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Are Amazon's 'Last Mile' Drivers 'Utterly Expendable'?

Gizmodo says contracted workers aren't exactly living the dream that job ads push

(Newser) - Amazon has an open secret that few pay heed to: a "nearly invisible workforce" that works to get consumers their packages on demand, per Gizmodo . Bryan Menegus dives into the company's Flex program, responsible for the firm's "last-mile" service, which involves getting ordered goods to a...

FBI Chief's Secret Twitter Account Is Secret No More

Gizmodo's Ashley Feinberg appears to have found it with some sleuthing

(Newser) - Even the FBI chief struggles with online privacy. After James Comey mentioned during a speech that he had a secret Twitter account, Ashley Feinberg of Gizmodo did some internet sleuthing and appears to have found it. Behold: . It took her all of four hours. Oh, and she...

The Biggest Self-Help Charlatan You Never Heard Of
The Biggest
Self-Help Charlatan
You Never Heard Of
in case you missed it

The Biggest Self-Help Charlatan You Never Heard Of

Napoleon Hill wrote a best-selling book, but he also lived a life of 'countless scams'

(Newser) - Long before Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins started preaching about how to be the best you possible, Napoleon Hill was peddling his own self-help mantras, penning 1937's Think and Grow Rich and inspiring not just cult-like behavior, but an actual cult. Matt Novak dives into Hill's jaw-dropping backstory...

Gizmodo: Twitter Hacker Is a Boston-Area DJ

Culprit is Tony 'iThug' Cunha, says website

(Newser) - Gizmodo says the hacker who took over the Twitter feeds of Burger King yesterday and Jeep today also left an "Internet paper trail" that reveals his identity. Introducing Tony "iThug" Cunha, described by Gizmodo's Sam Biddle as a DJ in the Boston and Providence areas and...

Sorry, Guys, Girls Can Write for Tech Blogs, Too

Gizmodo's Molly Oswaks clears some things up

(Newser) - Molly Oswaks is one of two female writers at the tech blog Gizmodo , and you'll get a pretty good sense of how that goes over among male commenters with her post headlined, "Your Nasty, Nerdy Sexism Isn't Cute." Based on the feedback she's gotten, Oswaks...

Facebook Just Replaced Your Email
 Facebook Just 
 Replaced Your Email
but you can fix it

Facebook Just Replaced Your Email

Gizmodo fumes over Facebook's 'ham-handed' move

(Newser) - Never liked Facebook's email address enough to use it? Well Facebook just changed your mind for you, making it the default email account listed on your profile. The folks at Gizmodo are fuming, and show how to undo Big Brother's handiwork. Just go to your Timeline,...

Tech Blogger Won't Face Charges Over iPhone Images

But two men who sold prototype aren't so lucky

(Newser) - Prosecutors said today they will not bring charges against a tech blogger who bought an Apple iPhone prototype after it was found at a bar in March 2010. San Mateo County Assistant District Attorney Morley Pitt said charges were not filed against Gizmodo's Jason Chen or other employees, citing...

Gawker Hack Puts 1.3M Users' Data at Risk

Fears for future attack on government agencies

(Newser) - Gawker's databases have been hacked, and the site is telling users to change their passwords on Gawker and any other site where they used the same password. The management says it's “deeply embarrassed” by the security failure, noting that it shouldn’t have to depend “on the...

Peeved Apple Bars Gizmodo From iPhone Unveiling
Peeved Apple Bars Gizmodo From iPhone Unveiling
WWDC 2010

Peeved Apple Bars Gizmodo From iPhone Unveiling

Tech blog will still live blog the event—sort of

(Newser) - Steve Jobs has found his sweet revenge: Gizmodo's request to attend today's super-high-profile Worldwide Developers Conference—in which Jobs is expected to unveil the new iPhone that Gizmodo leaked —has been met with radio silence from Apple, leading the tech blog to make the awkward choice of creating a...

Hi, It's Steve Jobs. Give Me Back My iPhone

Even Apple CEO called Gizmodo personally

(Newser) - Evan as Brian Hogan pocketed a wad of cash in exchange for Steve Jobs' latest iPhone and Gizmodo was busily analyzing it, the wheels were in motion: Hogan's roommate tipped off cops to his involvement the day before the report was published, Apple honchos were pushing for criminal charges, and...

'Follow' Hack Causes Twitter Pandemonium

Privacy gap closed, but not before some opportunistic hijinks

(Newser) - If your Twitter account lists no followers or follow-ees, thank the happy-go-lucky iPhone acquirers at Gizmodo , who tipped the tech world to a vulnerability this morning. It's no longer working, but the web interface allowed the attention-starved to type "accept" and the Twitter name of any account, thereby gaining...

iPhone Finder Named, 'Regrets His Mistake'

Especially if it turns out to be a crime

(Newser) - The guy who found (or, depending on your interpretation of California law, stole) a prototype for the next generation of iPhone is 21-year-old occasional college student Brian Hogan, Wired reports, and he's very sorry. “He regrets his mistake in not doing more to return the phone,” his lawyer...

Stewart Blasts 'Appholes' Over Gizmodo Bust

Handling of iPhone leak 'creepy'

(Newser) - Jon Stewart's a big fan of Apple gadgets but he's starting to find the company "creepy," he told Daily Show viewers last night. "Microsoft is supposed to be the evil one," he said, slamming Apple for the police raid on the home of Gizmodo's editor following...

Calif. Cops Raid Gizmodo Editor's Home
 Calif. Cops 
 Raid Gizmodo 
 Editor's Home 

Calif. Cops Raid Gizmodo Editor's Home

Seize Jason Chen's computers, servers; Gawker cries foul

(Newser) - Cross Steve Jobs and encounter the wrath of, well, at least the California police. That's who greeted Gizmodo editor Jason Chen—he of the scoop on Apple's next-gen iPhone that was found in a bar—with a search warrant Friday night. Chen arrived home to find police had broken down...

Gizmodo Lost Money on Pricey iPhone Scoop
Gizmodo Lost Money on Pricey iPhone Scoop
David Carr

Gizmodo Lost Money on Pricey iPhone Scoop

Saga raises debate about checkbook journalism

(Newser) - Nick Denton, the big cheese at Gawker Media, paid $5,000 for the iPhone prototype Gizmodo showed the world last week—a fact notably absent from the company's published account of how it acquired the phone. He got 3.6 million unique visitors for his trouble, but no massive ad-revenue...

Apple Should Sue! vs. No, Just Suck It Up
Apple Should Sue!
vs. No, Just Suck It Up
opposing views

Apple Should Sue! vs. No, Just Suck It Up

Bloggers differ on whether the lost iPhone merits lawsuit

(Newser) - Jeff Bercovici has been noodling the lost iPhone story and finds himself "outraged" by Gizmodo's acquisition of the top-secret gadget. It's clear to him the finder hardly tried to find the real owner. "Put simply, Gawker Media brazenly, publicly flouted the law," he writes at AOL's Daily...

How a Drunk Engineer Lost the Next iPhone

Sweet, sweet German beer responsible for leak

(Newser) - How did Gizmodo penetrate Apple's ironclad security to get its hands on the next-generation iPhone ? Thank the power of beer. Apple engineer Gray Powell, who was working on the Baseband Software that will allow the phone to actually make calls, lost the device at the beer garden not far...

New iPhone Worth Waiting For

 New iPhone Worth Waiting For 

New iPhone Worth Waiting For

Features on 4GS prototype mean you shouldn't buy an iPhone until June

(Newser) - Thinking about buying an iPhone? The features on the 4G prototype lost in a bar by an Apple worker means you should think about waiting until it goes on sale in June or July, urges Dan Frommer at Business Insider . The new iPhone appears to have an improved camera and...

Website: We Have Apple's Next iPhone
 Website: We Have 
 Apple's Next iPhone 
found in a bar

Website: We Have Apple's Next iPhone

Gizmodo pretty sure it found Steve Jobs' next trick in a Calif. bar

(Newser) - If you're a techie website, days don't get too much better than one when you stumble across Steve Jobs' next little gift to the world. Gizmodo says it's gotten its hands on the next-generation iPhone, found "lost in a bar in Redwood." After taking the device apart, the...

Gizmodo, Drudge Fooled by Fake 'TSA Porn'

That's not an image from a body scanner, just a nude model

(Newser) - Gizmodo gets about “30,000 views in a single day” of a post with hot TSA full body scanner pics of an attractive female, Kashmir Hill writes, but it would be wise “to add a ‘this is a hoax’ update” since the photos are obviously fake....

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