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The Most Covered Candidates of 2010

Guess who's No. 1?

(Newser) - When it comes to the most covered candidates of the midterm elections, is it any surprise that Tea Partiers claim five of the top 10 slots? The Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzed the election stories produced by 52 TV networks, websites, radio stations, and newspapers since Jan....

White House Blasts Labor for Wasting $10M in Ark.

Attempt to oust Blanche Lincoln was 'pointless'

(Newser) - The White House didn't waste much time harumphing about the labor movement's failed attempt to oust Blanche Lincoln. Ben Smith of Politico says a senior official called with a pointed message: "Organized labor just flushed $10 million of their members' money down the toilet on a pointless exercise. If...

Women the Big Winners in Super Tuesday Primaries

Maybe voters are just tired of men

(Newser) - With disgruntled voters casting around for candidates who look like Washington outsiders, women across the political spectrum may outdo Tea Partiers as the big winners in this year's elections, Jonathan Alter writes in Newsweek, noting last night's victories for Nikki Haley, Meg Whitman, and Carly Fiorina. Female candidates may look...

Blanche Lincoln Has Slim Lead in Early Returns
 Blanche Lincoln Wins 
 Arkansas Nail-Biter 
primary night

Blanche Lincoln Wins Arkansas Nail-Biter

Senator just barely defeats Bill Halter

(Newser) - Embattled Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln won a razor-tight race in Arkansas tonight, surviving a union-backed challenger as well as a strong anti-establishment tide in her runoff. Lincoln had been considered among the country's most vulnerable senators, as groups to her right and left criticized votes on proposed changes to the...

Buckle Up for the Biggest Pre-November Election
Buckle Up for the Biggest Pre-November Election
Today's Primary Guide

Buckle Up for the Biggest Pre-November Election

Blanche Lincoln, Nikki Haley, and Meg Whitman center stage

(Newser) - Voters will weigh in on a host of fascinating primary races today, in the biggest day of voting we’ll get before the November midterms. Politico breaks down the most interesting races to watch:
  • Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln could very well lose to Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, sending a message to

Primary Upsets Signal a New Era
 Voters to Specter & Co.: 
  We Want New Blood 
incumbents take warning

Voters to Specter & Co.: We Want New Blood

Voters reject GOP, Democrat establishments

(Newser) - Yesterday's primary results show that incumbents from both parties are probably going to have to get comfortable with rejection. The results—including the ouster of Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and the victory of Tea Party fave Rand Paul in Kentucky—signal a wave on anti-incumbent, anti-party establishment feeling that is...

Blanche Lincoln Will Face Runoff in Arkansas

She and Bill Halter fail to win majority in Senate primary

(Newser) - Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln has failed to win the majority of votes in the Democratic primary and now faces a 3-week fight with Lt. Gov. Bill Halter for her party's nomination. Lincoln—already one of the most vulnerable incumbents seeking re-election this year— is headed toward a June 8 runoff...

What to Watch in Today's 4 Primaries

Pennsylvania, Arizona, Kentucky offer intrigue

(Newser) - Four states go to the polls today, and the results will have huge implications. Politico breaks down what to watch for in each race, and we, as always, provide the cliff notes:
  • Pennsylvania: Arlen Specter—the longest serving senator in state history—is in real danger of losing a primary

3 Big Primaries Test Voter Rage
 3 Big Primaries 
 Test Voter Rage 

3 Big Primaries Test Voter Rage

Arlen Specter, Blanche Lincoln, Rand Paul in key races

(Newser) - Look to three big primaries tomorrow, in both parties, for a test of the country's anti-establishment rage and the chances that Congress will be even more polarized after November, reports the Los Angeles Times . In Pennsylvania, Democratic challenger Joe Sestak has pulled even with Arlen Specter with ads sneering that...

Key Piece of Financial Reform Passes

Derivatives measure even gets one Republican vote

(Newser) - More progress today on the financial reform bill: The Senate Agriculture Committee approved a bill to regulate the derivatives industry, and chairman Blanche Lincoln even got a Republican on board in the form of Chuck Grassley. The measure is seen as one of the more significant components of the overall...

Senators Swarmed by Lobbyists Fighting Finance Overhaul

Regulating derivatives could cost the banks billions

(Newser) - Proponents of greater financial regulation are facing fierce opposition from a swarm of lobbyists, lawyers, and bankers who have descended on the Senate committee whose chair, Blanche Lincoln, introduced the bill to overhaul the derivatives market. It's not the finance but the agriculture committee, the New York Times reports, and...

Democrats Defy Wall Street, GOP on Bank Reform

Banks trying mightily to kill restrictions on derivatives

(Newser) - Democrats defied Wall Street lobbyists’ push to kill new reforms on derivative trading yesterday, and got an earful from Republicans for their troubles. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley have been leaning heavily on Blanche Lincoln’s Agriculture Committee to scrap a plan to force derivatives—which, incidentally, played a...

Senate Could Kill Obama's Student Loan Fix

Private lenders have friends in the upper chamber of Congress

(Newser) - House Democrats are trying to find a way to pass Barack Obama’s student loan reform plan, but they may be powerless in the face of the Senate's intent to kill it. Because the Senate is full of private lending allies willing to filibuster the bill, Democrats had hoped to...

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln Draws Primary Challenge

Lt. Gov. Bill Halter takes on conservative Dem

(Newser) - Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter officially announced that he’s running for Senate this morning, putting him on a collision course with Democratic incumbent Blanche Lincoln. Halter leans further left than the conservative Lincoln, and several progressive groups, including, the Daily Kos, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee,...

5 More GOP Routes to a Senate Majority

These shaky Dem incumbents could be next to make the GOP's day

(Newser) - The decision by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh not to seek reelection has put 10 Democratic seats—and the majority—firmly in reach of Republicans in the upcoming election. Politico looks at 5 most likely to make the job easier for the GOP:
  • Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln trailed a likely GOP challenger

Senate Majority in Reach for Republicans
 Senate Majority in Reach 
 for Republicans 

Senate Majority in Reach for Republicans

It's a long shot, but many races competitive, Lieberman could switch

(Newser) - It still isn’t likely—OK?—but suddenly it's "within the realm of speculation” that the Republicans could recapture the Senate in November. With Mark Kirk’s primary win in Illinois and competitive races in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and California, a 10-seat pickup is now a distant possibility, Jim Vandehei...

Senate Targets Insurance Exec Pay
 Senate Targets 
 Exec Pay 
rare saturday debate

Senate Targets Insurance Exec Pay

Meanwhile GOP will keep battling Medicare cuts

(Newser) - Democratic senators are taking aim at insurance industry executive pay today as they jockey for advantage in a rare weekend session to debate health care overhaul. Republicans will be targeting the bill's cuts to Medicare, seeking to undermine support among seniors. With talks on the key divisive issues of abortion...

Lincoln Swings to Center of Health Debate

Dems come calling as GOP eyes her seat in 2010

(Newser) - With all eyes on her last night, Blanche Lincoln cast the deciding vote to push health reform forward—and simultaneously swung herself soundly into the epicenter of the brouhaha. By warning fellow Dems she won't support a final bill with a public option, she guaranteed their attention. But in casting...

Senate Democrats Clear Health Care Hurdle, 60-39

Reid gets 60 votes to open full debate after Thanksgiving recess

(Newser) - Harry Reid's hope of passing health care legislation before Christmas took a giant step forward tonight. Reid got the 60 votes he needed to ward off a Republican filibuster and clear the way for full debate on the Senate floor after the Thanksgiving recess. "We can see the finish...

Reid Gets 60th Vote: Holdout Lincoln Agrees

She'll allow health care bill to move forward; vote at 8pm

(Newser) - Democrats have hit the 60-vote number needed to move ahead on health care legislation. Just hours before the 8pm roll call, Arkansas' Blanche Lincoln said on the Senate floor that she will vote with her party. The centrist Democrat had been the last remaining Democratic holdout, after Mary Landrieu and...

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