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Little Kids Getting Drunk on Yummy Hand Sanitizers

Since 2010, poison control cases have shot up to more than 16K

(Newser) - Think you're good at locking up common household poisons from young kids? You may be forgetting one that looks surprisingly appealing to a small child: hand sanitizer. The number of cases of kids younger than 12 reported to poison control centers for ingesting hand sanitizer, which now comes in...

Germ-Ridden Doorknob Can Infect Building in Hours
Germ-Ridden Doorknob Can Infect Building in Hours

Germ-Ridden Doorknob Can Infect Building in Hours

Virus quickly spread to more than half of one building's occupants

(Newser) - "The hand is quicker than the sneeze in the spread of disease," warns the lead author of a study that found a single germ-laden doorknob can spread a virus throughout a building in the space of hours. University of Arizona researcher Charles Gerba's team placed a harmless...

It&#39;s Time to Quit Hand Sanitizer

 It's Time to 
 Quit Hand 

It's Time to Quit Hand Sanitizer

Bill Saporito aims to end his addiction

(Newser) - Whether you're in an office building or on the subway, chances are a bottle of hand sanitizer is close by—and that used to suit Bill Saporito just fine. He underwent chemotherapy several years ago and had to avoid getting sick, and the resulting "germanoia" led to hand-sanitizer...

Colbert Extremely Disturbed About Sanitizer-Swilling Kids

'Our kids are getting sani-tipsy,' he warns

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert is very, very upset about the new trend of teens getting drunk on hand sanitizer —especially since it was based on one Los Angeles Times article involving a whopping six kids. “I want to send a very strong message to these LA teens,” Colbert said...

Hand Sanitizer: A Different Kind of Buzz?

Maybe not: Will Oremus

(Newser) - Some teens are, apparently, now getting drunk on hand sanitizer —would such a binge feel any different than the type of intoxication brought about by more traditional forms of alcohol? Not necessarily, writes Will Oremus in Slate's Explainer column , because "ethyl alcohol is ethyl alcohol" no matter...

Teens&#39; New Cheap Buzz: Hand Sanitizer
 Teens' New 
 Cheap Buzz: 
 Hand Sanitizer 
in case you missed it

Teens' New Cheap Buzz: Hand Sanitizer

Gel version can be easily distilled

(Newser) - Apparently hand sanitizer is the new cough syrup, with teens increasingly chugging the stuff in an effort to get drunk. In California's San Fernando Valley in recent months, six teenagers have come to the ER with alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer—some of them separated the alcohol from...

Gas Pumps Top List of Germiest Objects

...followed by mailbox handles and escalator rails

(Newser) - You may use hand sanitizers in rest rooms, but how about gas stations, mail boxes, and ATM machines? A new survey of America's yuckiest touchables found that 71% of gas pump dispensers and 68% of mailbox handles were highly contaminated with high-risk germs. Next on the list were escalator...

Too Much Hand Sanitizer Can Skew Alcohol Test

It can be absorbed into the body, leading to a false reading

(Newser) - Germophobes take note: If you use a lot of hand sanitizer, you might fail an alcohol screening, reports CBS Los Angeles . People who use sanitizer multiple times times a day can absorb small amounts of alcohol into their bodies, according to a University of Florida study. Those who use sanitizer...

FDA Cracks Down on False Claims for Hand Sanitizers

Agency warns firms claiming their gels battle MRSA

(Newser) - Warning: Hand sanitizers will not make you invincible. They don’t, for example, protect against germs like MRSA, as the FDA pointed out yesterday in a consumer update. Nor do they kill E. coli, salmonella, or the H1N1 virus. It’s not just consumers who don’t get this: The...

Harmful Bacteria Found in Hand Sanitizers

FDA issues warning on two Puerto Rican brands

(Newser) - The FDA has issued a warning on two Puerto Rican brands of hand sanitizer that are liable to coat your hands in dangerous bacteria instead of sanitizing them. Bee-Shield Hand Sanitizer and MD Quality Hand Sanitizer, made in Puerto Rico and sold only there, have high levels of Burkholderia cepacia....

Pick Your Poison: Swine Flu or Hand Sanitizer

Recent H1N1-inspired flood of alcohol-based products into schools are also flammable

(Newser) - Schools are loading up on hand sanitizer in an effort to fight swine flu—but the alcohol-based panacea has problems of its own, the Chicago Tribune reports. Bottles and dispensers of the stuff are ubiquitous in classrooms, and officials have belatedly realized the dangers of its 65% alcohol content. “...

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