Najibullah Zazi

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Zazi Linked to 9/11 Redux Bomb Strike

Accused terrorist bomber ordered to face charges in New York

(Newser) - Najibullah Zazi may have been planning a bomb attack in New York on the anniversary of September 11th, a federal prosecutor said today. “There is a chilling, disturbing sequence of events showing the suspect was intent on being in New York on Sept. 11,” said Assistant US Attorney...

Feds: Zazi Loaded Up on Bomb Makings in Beauty Stores

Terror suspect had bomb-making instructions on his laptop, court papers say

(Newser) - Terror suspect Najibullah Zazi planned to make home-made bombs using ingredients he bought at stores selling beauty supplies, according to a federal indictment released yesterday. Zazi, charged with conspiracy to create weapons of mass destruction, allegedly stockpiled bottles of hydrogen peroxide and nail polish remover from Denver-area stores, reports the...

Zazi Charged With Plotting Bomb Attacks in US

Terror suspect will face charge in New York after Denver court date

(Newser) - Terror suspect Najibullah Zazi has been indicted on a charge of trying to detonate bombs in the United States. The new charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction was filed today in New York. Authorities plan to transfer him to federal court there to face the new charge...

NYPD Yanks Top Cop From Terror Unit
NYPD Yanks
Top Cop From
Terror Unit

NYPD Yanks Top Cop From Terror Unit

Official replaced after unit's imam informant tipped off suspect

(Newser) - A top official from one of the NYPD's two counterterror units has been replaced after his unit disrupted a federal terror probe by inadvertently alerting the prime suspect to the investigation. Paul Ciorra of the Intelligence Division—which sometimes competes with the city's Counterterrorism Bureau and clashes with federal partners—...

'Cop Tipster' Imam May Have Alerted Terror Ring

Imam recorded on phone warning alleged ringleader of terror probe

(Newser) - A Queens imam was secretly recorded in a phone conversation warning a Denver terror suspect that law enforcement authorities were moving in, reports AP. Authorities are now investigating if imam Ahmad Wais Afzali may have used his role as a presumably reliable New York police department tipster to glean information...

Stadiums, Hotels Told to Watch for Terrorists

(Newser) - Counterterrorism officials have issued security bulletins to police around the nation about terrorists' desire to attack stadiums, entertainment complexes, and hotels, the latest in a flurry of such internal warnings as investigators chase a possible bomb plot in Denver and New York. In the two bulletins—sent to police departments...

Feds Have Up to 12 Suspects in NYC Bomb Plot

Qaeda link could lead to material support charges for Zazi

(Newser) - Investigators have linked up to 12 others to the alleged bomb plot that led to the arrest of Najibullah Zazi, his father, and an informant Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reports. While details of the investigation and the plot are sketchy—an assistant AG says “no specific information regarding...

Bomb-Making Notes Found on Shuttle Pilot: FBI

Officials release evidence against Najibullah Zazi

(Newser) - An airport shuttle driver arrested last night kept notes on bomb-making as well as a scale and batteries, items that can be used in explosives, authorities said today. Najibullah Zazi, 24, also allegedly confessed to taking explosives training with al-Qaeda in Pakistan. The FBI arrested him, his father, and an...

Feds Arrest Denver Terror Suspect
Feds Arrest Denver Terror Suspect

Feds Arrest Denver Terror Suspect

Shuttle driver, father in custody after cutting off talks with FBI

(Newser) - The Denver shuttle bus driver who may or may not be a terrorist with al-Qaeda links has been taken into custody by federal authorities, the Denver Post reports. Najibullah Zazi and his father were arrested late tonight, but the charges weren't immediately known. The FBI had questioned Zazi on three...

Man In Terror Probe Skips FBI Questioning

Defense team denies he is considering a plea deal

(Newser) - A man under investigation in a terrorism probe in New York and Colorado did not report for a fourth day of FBI questioning today so he could spend a much-needed day with his attorney, the attorney's spokeswoman said. Najibullah Zazi had been scheduled to go to the Federal Building in...

NYC Terror Suspect May Have al-Qaeda Ties After All

Zazi admits possible run-ins in Pakistan

(Newser) - The man federal officials are questioning in Denver over a terror plot in New York might in fact have some ties to al-Qaeda, the Times reports. After first denying any connections, Najibullah Zazi has told officials he could have come into contact with extremists in his native Pakistan, and there...

Alleged Queens Terror Plot Eyed NYC Travel Hub: Source

Some suspect Madrid-style attack was planned

(Newser) - A major New York City transportation hub may have been the target of the suspected terror plot uncovered earlier this week in Queens, CNN reports. Sources close to the investigation say signs point to a potential attack on a large number of people in an area where security is minimal—...

Denver Man in NYC Raids Denies Terror Link

Police swooped over alleged plot after city visit

(Newser) - A Colorado man believed to be a central figure in a New York City terror investigation denies he has links to al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group, the New York Times reports. Police raided three apartments in Queens after Najibullah Zazi visited the city last week. Materials were removed for...

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