US-China relations

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China Caused Close Call With US Ship, Says Military

US military releases video of incident in the Taiwan Strait

(Newser) - The United States military released video Monday of what it called an “unsafe” Chinese maneuver in the Taiwan Strait over the weekend, in which a Chinese navy ship cut sharply across the path of an American destroyer, forcing the US ship to slow to avoid a collision, the AP...

Suspected Chinese Spies Keep Giving the Same Excuse

They claim to be lost tourists in emerging trend with cases in Florida and now Alaska

(Newser) - Chinese citizens claiming to be lost tourists have been caught trying to access military facilities in Alaska in recent years as part of a suspected spy operation that appears to extend well beyond the Last Frontier, USA Today reports. Multiple US soldiers tell the outlet of Chinese attempts to learn...

Chinese Jet Buzzed US Plane: Pentagon
Chinese Jet Buzzed
US Plane: Pentagon

Chinese Jet Buzzed US Plane: Pentagon

Pentagon calls it an 'unnecessarily aggressive maneuver'

(Newser) - The Pentagon says a Chinese fighter jet made an "unnecessarily aggressive maneuver" on Friday, buzzing a US spy plane as it conducted routine operations in international airspace over the South China Sea. The Chinese J-16 fighter pilot "flew directly in front of the nose of the RC-135,"...

Macron's Warning to Europe: Don't Be 'America's Followers'

French president is worried about tension over Taiwan; Graham open to using US forces

(Newser) - Tensions between the US and China over Taiwan continue to ratchet up. The latest example came over the weekend when GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham said he is "very much open to using US forces to defend Taiwan, because it is in our national security interest to do so,"...

China's Balloon Sent Information to Beijing

But what was gathered is still unclear

(Newser) - The Chinese spy balloon shot down by the US over the Atlantic in February was able to send information and photos back to Beijing, reports CNN . An anonymous source tells the news network that the balloon was transmitting the data it gathered in real time, though just what the...

Report: Feds Threaten Nationwide TikTok Ban

Company says it has been told Chinese owners need to sell their stake in app

(Newser) - After more than two years in office, President Biden apparently now holds the same position as his predecessor on TikTok. The administration has threatened to ban the app unless Chinese company ByteDance sells its stake, sources tell outlets including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal . In 2020,...

Chinese Minister Has Blunt Words for US

He accuses America of a new McCarthyism, warns confrontation looms unless things change

(Newser) - Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang warned Tuesday that Beijing and Washington are headed for “conflict and confrontation” if the US doesn't change course, striking a combative tone at a moment when relations between the rivals are at a historic low. In his first news conference since taking office...

China Won't Be Pleased With Latest US-Taiwan Deal

US agrees to sell Taiwan $619M in munitions

(Newser) - The US has approved more arms sales to Taiwan, including $619 million worth of munitions for F-16 fighter jets, in a decision likely to be yet another point of friction between the US and China, which claims the island as its own territory. The State Department said in a statement...

US Is Raising the Alarm About China Helping Russia
US Is Worried China May
Make Big Move for Russia
the rundown

US Is Worried China May Make Big Move for Russia

Blinken says Beijing might supply weapons, a major escalation of aid

(Newser) - On the eve of the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the US appears to be increasingly alarmed that China is about to start helping Vladimir Putin in a big way. If Beijing does so, it threatens not only to prolong the war but to turn the conflict...

US: Blinken Scolded Chinese Diplomat in Person

Nations hold first face-to-face meeting since balloon was spotted

(Newser) - The top diplomats for the US and China met face-to-face on Saturday for the first time since the appearance of a Chinese spy balloon froze relations between the two global powers. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Wang Yi talked Saturday night in Germany, on the sidelines of the Munich...

Biden: Objects Shot Down Likely Weren't Spying

President doesn't definitively identify craft shot down after Chinese balloon

(Newser) - President Biden told the nation Thursday that the three objects the US shot down most recently while flying over North America don't appear to be connected to Chinese spying. The Air Force on Feb. 4 downed a balloon off the coast of South Carolina that apparently was sent by...

China: We've Spotted 10 US Balloons in Last Year Alone

Accusation comes amid a series of high-altitude shootdowns in American skies

(Newser) - The US has shot down three high-altitude objects in the last three days, and that's not counting the Chinese balloon before that. And while nobody seems quite sure what the latest objects were or where they came from—debris is still being collected—China made a point on Monday...

US Hits Back With Blacklist Over Alleged Spy Balloon

Move comes on same day the US shot down unknown object off coast of northern Alaska

(Newser) - The United States has blacklisted six Chinese entities it said were linked to Beijing's aerospace programs as part of its retaliation over an alleged Chinese spy balloon that traversed US airspace. The economic restrictions announced Friday followed the Biden administration's pledge to consider broader efforts to address Chinese...

Chinese Balloon Had Spy Antennas, Says US
Balloon Had Antennas Able
to Collect Communications
the rundown

Balloon Had Antennas Able to Collect Communications

State Department says the equipment aboard shows it was no weather balloon

(Newser) - More details emerged Thursday about what the downed balloon from China had on board as it floated over the US. And while China continues to insist it was merely a weather balloon, the State Department says the newly released details prove otherwise:
  • The balloon had "multiple antennas to include

China Doubles Down on Weather Balloon Claim

Foreign Ministry spokesperson says US is being 'irresponsible'

(Newser) - American officials said Wednesday that the spy balloon shot down on Saturday was part of a fleet of balloons China is using in a massive surveillance program —but China is continuing to insist it was a wayward weather balloon. At a briefing Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning...

Balloon Fiasco Was Exactly What Xi Jinping Didn't Need
Balloon Fiasco
in Beijing

Balloon Fiasco Suggests Disarray in Beijing

Cancellation of Blinken's trip hurts Xi Jinping, still reeling from COVID moves

(Newser) - After a US spy plane collided with a Chinese jet fighter over China's Hainan Island more than 20 years ago, the two nations set up hotlines and promised better communications, writes David Sanger in a New York Times analysis. Last week's bizarre balloon story illustrates a failure on...

China Responds to Balloon Hit, but Its Options Are Limited

Beijing appears to be in a diplomatic 'tough place' on this one

(Newser) - China is sticking to its story that its now-infamous balloon over the US was merely a wayward weather balloon. After an American fighter jet shot it down over South Carolina on Saturday, Beijing responded with a warning:
  • “We solemnly protest the US action, and retain the right to use

Watch Fighter Jet Take Down China's Balloon
Watch Fighter Jet
Take Down
China's Balloon

Watch Fighter Jet Take Down China's Balloon

Video shows the strike above South Carolina

(Newser) - “I did not anticipate waking up to be in a Top Gun movie today." That's the assessment of Ashlyn Preaux of South Carolina to the AP after Saturday's dramatic downing of a balloon launched by China. A missile from an F-22 fighter jet brought down the...

US Braces for China's Response
US Braces for China's Response

US Braces for China's Response

Balloon crisis sets back diplomatic efforts

(Newser) - Now that the US has ended what it says was an espionage flight and China says was an off-course weather balloon, US officials are waiting for a response. Among the possibilities is a retaliatory strike by China, the New York Times reports. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who canceled a...

US Downs Chinese Balloon Off South Carolina Coast

Air Force fighter jets were deployed after Biden gave the order earlier in the week

(Newser) - This story has been updated with President Biden's remarks, a witness account, and other new information. A US Air Force fighter jet on Saturday shot down a balloon launched by China that was suspected of spying as it floated over several states and inflamed tension between the nations. The...

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