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Ex-CNN Producer Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Charge

John Griffin could get life in prison on charge involving 9-year-old girl

(Newser) - A former CNN television producer pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to using interstate commerce to entice and coerce a 9-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity. As part of a plea deal, the government will drop two remaining counts of enticement of a minor against John Griffin, 45, the...

Chris Cuomo Asks for $125M From CNN in Arbitration

Former host says firing hurt his reputation and his chances of finding a new job

(Newser) - Former host Chris Cuomo is seeking more than $125 million in an arbitration filing against CNN, saying the network was wrong to fire him. Cuomo was dropped in December , with CNN citing his involvement in helping his brother, then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, combat sexual harassment allegations. The governor resigned...

The 3rd Main Player in CNN Scandal Is Also Out

Allison Gollust found to have violated company policies

(Newser) - Jeff Zucker's key lieutenant at CNN—and the woman with whom he had an undisclosed romantic relationship—is also stepping down, less than two weeks after Zucker's resignation as the network's president. Allison Gollust was named alongside Zucker and Chris Cuomo as now-former employees who violated company...

Report: Chris Cuomo Wants 'Megyn Kelly Money' From CNN

Sources tell 'New York Post' that former anchor may push for as much as $60M from ex-employer

(Newser) - After Jeff Zucker was forced to step down from his top spot at CNN earlier this month, a question soon arose : Could Chris Cuomo have somehow been the force behind that resignation, seeking revenge for his own firing from the network in December? Whether it's a vengeance spree or...

Was Jeff Zucker's Ouster Chis Cuomo's Revenge?
Was Jeff Zucker's Ouster
Chris Cuomo's Revenge?
the rundown

Was Jeff Zucker's Ouster Chris Cuomo's Revenge?

CNN's Jake Tapper raises the possibility

(Newser) - Jeff Zucker fired longtime CNN anchor Chris Cuomo last year. Is Zucker's forced resignation from the network Cuomo's revenge? The Wall Street Journal reports that CNN's Jake Tapper raised the possibility in an employee Q&A with Jason Kilar, chief executive of CNN parent company WarnerMedia.
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Now Chris Cuomo Loses Book Deal
More Bad News
for Chris Cuomo

More Bad News for Chris Cuomo

His book is pulled from publication

(Newser) - After losing his job at CNN and his talk show, Chris Cuomo has now lost his book deal. HarperCollins announced Tuesday it is pulling his planned book from publication, the New York Times reports. Deep Denial, described as "a provocative analysis of the harsh truths that the pandemic and...

Cuomo Signs Off the Air at SiriusXM, too

Former CNN star says he needs to concentrate on his next move

(Newser) - Days after being fired by CNN , Chris Cuomo announced Monday that he won't be doing his SiriusXM Radio show anymore, either. In a tweet , the former cable news host said that the past week has been hard on his family, reports, "So, right now, I have...

CNN Chief Zucker Did About-Face on Chris Cuomo

'Wall Street Journal' explains the shift from staunch support to slams about 'lack of candor'

(Newser) - Chris Cuomo is out at CNN , and the Wall Street Journal digs in to why network exec Jeff Zucker came to make a "U-turn" on the anchor he had long defended. Zucker backed Cuomo in the spring when allegations first surfaced that he helped his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo,...

Accusation Surfaced Before Cuomo's Firing

Lawyer says woman alleges 'serious sexual misconduct,' which his spokesman denies

(Newser) - CNN received a new allegation against Chris Cuomo days before firing him —which may have been the "additional information" the network cited in dismissing the host Saturday. Debra Katz, a lawyer, said Sunday that her client has accused Cuomo of "serious sexual misconduct" and that CNN was...

CNN Fires Chris Cuomo, Citing New Information

Network host had been suspended for role in defending his brother

(Newser) - Saying it had new information about Chris Cuomo's role in helping his brother keep his job as governor of New York, CNN announced Saturday that it had fired its star host. The network said in a statement that the information concerning the anchor's involvement in Andrew Cuomo's...

Chris Cuomo Calls CNN Suspension 'Embarrassing'

'It hurts to even say it,' he said on his SiriusXM show

(Newser) - The day after CNN suspended him indefinitely , Chris Cuomo told the world how he's feeling, and the upshot is: not great. Deadline reports that at the start of his SiriusXM show on Wednesday, a "gloomy-sounding" Cuomo kicked things off with a "quick note about the obvious—I'...

New Documents Put Chris Cuomo in Hot Water
CNN Suspends
Chris Cuomo

CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo Indefinitely

Network says he was more involved in brother's scandal than they knew

(Newser) - Update: CNN says anchor Chris Cuomo is off the air following the release of documents showing that he had been more involved with brother Andrew Cuomo's sexual harassment scandal than the network had believed. Documents released Monday showed that the top-rated anchor offered to use his sources to research...

Chris Cuomo's Ex-Boss Reveals He Groped Her Butt

TV journalist Shelley Ross says CNN host must 'journalistically repent'

(Newser) - Sexual harassment allegations derailed the career of one Cuomo . A new allegation threatens to do the same to another. In a New York Times essay, Chris Cuomo's former boss at ABC News says the CNN host sexually harassed her in 2005 when both attended a colleague's going-away party...

Chris Cuomo Comments on Andrew Cuomo

CNN host says he advised his brother to resign in the end

(Newser) - CNN host Chris Cuomo addressed his brother Andrew's scandal Monday night for what he said would be the final time. "I did advise my brother to resign when the time came," Cuomo said, noting he never thought that would be something he'd have to do. Cuomo...

Ronan Farrow's New Target: Andrew Cuomo
Ronan Farrow: Phone Call
by Cuomo Raises Legal Issues
the rundown

Ronan Farrow: Phone Call by Cuomo Raises Legal Issues

Governor called White House in 2014 to complain about a federal prosecutor

(Newser) - The potential trouble for Andrew Cuomo keeps mounting . The latest arrives via an investigative piece about the New York governor by Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker . Farrow doesn't recount more allegations of sexual harassment, however. Instead, he reports that Cuomo made a highly improper, possibly illegal call to...

CNN Calls Chris Cuomo's Advice to Andrew Inappropriate

Washington Post reports that CNN anchor took part in strategy sessions for governor

(Newser) - More controversy for the Cuomo brothers, this time centering on younger sibling Chris of CNN. The Washington Post reports that Chris Cuomo gave his brother advice on how to deal with his sexual-harassment scandal and participated in conference calls with the New York governor's top aides on the issue....

Cuomo's New Scandal: Report He Gave Family, VIPs Virus Test

Coronavirus tests for family members received priority last March: reports

(Newser) - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo hardly needs another scandal . Yet media outlets including the Washington Post and New York Times are reporting that the Cuomo family—including CNN anchor Chris Cuomo—received preferential access to coronavirus tests as New York emerged as the epicenter of the US pandemic last March....

Chris Cuomo Hears About Not Covering His Brother

CNN anchor has covered the governor before but now says he can't

(Newser) - The Cuomo who's a CNN anchor obviously can't cover the barrage of accusations facing the Cuomo who's governor of New York. That would be wrong, commentators agreed on social media. But, they wondered, why has it been right until now? "Obviously, I am aware of what...

3rd Cuomo Accuser Comes Forward
Third Woman Accuses Cuomo

Third Woman Accuses Cuomo

As Chris Cuomo says he cannot cover his brother's scandal

(Newser) - The accuser count now stands at three for Andrew Cuomo. Anna Ruch, 33, tells the New York Times that at a wedding in September 2019, the New York governor put his hand on her bare lower back just after meeting her for the first time. She removed it, and he...

Cuomo on Trump: 'I Would Have Decked Him'

Says if he wasn't governor, he would have hit Trump over insults to his family

(Newser) - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this week that scientists were "unmuzzled" with President Trump's election loss, per Business Insider . Apparently so, too, was the governor himself. Appearing on the Howard Stern Show Monday, Cuomo opened up about an anti-Italian insult Trump directed at his brother, CNN anchor...

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