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World's Oldest Person Dies at 118
World's Oldest
Person Dies at 118

World's Oldest Person Dies at 118

Sister Andre, born Lucile Randon, spent decades serving as a French nun

(Newser) - The world's oldest known person, a French nun who survived two pandemics , died Tuesday at age 118. Sister André also holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest nun who ever lived, and was also the oldest known person to survive COVID-19. She was born Lucile Randon on February...

Goodbye to an American Said to Be the Nation's Oldest

Iowa's Bessie Laurena Hendricks has died at age 115

(Newser) - Bessie Laurena Hendricks was born in Iowa, and she died in Iowa, with more than a century sandwiched in between those two dates. A local funeral home delivers the news that the Lake City resident—thought to be the oldest person in the United States, per the Gerontology Research Group—...

Oldest Person Dies at 119
Oldest Person
Dies at 119

Oldest Person Dies at 119

Kane Tanaka wanted everyone to 'continue to have fun'

(Newser) - A woman thought to be the oldest person in the world, with a certificate to back it up, has died in Japan at age 119. Guinness World Records reported Monday that Kane Tanaka died last Tuesday, NBC News reports. She lived in a rest home and died at a hospital...

Oldest Person in US Dies, Leaving 120 Great-Great-Grandkids

Hester Ford was either 115 or 116

(Newser) - "I live right, all I know," Hester McCardell once said when asked about her longevity. The North Carolina woman, who was the oldest living American, died peacefully on Saturday at the Charlotte home where she had lived for more than 60 years, CNN reports. Her exact age was...

117-Year-Old Has Now Survived 2 Pandemics

World's second-oldest person ready to celebrate birthday in France

(Newser) - The world's second-oldest person has now survived two global pandemics before her 117th birthday. Sister André, a retired French nun with the given name Lucile Randon, was on Tuesday declared recovered from the coronavirus, which infected 81 of 88 residents of her retirement home in Toulon. "We consider...

World's Oldest Person Has Another Birthday

Kane Tanaka is 117 and would like to see 120

(Newser) - After she was born prematurely in 1903, Kane Tanaka was lucky to survive to her first birthday. But she made it to that milestone—and many, many more. Tanaka, believed to be the world's oldest person, turned 117 on Jan. 2. She celebrated Sunday with cake and a party...

World's Oldest People? They're Not That Old
World's Oldest People?
They're Not That Old
Study says

World's Oldest People? They're Not That Old

Supercentenarians aren't as common as we think, paper suggests

(Newser) - Want to grow to a ripe old age? You might have to discard advice given in "oldest person alive" articles that keep cropping up, Vox reports. A new working paper posted online appears to show that most supercentenarians—that is, people who live to 110—are probably exaggerating their...

See How the World's Oldest Person Stays Alive

Kane Tanaka likes studying math and playing Othello

(Newser) - A 116-year-old Japanese woman who loves playing the board game Othello was honored Saturday as the world's oldest living person by Guinness World Records, the AP reports. The global authority on records officially recognized Kane Tanaka in a ceremony at the nursing home where she lives in Fukuoka, in...

Oldest Person in US Dies at 114
Oldest Person in US
Dead at 114

Oldest Person in US Dead at 114

Lessie Brown attributed her long life to 'God's will'

(Newser) - Lessie Brown, a 114-year-old Ohio woman who was believed to be the oldest person in the United States , died Tuesday, her grandson said. Brown, who had been living with one of her daughters, died at the home in Cleveland Heights, according to Ronald Wilson. Brown said in 2013 it was...

Were We Fooled by the 'Oldest Person Ever'?

Researchers claim Yvonne Calment assumed her mother's identity

(Newser) - You likely know Jeanne Calment as the world's oldest recorded person. It's a title widely used since Calment's 1997 death in France, coming 122 years and 164 days after her purported birth in 1875. It's also a fraud, according to mathematician Nicolai Zak and gerontologist Valeri...

World's Oldest Person, Born in 1901, Has Died

Chiyo Miyako's family called her 'the goddess'

(Newser) - The world's oldest person, a 117-year-old Japanese woman, has died. Chiyo Miyako died Sunday, and her death was confirmed Friday by Kanagawa prefecture, her home state south of Tokyo. Miyako, born on May 2, 1901, became the world's oldest person in April after Nabi Tajima from Kikai island...

Yam a Day: Oldest Person in US Is 113

Lessie Brown lives in the suburbs of Cleveland

(Newser) - A 113-year-old woman living in suburban Cleveland is believed to be the oldest person in the United States after the death of a 114-year-old Pennsylvania woman. The 88-year-old daughter of Lessie Brown says her mother remarked, "that's good" when told Friday she had become the country's oldest...

World's Oldest Person Dies
World's Oldest Person Dies 

World's Oldest Person Dies

Nabi Tajima was 117 years old, held the crown for 7 months

(Newser) - The world's oldest person, a 117-year-old Japanese woman, has died. Nabi Tajima died of old age in a hospital Saturday evening in the town of Kikai in southern Japan, town official Susumu Yoshiyuki confirmed. She had been hospitalized since January, reports the AP . Tajima, born on Aug. 4, 1900,...

'Aunt V,' World's Oldest Person, Dies at 117

Jamaica resident Violet Brown credited her long life to hard work, Christian faith

(Newser) - The world's oldest person has died in Jamaica. Violet Brown was 117 years and 189 days old, the AP reports. The woman known as "Aunt V" died Friday at a local hospital, where she had been treated for heart arrhythmia and dehydration. Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed his...

Oldest American Celebrates 114th Birthday

Delphine Gibson was born in SC in 1903

(Newser) - The oldest known living person in the United States is celebrating her 114th birthday in Pennsylvania. The state Aging Department says Delphine Gibson hit the milestone Thursday, getting a personal greeting from the governor, the AP reports. Gibson was born in South Carolina in 1903 and moved to Pennsylvania after...

Was This the World's Oldest Person Ever?

Sodimedjo of Indonesia, who just died, claimed to be 146

(Newser) - Emma Morano was the world's only living person verified as having been born in the 19th century before her death last month at 117. But Sodimedjo of Indonesia claimed to have three decades on her and two decades on the world's oldest recorded person before his death Sunday....

Last Person Born in 19th Century Dies

Emma Morano, the world's oldest person, was 117

(Newser) - Emma Morano lived across three centuries, two world wars, and more than 90 Italian governments. And on Saturday, friends and family of Morano, believed to be the oldest woman alive, reported her death at home in Italy, Reuters reports. She was 117. According to the BBC , Morano was born on...

Oldest Person in US Dies After 114 Years in New Jersey

She never jogged and ate what she liked, son says

(Newser) - A New Jersey woman born the same year as Charles Lindbergh has died after almost seven months as the oldest person in America . Adele Dunlap, who celebrated her 114th birthday in December, died on Sunday, making 113-year-old Delphine Gibson the oldest person in the US, NJ.com reports. According to...

Last Living Person Born in 1800s Has a Birthday

Congrats to Emma Morano of Italy, oldest person in the world, on her 117th birthday

(Newser) - When Emma Morano entered this world, the Second Boer War had just begun , Cuba had just been freed from Spanish rule, and NYC's Windsor Hotel had recently burned down. Let us complete the history timeline for you: It was November 29, 1899, making Morano—who's still watching the...

Oldest Person in US: A No-Nonsense 113-Year-Old Named Adele

Even Adele Dunlap's 86-year-old son doesn't know her longevity secret

(Newser) - A 113-year-old New Jersey woman is the new holder of the title of oldest American, the AP reports. Adele Dunlap became the country's oldest person earlier this month following the death of Goldie Michelson of Worcester, Mass., per the Record . She's also the 10th oldest person in the...

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