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Bharara Says He Was Canned After Refusing Trump Call

He says president kept calling to 'shoot the breeze'

(Newser) - Preet Bharara says two phone calls from President Trump made him uncomfortable—and he was fired less than 24 hours after refusing to return a third one. On ABC's This Week on Sunday, the former US attorney for Manhattan said President Obama never called him directly and he found...

Report: Fired US Attorney Was Investigating Trump Cabinet Member

Preet Bharara was looking into Price's stock trades, source says

(Newser) - Preet Bharara, the US attorney fired after refusing to resign with dozens of others last week, had been looking into the same stock trades that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was grilled about during his confirmation hearings , a source close to the US Attorney’s Office for the...

Ousted US Attorney Bharara Isn't Going Quietly
Ousted US
Bharara Isn't
Going Quietly
the rundown

Ousted US Attorney Bharara Isn't Going Quietly

Will a run for political office be next?

(Newser) - Preet Bharara, the newly fired US attorney in Manhattan, has a brand-new Twitter account , an ax to grind, and lots of free time on his hands. Bharara was one of 46 federal attorneys ordered to resign late last week by the Justice Department, though he says he refused to do...

US Attorney Bharara: 'I Did Not Resign... I Was Fired'

Preet Bharara refused to resign as requested by Jeff Sessions

(Newser) - An outspoken Manhattan federal prosecutor known for crusading against public corruption says he was fired after refusing to resign, as requested by Attorney General Jeff Sessions , the AP reports. Preet Bharara announced in a tweet Saturday afternoon that he was fired. He said: "I did not resign. Moments ago...

US Attorneys 'Learned of Firing Through Media'
US Attorneys
'Learned of Firing
Through Media'

US Attorneys 'Learned of Firing Through Media'

'This could not have been handled any worse'

(Newser) - It is not unusual for new presidents to dismiss US attorneys from previous administrations the way the Trump administration did Friday —but the abruptness of the move is being heavily criticized. "This could not have been handled any worse," a law enforcement source tells CNN . The Justice...

Who Replaces Eric Holder?
 Who Replaces Eric Holder? 

Who Replaces Eric Holder?

Deval Patrick, Kamala Harris turning up on lots of lists

(Newser) - With Eric Holder leaving the post of attorney general, attention shifts to who will succeed the man President Obama today praised as "the people's lawyer." (Read Obama's full remarks here .) Whoever it is will surely face a bruising confirmation battle given Republicans' disdain of Holder,...

End Insider Trading? Might as Well Ban Booze

Countless convictions won't stop the practice: Henry G. Manne

(Newser) - Insider trading is to modern times what bootlegging was to the Prohibition era: Authorities will never be able to stop it, writes Henry G. Manne in the Wall Street Journal . Sure, prosecutors can catch plenty of perpetrators. But "the payoffs are too big and too accessible and the number...

Jim Cramer Hints Snapchat Helps Insider Trading

US Attorney says he has no idea what he's talking about

(Newser) - Remember when reports started trickling in about Wall Street bankers' love of Snapchat , the photo-sharing service that lets you send self-destructing messages? Well, it looks like we're not the only ones who suspect they're using them for more than sexting and off-color jokes. Jim Cramer sat down with...

14 Charged as Galleon Insider Trading Case Widens

Feds finger Rajaratnam associates, lawyer

(Newser) - Two former Galleon Group employees and a Ropes & Gray lawyer were among 14 people charged today in the expanding insider trading case surrounding the hedge fund founded by Raj Rajaratnam, who was busted last month. The traders and lawyers snuck around, communicating in code over throwaway cellphones, but had...

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