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Carey Mulligan Mistakenly Named Winner at BAFTAs

On-stage mix-up involved a sign-language interpreter

(Newser) - The British version of the Oscars had its own version of a Moonlight-like snafu that resulted in a wrong winner being announced. The Sunday flub at the BAFTAs was on a smaller scale, however. As Variety reports, it revolved around a sign-language interpreter. Deaf actor Troy Kotsur (a winner last...

The Dig 's Carey Mulligan Should Be Happier With These Reviews
The Dig Pays Respect to
Incredible Real-Life Discovery

The Dig Pays Respect to Incredible Real-Life Discovery

Carey Mulligan earns praise as widow overseeing 1939 archaeological dig

(Newser) - In The Dig , an English widow recruits an amateur archaeologist to dig up mysterious mounds on her rural property in Suffolk, suspecting something is buried within. What the pair uncover turns out to be one of the most stunning archaeological finds of the 20th century. Streaming Friday on Netflix, the...

Film Critic 'Horrified' to Be 'Tarred as Misogynist'

Peter Harvey says he didn't mean to imply Carey Mulligan wasn't 'hot enough' for role

(Newser) - Variety film critic Dennis Harvey says he was "appalled to be tarred as misogynist" over his controversial review of Promising Young Woman, which has led to calls for his firing. Star Carey Mulligan, who plays a woman who pretends to be drunk in order to expose predatory men, says...

Actress 'Couldn't Believe' the Review She Got. It Wasn't Good

Carey Mulligan speaks out against 'Variety' film review criticizing her looks

(Newser) - Carey Mulligan was participating in a video series for Variety this week when she took the opportunity to call out the magazine itself. The actress suggested a review of her new movie, Promising Young Woman , published as the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival a year ago, was evidence...

Suffragette Is 'a Movie That Matters'
Is 'a Movie 
 That Matters' 

Suffragette Is 'a Movie That Matters'

Carey Mulligan is the film's 'biggest asset,' says one critic

(Newser) - Set a century in the past, Sarah Gavron's Suffragette explores the women's suffrage movement in early-20th-century Britain through the eyes of working wife and mother Maud. Is the film as controversial as the stars have been in promoting it? Here's what critics are saying:
  • "A more

10 Film Couples Who Were Together in Real Life

Sparks flew on set, but not all the relationships lasted

(Newser) - Last week, we brought you 10 television couples who were together in real life . This week? Movie couples who also dated in real life, 25 of which were rounded up by BuzzSugar . A sampling:
  • Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell: They met on the set of Swing Shift in 1983, then

Top Contender for Hillary Biopic: Carey Mulligan

Film to tell story of Clinton's early career

(Newser) - Under-40s actresses in Hollywood have been clamoring for the role of Hillary Clinton in an upcoming biopic, but insiders say Carey Mulligan has the best shot. The actress is set to meet with director James Ponsoldt to iron out details. But though the filmmakers and Mulligan are hoping for a...

Gatsby Just Not That Great
 Gatsby Just Not That Great 
movie review

Gatsby Just Not That Great

Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan star in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation

(Newser) - Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby arrives with much fanfare—but, based on the reviews, it looks like those high hopes might be dashed. Critics are mixed on the film as a whole, though no one disputes that it's as bombastic as might be expected from Luhrmann....

Stars Who Rushed to the Altar ... and Stayed Together

Sometimes quickie engagements, marriages work out

(Newser) - In Hollywood, sometimes you get engaged after just six months and end up splitting after 72 days of marriage . But, shockingly, there are other examples of hasty celebrity weddings that appear to have worked out. From the Huffington Post :
  • Carey Mulligan started dating Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford in

16 Celebs Who've Done Full-Frontal

Will Emma Watson join their ranks?

(Newser) - Little Hermione Granger—naked?! Yep, Emma Watson said in a recent magazine interview that she would consider doing a sex scene "if it's important to the story." If she does, she could join the ranks of these 16 stars rounded up by Celebuzz , all of whom have...

Carey Mulligan, Folk Rocker Mumford Marry

Actress weds Marcus Mumford in an English barn

(Newser) - Carey Mulligan tied the knot with not-so-longtime-beau Marcus Mumford yesterday in an English barn adorned with hay bales, reports the Daily Mail . The actress and the Mumford & Sons frontman had been engaged about a year, and have dated just longer than that—though it's worth noting that they...

Carey Mulligan Hasn't Seen Herself Naked in 10 Years

'I'm very prudish,' actress explains

(Newser) - Out of a long profile in the Guardian , this tidbit from Carey Mulligan: "I haven't seen myself naked in the mirror for probably a decade. I'm very prudish." It's an especially surprising revelation considering Mulligan just starred in Shame, a film about a sex addict...

'Shame' Movie Reviews: Michael Fassbender Wows in Steve McQueen Film
 Wows in 

Fassbender Wows in Shame

Critics mixed on Steve McQueen's sex addiction tale

(Newser) - Shame tells the story of a sex addict’s joyless need for physical pleasure, and Michael Fassbender offers a stunning performance, critics say. But they’re divided over whether the film has much else to offer:
  • Fassbender’s work “may lay claim to this year’s title of most

Joan Collins Rips Kate Winslet, Carey Mulligan, Adele, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss
 Joan Collins 
 Basically Hates 
 All Women 

Joan Collins Basically Hates All Women

On Keira Knightley: 'Well, she's thin.'

(Newser) - Apparently there's not a lot of love lost between Joan Collins and her fellow celebrities. In an interview with the Telegraph to promote her new book, The World According to Joan, the former Dynasty star was asked about:
  • Kate Winslet: On one of her outfits at the Venice Film

Michelle Obama, Carey Mulligan, Lady Gaga, and More: Vogue's 2010 Best Dressed List
 Vogue's 10 Best Dressed 

Vogue's 10 Best Dressed

Actresses, models, even the first lady makes the list

(Newser) - Vogue honors 10 ladies who are "rewriting the rules" of fashion in its 2010 Best Dressed list. The honorees:
  • Blake Lively
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Michelle Obama
  • Jessica Biel

Gekko's Still Got Juice in Money Never Sleeps

 Gekko's Still Got Juice 
 in Money Never Sleeps  

Gekko's Still Got Juice in Money Never Sleeps

Michael Douglas is Wall Street sequel's best (toxic) asset

(Newser) - "Greed is good," Gordon Gekko famously said in Oliver Stone's 1987 Wall Street, but maybe not in film directors. Critics say Stone crams too many story lines and sermons into the sequel, Money Never Sleeps, though Michael Douglas is still deliciously slimy as the ex-con stock trader.
  • Douglas

Audrey Hepburn 'Can't Really Act': Emma Thompson

And she's 'fantastically twee,' to boot

(Newser) - Audrey Hepburn seems to be beloved by everyone…except, apparently, Emma Thompson. Thompson, who is writing the screenplay for a remake of the Hepburn-starring My Fair Lady, says she is “thrilled” to be redoing the movie since she’s “not hugely fond” of the original. “I find...

2010's Best Dressed
 2010's Best Dressed 
vanity fair

2010's Best Dressed

From socialites to princesses, they're all here

(Newser) - Vanity Fair ’s 2010 International Best Dressed List is out, and it really is international: The top 10 includes three first ladies and a crown princess. Click through it in the gallery, or to see the complete list, which includes Alec Baldwin and Lady Gaga, click here . Or,...

And the Alternative Oscar Goes to...
 And the Alternative 
 Oscar Goes to... 
Best imitator, and more

And the Alternative Oscar Goes to...

The best of the stuff Oscar overlooked this year

(Newser) - Julia and Julia may be an Oscar fave, but the folks at Esquire think Notorious, starring Jamal Woolard, did the best job of resurrecting the dead. It lists the best stuff Oscar overlooked this year:
  • Best Widow: Carey Mulligan in Brothers. Her portrayal of a widow of a US soldier

Hurt Locker, Bigelow Dominate BAFTAs

 Hurt Locker, 
oscar watch

Hurt Locker, Bigelow Dominate BAFTAs

Iraq war movie captures best film, director, original screenplay

(Newser) - The Hurt Locker ran roughshod over the competition at tonight's BAFTAs, capturing best film, best director, and best original screenplay among its six trophies—four more than Avatar scored. "My heart's beating so fast I can barely talk," said Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow, whose rivalry with ex-husband...

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