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Spain's PM to Workers: Dress Like Me

Specifically, go tie-less

(Newser) - Temperatures hit nearly 97 degrees in Madrid on Friday, and Spain's prime minister instructed men who wear a tie to work to stop doing so as one (very) small way of reducing energy consumption amidst the heat. The BBC reports Pedro Sanchez appeared tieless at a news conference Friday...

Pacific Northwest Readies for Dangerous Heat

Several deaths already are tentatively blamed on hyperthermia

(Newser) - Extreme heat is forecast to stretch through the weekend in the Pacific Northwest, and authorities are investigating whether triple-digit temperatures were to blame for the deaths of at least four people. The Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office said at least three people have died of suspected hyperthermia during the...

Farmers Who Raise Cattle Facing a Fraught Question

Shell out the money for feed, or sell?

(Newser) - Much has been written about the impact of heat on humans in recent weeks. But for humans who raise cattle, it's a double whammy. CNN describes things at "a boiling point for farmers and ranchers," who are dealing with the extreme drought conditions that are plaguing some...

If This Meteorological Reading Gets Too High, You Might Die

'Wet bulb temperature' is a measure of humidity

(Newser) - Most people on the planet probably don’t need to read the news to know that there’s a heat wave on. The temperature in Britain last week was high enough to melt roads and buckle train rails, per the Guardian . The Hindustan Times notes that high temperatures and humidity...

UK Protests Call Heat Wave a Warning

'We are so unprepared' for such temperatures, demonstrator says

(Newser) - Protesters turned out Saturday on the streets of London and in the Scottish city of Glasgow to demand faster action against climate change following the record-smashing temperatures that scorched the UK this week. Activist groups including Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain led protesters in a sit-in on Parliament Square...

Anchor's Weather Remarks Likened to Don't Look Up

'I want us to be happy about the weather,' UK presenter said after heat wave warning

(Newser) - Since its launch last year, the GB News channel in the UK has often been compared to Fox News—but critics say a bizarre exchange last week was more like Don't Look Up. In video that has gone viral since record-breaking heat reached the UK earlier this week, meteorologist...

Part of Why Texas Is So Hot: a Persistent 'Death Ridge'

Wichita Falls, Texas, hit 115 degrees Tuesday

(Newser) - This summer has already brought extreme temps to Tokyo , Western Europe , and the UK , and now it's the United States' turn in the barrel. While Americans from coast to coast are suffering through heat waves at the moment, AccuWeather reports it's particularly bad in the south-central part of...

Amid Unprecedented Heat Wave, London Homes Burn

At least 40 residences were destroyed by blazes that swept UK's capital, injuring 16 firefighters

(Newser) - Britain saw its hottest day yet on record Tuesday, soaring past 104 degrees during a heat wave that's taken hold across other parts of Europe as well, but the country's capital was forced to deal with more than just sweating citizens. The London Fire Brigade described a "...

Britain Braces for Hottest Day Ever
Today Is the Hottest Day
on Record in Britain

Today Is the Hottest Day on Record in Britain

Temperature exceeds 102 and is still climbing

(Newser) - Update: Britain's heat wave is now in the record books and climbing. The temperature reached 102.4 degrees on Tuesday, surpassing the all-time high set in 2019, reports the AP . And it's expected to continue ticking up before the day is done—though it didn't nearly hit...

In Britain's Scorching Heat, an Offer for Redheads

Showcase offers free tickets in cool theaters on dangerously hot day

(Newser) - Monday is shaping up to be the hottest day Britain ever recorded , with a forecast of at least 104 degrees. One cinema chain is scoring some related publicity with an unusual offer: free admission to redheads over the next two scorching days, reports the Evening Standard . "Since redheads are...

Lights Out, Tokyo—It's Going to Be a Hot One

Government asks 37M residents to use less electricity to avoid power outages amid heat wave

(Newser) - Temps in Japan usually hover below 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the month of June, but a heat wave that's descended upon Tokyo and surrounding areas has led the government to plead with 37 million residents to switch off their lights to avoid power outages. The BBC reports that the...

Spain, Germany Fight Wildfires, Heat

Winds complicate the job for crews in Western Europe

(Newser) - Firefighters in Spain and Germany struggled to contain wildfires on Sunday during an unusual heat wave in Western Europe for this time of year. The worst damage in Spain has been in the northwest province of Zamora, where over 61,000 acres has been consumed, regional authorities said. German officials...

Southwest Is in for 'Extreme' Heat
Heat in Southwest
Could Be Deadly

Heat in Southwest Could Be Deadly

Areas in Texas to California are looking at temperatures over 100 this weekend

(Newser) - The National Weather Service has warned of a dangerous weekend ahead in the Southwestern US, predicting a "dangerous and deadly heat wave" for the region. More than 30 million people are under heat alerts, CNN reports. Areas in Texas to California will be affected, the agency said, by temperatures...

Preakness Prepares for Historic Heat

Delay or cancellation is possible, official says

(Newser) - One record could fall Saturday before the Preakness Stakes is run for the 147th time. The forecast calls for temperatures in the mid-90s; a reading of 96 degrees would tie the 1934 race as the hottest Preakness ever, WMAR reports. The heat index is expected to be close to 100...

East Coast, You're About to Get Scorched

Early heat wave set to bring unusually high temps to NYC, Boston

(Newser) - Cities along the East Coast, from Richmond and Philly to New York and Boston, will be slammed this weekend with "abnormally hot" temps, which the Washington Post calls "an ominous signal of the effects of human-caused climate change." On Saturday, temperatures along the Eastern Seaboard are expected...

Pakistan Suffers Through a 'Spring-Less Year'
Pakistan Suffers Through
a 'Spring-Less Year'
the rundown

Pakistan Suffers Through a 'Spring-Less Year'

India is grappling with extreme heat months ahead of usual as well

(Newser) - "Last week was insanely hot in Turbat. It did not feel like April," a Pakistani man tells the Guardian . If you think "insanely hot" must mean around 100, guess again. The temps in the region were closer to 120 degrees, and it's not even May—the...

The Heat in India Is Becoming Unbearable

Relief from record-breaking heat wave could still be weeks away

(Newser) - A record-breaking heat wave in India and Pakistan is affecting more than a billion people— and the worst is still to come. Reuters reports that the extreme heat making life almost unbearable across a wide swath of the subcontinent this week follows the hottest March since the India Meteorological Department...

Record-Breaking Super Bowl Could Be the Hottest Ever

Winter heat wave arrives in Southern California in time for the big game

(Newser) - This year's Super Bowl is on its way to setting records before a point is scored. Tickets are the most expensive in history, per CBS Sports ; parking passes are going for more than $5,000, per KTLA ; and more people are betting more money on the game than on...

They Say 200 Died From PNW Heat Wave. It May Be Much More

'Excess death' numbers out of Oregon, Washington state suggest hundreds more died than officially noted

(Newser) - While much of the US was slammed with a wall of heat Wednesday , the Pacific Northwest in particular is bracing for more super-hot days, just weeks after enduring a deadly "heat dome" that shattered records. That weather event produced an official death toll of 95 in Washington state and...

Sicily May Have Just Broken Temp Record for All of Europe

But the 48.8C temp must still be confirmed

(Newser) - Sicily reached a difficult-to-imagine 48.8 degrees Celsius (119.85 Fahrenheit) Wednesday, in what may be a record high temperature for all of Europe. The World Meteorological Organization must still confirm the temperature, which would break the previous record of 48 degrees Celsius set in Athens in 1977, the Guardian...

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