US-China relations

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China: We've Spotted 10 US Balloons in Last Year Alone

Accusation comes amid a series of high-altitude shootdowns in American skies

(Newser) - The US has shot down three high-altitude objects in the last three days, and that's not counting the Chinese balloon before that. And while nobody seems quite sure what the latest objects were or where they came from—debris is still being collected—China made a point on Monday...

US Hits Back With Blacklist Over Alleged Spy Balloon

Move comes on same day the US shot down unknown object off coast of northern Alaska

(Newser) - The United States has blacklisted six Chinese entities it said were linked to Beijing's aerospace programs as part of its retaliation over an alleged Chinese spy balloon that traversed US airspace. The economic restrictions announced Friday followed the Biden administration's pledge to consider broader efforts to address Chinese...

Chinese Balloon Had Spy Antennas, Says US
Balloon Had Antennas Able
to Collect Communications
the rundown

Balloon Had Antennas Able to Collect Communications

State Department says the equipment aboard shows it was no weather balloon

(Newser) - More details emerged Thursday about what the downed balloon from China had on board as it floated over the US. And while China continues to insist it was merely a weather balloon, the State Department says the newly released details prove otherwise:
  • The balloon had "multiple antennas to include

China Doubles Down on Weather Balloon Claim

Foreign Ministry spokesperson says US is being 'irresponsible'

(Newser) - American officials said Wednesday that the spy balloon shot down on Saturday was part of a fleet of balloons China is using in a massive surveillance program —but China is continuing to insist it was a wayward weather balloon. At a briefing Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning...

Balloon Fiasco Was Exactly What Xi Jinping Didn&#39;t Need
Balloon Fiasco
in Beijing

Balloon Fiasco Suggests Disarray in Beijing

Cancellation of Blinken's trip hurts Xi Jinping, still reeling from COVID moves

(Newser) - After a US spy plane collided with a Chinese jet fighter over China's Hainan Island more than 20 years ago, the two nations set up hotlines and promised better communications, writes David Sanger in a New York Times analysis. Last week's bizarre balloon story illustrates a failure on...

China Responds to Balloon Hit, but Its Options Are Limited

Beijing appears to be in a diplomatic 'tough place' on this one

(Newser) - China is sticking to its story that its now-infamous balloon over the US was merely a wayward weather balloon. After an American fighter jet shot it down over South Carolina on Saturday, Beijing responded with a warning:
  • “We solemnly protest the US action, and retain the right to use

Watch Fighter Jet Take Down China&#39;s Balloon
Watch Fighter Jet
Take Down
China's Balloon

Watch Fighter Jet Take Down China's Balloon

Video shows the strike above South Carolina

(Newser) - “I did not anticipate waking up to be in a Top Gun movie today." That's the assessment of Ashlyn Preaux of South Carolina to the AP after Saturday's dramatic downing of a balloon launched by China. A missile from an F-22 fighter jet brought down the...

US Braces for China&#39;s Response
US Braces for China's Response

US Braces for China's Response

Balloon crisis sets back diplomatic efforts

(Newser) - Now that the US has ended what it says was an espionage flight and China says was an off-course weather balloon, US officials are waiting for a response. Among the possibilities is a retaliatory strike by China, the New York Times reports. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who canceled a...

US Downs Chinese Balloon Off South Carolina Coast

Air Force fighter jets were deployed after Biden gave the order earlier in the week

(Newser) - This story has been updated with President Biden's remarks, a witness account, and other new information. A US Air Force fighter jet on Saturday shot down a balloon launched by China that was suspected of spying as it floated over several states and inflamed tension between the nations. The...

Now There's a 2nd Balloon, per Pentagon

This one, also said to be from China, is floating somewhere over Latin America, according to DOD

(Newser) - As a suspected Chinese spy balloon continues to make its way east above the United States, a second balloon has been spotted. On Friday, Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder noted that the new balloon, also believed to be a Chinese "surveillance" device, is currently "transiting Latin America,...

Balloon Crosses Kansas, Missouri, Reaching the Arch

Midwest residents track flight with binoculars, telescopes

(Newser) - A spy balloon launched by China floated east from Montana on Friday, spotted by residents in Kansas and Missouri—and reached the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Local members of Congress said the federal government had confirmed the sightings were of a spy balloon. Residents in Kansas; the Kansas City...

Biden's Critics Have a Theme: Shoot Down the Balloon

Pentagon is so far resisting the idea

(Newser) - China has admitted that the balloon first spotted high above Montana is one of its own. Beijing insists it's a wayward weather balloon, while the US suspects it's a spy balloon. Whichever is the case, a theme has emerged on the right. "SHOOT DOWN THE BALLOON,"...

China Has an Innocent Explanation for Its Balloon
China Has
an Innocent
for Its Balloon
the rundown

China Has an Innocent Explanation for Its Balloon

Beijing says it's merely a weather balloon, but Blinken postpones his trip to China

(Newser) - It's a not a spy balloon, China insists. Instead, the suspicious object spotted floating over Montana is merely a weather balloon that got blown off course, according to China's foreign ministry. Not surprisingly, the explanation isn't making the controversy go away. On Friday, Secretary of State Antony...

US: China Has a Spy Balloon Over Montana

Biden, Pentagon debate shooting it down

(Newser) - The Pentagon said Thursday it's tracking a surveillance balloon sent by China that's crossing the northern US—bringing another increase in tensions between the two nations. The balloon, described as about the size of three buses, was spotted over Montana on Thursday, ABC News reports, and officials said...

With an Eye on China, US Opens Embassy

Solomon Islands post had been shut down in 1993

(Newser) - The US opened an embassy in the Solomon Islands on Thursday in its latest move to counter China's push into the Pacific. The embassy is starting small, with a chargé d'affaires, a couple of State Department staff members and a handful of local employees. The US previously operated...

US General Tells Command to Prepare for War With China

Gen. Mike Minihan tells personnel to train and get their affairs in order

(Newser) - "I hope I am wrong," an Air Force general told commanders under him as he warned in a new memo that he expects the US and China to be at war in two years. "My gut tells me we will fight in 2025." Gen. Mike Minihan,...

US Says Chinese Intercept Could Have Caused Collision

Fighter jet flew dangerously close to US plane over South China Sea, military says

(Newser) - The US military says a Chinese fighter jet flew dangerously close to an Air Force plane over the South China Sea, forcing the American pilot to maneuver to avoid a collision. US Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement Thursday that the incident occurred Dec. 21 when the Chinese People's...

Biden: 'There Need Not Be a New Cold War'

President meets with China's Xi Jinping

(Newser) - President Biden had his first face-to-face meeting as president with China's Xi Jinping on Monday, and he sounded an optimistic tone afterward. "I absolutely believe there need not be a new Cold War," he said after the sit-down in Bali, Indonesia, per the AP . "I'...

At World Summit, a Notable Handshake

Biden meets face to face with China's Xi Jinping in Indonesia

(Newser) - President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping opened their first in-person meeting Monday since the US president took office nearly two years ago, aiming to "manage" differences between the superpowers as they compete for global influence amid increasing economic and security tensions. Xi and Biden greeted each other with...

Biden, Xi to Meet Amid Rising Tensions Over Taiwan

Pair will have first face-to-face meeting as world leaders

(Newser) - President Biden will meet Monday with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of next week’s Group of 20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, a face-to-face meeting that comes amid increasingly strained US-China relations. It will be the first in-person meeting between the leaders of the world’s two biggest...

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