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Ash Cloud Forces Emergency Landing
Ash Cloud Forces
Emergency Landing

Ash Cloud Forces Emergency Landing

Eyjafjallajokull still isn't done screwing with flights

(Newser) - A flight making the short trip from Belfast to London had to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Belfast today, after pilots noticed an “acrid smell” in the cabin that may have been caused by the renewed ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Ryanair wouldn't say...

Ryanair Refuses to Pay Stranded Passengers' Bills

Regulations can go jump in a volcano, says chief

(Newser) - The budget airline boss who first floated the idea of charging passengers for using airplane toilets is balking at paying the food and hotel bills of fliers stranded by volcanic ash. Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary says that he doesn't care if European laws require him to foot the bill for...

Discount Airline Close to Charging Pee Fee

Skip to the loo may soon cost $1.50

(Newser) - In the latest move to squeeze every possible penny from travelers, a discount airline is close to charging flyers a fee to use the bathroom. Europe's Ryanair is preparing to dun travelers $1.50 for each trip to the loo. The airline is working with Boeing to develop a coin-operated...

Ryanair Boss: You Want Service? Try Another Airline

(Newser) - The budget-airline boss who's thinking about charging passengers to use the bathrooms on his planes wants you to know that he doesn't feel a bit bad about it. If you expect to be coddled, Michael O'Leary tells the New York Times, Ryanair's not for you. O'Leary—famed for his rudeness...

Ryanair Passengers May Stand for Cheapest Tix

(Newser) - Passengers who really want to save money on Ryanair may soon be able to purchase "standing room only" tickets on the discount airline's flights, reports the Sun. Under the plan, passengers would huddle about "bar stools" with seat belts. Ryanair officials have already talked to Boeing about designing...

Ryanair Serious About Pee Fee
 Ryanair Serious About Pee Fee 

Ryanair Serious About Pee Fee

(Newser) - Ryanair’s CEO isn’t joking about ripping two of the three toilets out of his planes and charging for the use of the remaining one, the Guardian reports. “We are serious about it,” said Michael O’Leary, nicknamed “Michael O’Really” by industry skeptics. “We...

Ryanair Hits Low-Tech Flyers With $60 Fee

No printed-up boarding card? Pony up. Oh, and it's $7.50 to check in

(Newser) - Perhaps inspired by airlines banking hundreds of millions of dollars in bag fees last year, discount European carrier Ryanair is introducing new baggage check fees, BlackBook reports. Ryanair customers will have to pony up a $7.50 fee to check in online, and pay a further $60—termed a “...

Airline Eyes Charging for Toilets

Irish budget carrier may put coin slots on lavatory doors

(Newser) - Just when you thought the airlines had figured out how to wring every penny out of flyers, budget carrier Ryanair announced it was mulling a new fee: a $1.50 charge to use the toilets. The Irish airline's CEO said today he was considering "putting a coin slot on...

Ryanair Pin-Ups Don't Fly With Feminist Groups

Company vows to defend a 'girl's' right to take off her clothes

(Newser) - Feminist groups have slammed as sexist a pin-up calendar of stripped-down Ryanair flight attendants the budget airline has published to raise money for charity, reports Der Speigel. The calendar features employees in barely-there bikinis getting up close and personal with airplane parts. The Institute for Women in Spain, where the...

Sarkozy Denies Desperate Text to Ex-Wife

Prez debunks report that he offered to dump Bruni for Cecilia

(Newser) - "If you come back, I'll call it all off," Nicolas Sarkozy said in a desperate text message to ex-wife Cecilia just 8 days before he married Carla Bruni—or so says a magazine website now being sued by the French president. But the magazine's editor has said he...

New Airlines Fly on a Wing and $10
New Airlines Fly on a Wing and $10

New Airlines Fly on a Wing and $10

Bargain-basement US carriers prepare to rock the industry

(Newser) - Frequent fliers will soon be reminiscing about the small luxuries a $200 airline ticket bought: like free Diet Coke. A new wave of start-up airlines is selling ultra-affordable flights as low as $10. But prepare to plunk down for seat assignments, checked baggage—and even peanuts.

Budget Carrier Vows New York-London for $13

(Newser) - Air fares as low as $13 across the Atlantic are being promised as Ryanair, Europe’s biggest low-cost carrier, challenges the major players—British Airways and Virgin Atlantic—to a price war. Other budget airlines, like Southwest and JetBlue, are expected to jump into the fray, the London Times reports.

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