in wild preview

(Newser) - The trailer is out for The Undefeated, the upcoming documentary on Sarah Palin—and it’s intense, to say the least. Shots of Palin interacting with supporters are interspersed with apocalyptic imagery and clips of burning cash, all while voiceovers describe Palin’s rise to power. “It’s certain...

Sarah Palin's Bus Tour Hits the Brakes
 Palin Bus Tour Hits the Brakes 

Palin Bus Tour Hits the Brakes

She and her family head to Alaska

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has abruptly cut short her bus tour and gone home to Alaska before hitting such planned destinations as Iowa and South Carolina. Though the trip had no formally announced schedule, Real Clear Politics reports that top aides had drafted an itinerary that would have seen her tour the...

Alaska Probes Missing Palin Emails

No Palin emails released from first month in office

(Newser) - Alaska officials have launched an investigation into missing emails from a trove of messages released last week from Sarah Palin's time as governor. The state has released more than 24,000 emails to and from Palin from the time she took office in 2006 to a few weeks after...

Debate Helped Rick Perry, Hurt Palin
 Debate Helped 
 Rick Perry, 
 Hurt Palin 
nate silver

Debate Helped Rick Perry, Hurt Palin

Why? Bachmann did well and Pawlenty didn't: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Acknowledging first that it's a little dicey to read too much into a debate so early in the process, Nate Silver ventures that last night's GOP forum might hurt the 2012 prospects of Sarah Palin and help those of Rick Perry, neither of whom took part. For Palin,...

John Ziegler, Maker of Sarah Palin Documentary: She Can't Win Election 2012
Maker of Fawning Palin Documentary: She Can't Win

Maker of Fawning Palin Documentary: She Can't Win

Her many missteps and 'bunker mentality' will sink her in 2012: John Ziegler

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has zero chance of winning in 2012, says John Ziegler, the maker of the "very first pro-Sarah documentary." Writing for the Daily Caller , Ziegler explains that despite "being approached by Sarah’s husband Todd only a month ago," you won't find him working...

A Cheat Sheet to Tonight's GOP Debate

Among the things to watch for: Will Weiner make an appearance?

(Newser) - Tonight’s New Hampshire debate marks the “informal kickoff” to the 2012 GOP race, with nearly all the major candidates appearing. Joshua Green of the Atlantic breaks down the seven things to watch for:
  • Romney in the lead? He’s topping the polls; will he shine in this performance?

Governor Sarah Palin's Email Trove Is Out
 Palin Email 
 Trove Is Out 

Palin Email Trove Is Out

Journalists begin plowing through 24K pages

(Newser) - Some 24,000 pages of eagerly awaited emails from Sarah Palin’s time as governor have been released, and journalists are diving in—some with public volunteers, notes the Anchorage Daily News . So far, no headlines; indeed, a Palin rep is encouraging “everyone” to read them. The reporters need...

Pro-Palin Movie Has Too Many Curse Words

... by her critics; director will tone it down before national release in July

(Newser) - A full-length film that paints a halo around Sarah Palin will be released nationally in AMC theaters in July, reports Politico . Palin herself wasn't involved with production of The Undefeated, but director Steve Bannon is an unabashed fan who says he wants to balance Palin's negative coverage—sort...

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