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Envoy Scott Brown Is Warned After Remarks to Guests

Ambassador to New Zealand says he'll be more 'culturally aware' in future

(Newser) - The US ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa is blaming the "blood sport" of politics for the kerfuffle he's in over comments he made while visiting the latter islands. Per the New York Times , witnesses told local media that former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown acted "obnoxiously" at...

NZ Paper Refers to New US Ambassador as 'Former Nude Model'

And former senator, but perhaps that's not as punchy

(Newser) - After losing his Massachusetts Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren in 2012 —and then failing to nab the New Hampshire seat in 2014 —Scott Brown appears to have again found a political post. President Trump on Thursday announced his intention to nominate Brown, an early Trump supporter, as ambassador...

Scott Brown: Elizabeth Warren 'Can Take a DNA Test' to Prove Cherokee Roots

No, it's not 2012 again

(Newser) - Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown is not letting the Elizabeth Warren Native American controversy go. For those of you who don't remember, Warren's claims of Native American ancestry made waves during the 2012 senate race ( she's reportedly only 1/32 Cherokee ), and Brown made sure to...

McConnell Confident as Polls Get Set to Close
 GOP Takes Control of 
 Senate; McConnell Wins 
midterm elections

GOP Takes Control of Senate; McConnell Wins

Scott Brown fails in upset bid, but Republicans flip at least 7 seats

(Newser) - Election night was a win for Republicans: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell started things off by defeating Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, reports the AP . Hours later, McConnell learned he will be changing his title to majority leader: Republicans needed a net gain of six seats to take the...

Multistate Senator? Scott Brown Wins NH Primary

Republican will face Jeanne Shaheen this fall

(Newser) - Scott Brown is on the road to becoming the first person since the 19th century to have represented more than one state in the Senate. The former Massachusetts senator comfortably won the Republican primary in New Hampshire yesterday, the AP reports, and will face incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen this fall...

Scott Brown Enters New Hampshire Senate Race

Former Massachusetts senator poised for official announcement

(Newser) - Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown is officially looking to head back to the Hill—this time representing New Hampshire. During a radio interview with New Hampshire's WGIR , Brown all but said he would run, Talk Radio News Service notes; News 9 has confirmed the news. Brown met with Senate...

Corker on Syria: 'We Will Respond'
 Corker on Syria: 
 'We Will Respond' 

Corker on Syria: 'We Will Respond'

Top-ranking congressmen call for action, as others want to verify, limit scope

(Newser) - The alleged chemical attack in Syria continues to reverberate today, with members of Congress hitting the Sunday talk show rodeo to call for action—or restraint, reports Politico . Leading the charge for action was Bob Corker , the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who said he believes chemical...

Eye on 2016, Scott Brown Flirts With Iowa

Sure, it's 'premature,' but he's 'curious'

(Newser) - When a former senator from Massachusetts visits the Iowa State Fair, you can bet it's not because he craves fried dough and ring toss. So when the Boston Herald asked, Scott Brown didn't deny that he was visiting because he has presidential ambitions. "I want to get...

Scott Brown's Brother Accused of Weird Boat Heist

He allegedly impersonated a cop to commandeer the vessel

(Newser) - Connecticut police arrested a man yesterday, saying that he'd impersonated an officer, and used that disguise to steal a boat. Police found Bruce W. Browne, 46, driving a blue Crown Victoria adorned with police lights. Inside the car they found three loaded guns, two pairs of handcuffs, a police...

Tagg Romney Rules Out Mass. Senate Bid

Mass. GOP scrambles to find Brown alternative

(Newser) - Looks like Massachusetts voters won't be getting another chance to elect a Romney after all, unless Ann steps in. Following reports that GOP leaders were interested , Mitt Romney's son, Tagg, has announced that he won't be seeking the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry. "I have...

Boston Herald: What About a Romney for Senate?

It says some state Republicans are thinking about Ann or Tagg

(Newser) - Scott Brown's political bombshell that he will not run for Senate has Massachusetts Republicans scrambling to find a replacement. Which is why the Boston Herald today floats the inevitable speculation: What about a Romney? And no, not that Romney. Try Ann or son Tagg. The story says some top...

Scott Brown Will Pass on Senate Run

Democrats now likely to keep the seat

(Newser) - Scott Brown has decided against running for John Kerry's Senate seat in the upcoming special election, he confirmed today in a text message to the Boston Herald . "U are the first to know," his text read. The move all but dashes the GOP's hopes of retaking...

Scott Brown: Drunk Tweeter?
 Scott Brown: 
 Drunk Tweeter? 

Scott Brown: Drunk Tweeter?

'Bqhatevwr,' he eloquently tweets

(Newser) - The blogosphere is abuzz today over a series of tweets former Senator Scott Brown posted, then quickly deleted, in the wee hours today. The consensus? We may never know for sure, but Brown certainly sounded like he was drunk tweeting, considering the appearance of the word, "Bqhatevwr."...

Scott Brown: Senate Run Is 'Awfully Tempting'

He takes early jab at potential opponent Ed Markey

(Newser) - Scott Brown is already throwing jabs at Ed Markey, the man Democrats might nominate to fill John Kerry's Senate seat. When WTKK-FM asked Brown if he'd run to replace Kerry, he laughed and replied, "I'll tell you what; they're making it awfully tempting. You got...

Who Gets John Kerry's Senate Seat?

Scott Brown is a good bet, but Kennedys are dropping hints

(Newser) - John Kerry's confirmation hearings for secretary of State haven't yet started, but that's not stopping quite a crowd from measuring the drapes for his Senate office. According to Massachusetts state law, Gov. Deval Patrick would appoint Kerry's successor—likely a placeholder—then a special election would...

Obama Nominates John Kerry for State

Barring a confirmation surprise, he will replace Hillary Clinton

(Newser) - The not-so-surprising leaks were right on the money: President Obama today picked John Kerry to be his next secretary of state, reports AP . "I'm very proud to announce my choice," said the president, adding that Kerry's whole life and career "has prepared him for this...

GOP Says No to Rice but Loves ... Kerry?

Perhaps Republicans respect long-time senator ... or just want his seat

(Newser) - The GOP may still be fiercely opposed to Susan Rice as the next secretary of state, but there's another Democrat that many Republicans seem to be solidly behind—John Kerry. The brutal criticisms Kerry faced as the Democratic nominee for president in 2004 have been replaced with talk of...

Obama Plans Drastic Cabinet Shake-Up

Clinton, Geithner, Panetta, Holder all could be gone

(Newser) - After a first term almost devoid of Cabinet shakeups, President Obama is now working on plans to replace virtually his entire team. Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner have both publicly announced their exits, but Leon Panetta, Eric Holder, Ray LaHood, Steven Chu, Ken Salazaar, and Lisa Jackson are all expected...

Fight for the Senate: Can GOP Flip 4 Seats?
 Democrats Keep Senate: 
 Warren, McCaskill Win 
election 2012

Democrats Keep Senate: Warren, McCaskill Win

Tim Kaine, too; Democrats coast as Mourdock, Akin, McMahon lose

(Newser) - Democrats had a banner night in the Senate, starting with Elizabeth Warren knocking off GOP incumbent Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Tim Kaine beat George Allen in Virginia, and Chris Murphy did the same to Linda McMahon for Connecticut's open seat—despite her huge personal influx of cash . It...

Voters Form Long Lines Around the Country

Candidates cast their ballots, too

(Newser) - Americans flocked to the polls this morning, forming long lines in many places around the country. USA Today counted 75 people in line at one DC polling place. Here are some of the stories filtering in nationally:
  • Some problems have already cropped up in Virginia, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. One

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