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Twitter Pulls Check Marks as Tumblr Matches the Deal

Fake accounts sprang up immediately

(Newser) - Twitter has suspended the chaotic sale of its $7.99-a-month blue check mark after one day, when it became clear the internet could not be trusted to use it responsibly. The verification badge, which the company no longer verifies, immediately began showing up on fake accounts, the Washington Post reports....

Camila Cabello: Racist Posts a Result of Ignorance, Not Hate

Singer apologizes for recently unearthed Tumblr account

(Newser) - Today, Camila Cabello is a popular 22-year-old Cuban-American singer, perhaps currently best known for her award-winning duet with Shawn Mendes, "Señorita." A few years ago, however, she was allegedly a teenager who made racist jokes on a Tumblr account unearthed this week in this Twitter thread . The...

WordPress Buys Once-Mighty Tumblr
Tumblr Sells for a Song

Tumblr Sells for a Song

New owner is parent of WordPress

(Newser) - Buying Tumblr in 2013 required a check for more than $1 billion. It's selling again, but this time for not much of anything, the Wall Street Journal reports. Automattic—which owns WordPress, an online publishing tool—will absorb about 200 Tumblr employees. Yahoo, which wrote that check in 2013,...

Tumblr's Ban on Porn May Dramatically Change the Site

Also, some are confused about the term 'female-presenting nipples'

(Newser) - Tumblr made a big move Monday, one that the Verge says will "fundamentally alter how the service is used." In short: no more porn. CEO Jeff D'Onofrio explained in a blog post that the site will no longer allow adult content or even nudity, the latter with...

Military's Nude Photo Scandal Just Got Bigger

Tumblr sites feature servicemen from all branches in and out of uniform

(Newser) - The scandal embroiling the Marine Corps , already involving hundreds of Marines accessing photos of nude servicewomen taken without their consent, just got a whole lot bigger. USA Today reports the Pentagon has formed a joint military task force to investigate images of troops—in and out of uniform—appearing on...

Inside Tumblr's Weird, Bold Community of Teen Shoplifters

Meet Princessklepto and her 'lifter' friends

(Newser) - "Keep your movements subtle and casual. No store is free of blind spots. Find one and do your concealing there." These tips for shoplifting in the face of security cameras come courtesy of a so-called Liftblr blog , Liftblr being what Good calls "Tumblr's notorious shoplifting community,...

There's a Corner of the Web Just for Final Texts

'Because I don't love you anymore,' reads one

(Newser) - Question: "You never came. Why?" Answer: "Because I don't love you anymore." That's just one example of the heartbreaking and heartbreakingly awkward posts shared on the latest Tumblr craze: The Last Message Received , reports Mashable . Curated by 15-year-old Emily Trunko, the Tumblr serves as a...

Lorde Gives Impromptu Tumblr Q&A

Answers questions, encourages fans

(Newser) - Lorde fans got a major treat Tuesday when the singer did an impromptu Tumblr Q&A session, Time reports. During it, she revealed a few things, from former career ambitions (when she was really young, she wanted to be a comedian ("which is so mental i’m not even...

One Seth Cohen's Goal: Meet Everyone Named Seth Cohen

Seth Cohen has met with 10 Seth Cohens

(Newser) - OK, so the charismatic nerd on The OC was fictional, but there are many real Seth Cohens in the world—and one of them is working on meeting every other one. Seth Cohen has a Tumblr page full of selfies featuring him and other guys named Seth Cohen. "Meeting...

Woman Graffitis Nat'l Parks, Leaves Instagram Handle

Feds are on the hunt for 'creepytings' from New York

(Newser) - Cartoonlike images of faces and serpents that appear to be the work of one person are popping up at national parks across the West, and the feds want to know who's behind them. Fortunately for them, the "artist" also signed the graffiti with her Instagram handle, creepytings, and...

American Apparel Posts Challenger Pic as ... Fireworks

Clothing company says sorry, blames foreign person

(Newser) - American Apparel posted a photo of the Challenger disaster as an image of fireworks, and then blamed ... a foreign employee for screwing up. So ousted CEO Dov Charney is the company's PR disaster? Well, the company duly apologized yesterday for posting a photo of the 1986 explosion, which killed...

Stop Mocking Teens Over Funeral Selfies
Stop Mocking Teens
Over Funeral Selfies

Stop Mocking Teens Over Funeral Selfies

PJ Vogt: Tumblr critics might be the clueless ones

(Newser) - One of the buzzier Tumblr entries of late is called "Selfies at Funerals," which compiles teen photos posted to Twitter or elsewhere that were taken at, yes, funerals. The ridicule has been fast and furious —oh, today's incredibly narcissistic and shallow teens—and totally out of...

Yahoo Overtakes Google in Traffic

Marissa Mayer has reason to celebrate

(Newser) - Yahoo just earned some nice bragging rights over Google: Marissa Mayer's company is the new king of web traffic, according to July stats from comScore. That's the first time Yahoo has beaten Google since May 2011 and will likely be seen as validation for Mayer's moves in...

Founder Gets Avalanche of Money to Stay at Tumblr

If he sticks around til June 2017, David Karp gets $81M

(Newser) - Tumblr founder David Karp has about 81 million reasons to spend the next four years working his current job. The $1.1 billion sale of his baby to Yahoo back in May includes a retention payment of $81 million—$41 million in stock and $40 million in cash, the AP...

Teens Name Their Biggest Beefs With Facebook
Teens Name Their Biggest Beefs With Facebook
new poll

Teens Name Their Biggest Beefs With Facebook

Parents, drama, prolific posters

(Newser) - The vast majority of teens (to the tune of 94% in 2012) are on Facebook, but many of them are gravitating toward Twitter and other social media sites that their parents don't tend to use, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. Researchers found that teenage Facebook users—...

Tumblr Founder a High School Drop-Out

How David Karp left school, found success

(Newser) - At 14, David Karp—who would one day found Tumblr—was already obsessed with computers and bored with school. So his mom, a science teacher, suggested he drop out. "It became very clear that David needed the space to live his passion. Which was computers," Barbara Ackerman tells...

Yahoo Promises Not to 'Screw Up' Tumblr

Tumblr CEO David Karp echoes that: 'We're not turning purple'

(Newser) - As Marissa Mayer puts it , "Tumblr. + Yahoo! = !!" As Tumblr CEO David Karp puts it , "F--- yeah." The two companies this morning announced that a definitive agreement has been reached and that Yahoo will indeed acquire Tumblr for $1.1 billion, a transaction that Mayer...

Yahoo to Buy Tumblr for $1.1B
 Yahoo to Buy 
 Tumblr for $1.1B 

Yahoo to Buy Tumblr for $1.1B

Board approves cash deal in 'foregone conclusion'

(Newser) - The rumors were apparently pretty accurate : Yahoo will indeed acquire Tumblr, and its board has approved a $1.1 billion cash deal for the blogging site. The board met today and unanimously OKed the deal, in what AllThingsD 's Kara Swisher reports was "a foregone conclusion." It'...

Report: Yahoo In 'Serious' Talks to Buy Tumblr

...but Facebook, Microsoft may be interested too

(Newser) - The tech world is abuzz today over reports that Yahoo is in talks to invest in, partner with, or just plain buy Tumblr, in an attempt to, to quote Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman, make the company "cool again." Goldman uttered those words earlier this week, saying that the...

Tumblr Post Spurs 8-Hour Race to Stop Teen's Suicide

Sets off nationwide search for unknown blogger

(Newser) - Tumblr: It isn't all animated GIFs and Ryan Gosling. USA Today recounts the incredible story of how one teen's cry for help in a May 6 Tumblr post set off a nationwide search to find the girl before she committed suicide. It started when 18-year-old Jackie Rosas from...

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