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We're Ignoring 'Lookism,' and It Isn't Right
We're Ignoring 'Lookism,'
and It Isn't Right

We're Ignoring 'Lookism,' and It Isn't Right

Writing for the 'NYT,' David Brooks takes on discrimination against the unattractive

(Newser) - Sexism and racism are bad, but there's another "ism" that David Brooks is concerned about, and one for which there doesn't seem to be much legal recourse: "lookism," the term Brooks uses in his newest op-ed for the New York Times to describe "prejudice...

Potential Juror's Excuse: Defendant Is Too Attractive

She is rejected from panel in Florida murder trial

(Newser) - It was either a candid admission or a novel way of getting out of jury duty. A woman in Florida was ultimately rejected after she said she found the defendant in a murder trial so attractive that it might affect her judgment, reports LawNewz . Her admission came despite the grisly...

Sorry Liberals, Conservative Politicians Are More Attractive

And voters reward them for it, says study

(Newser) - Beautiful people enjoy a range of benefits in life above and beyond the sheer joy of looking in the mirror. Previous research has found that beauty influences popularity, grades in school, and salary, reports the Washington Post . So it might not be too far a stretch to suggest that beauty...

Study: Your Butt Doesn't Make You Attractive

 Study: Your Butt 
 Doesn't Make 
 You Attractive 
in case you missed it

Study: Your Butt Doesn't Make You Attractive

Or, at least, not your butt alone

(Newser) - Your shapely derriere alone isn't what makes you attractive, or so suggests a new study. "Most previous work on attractiveness focused on the effect of isolated features," explains Canada's Queen's University professor Nikolaus Troje. As he and two German researchers explain in a study published...

Men's IQ Easier to See Than Women's
 Men's IQ Easier to Spot
 Than Women's 
study says

Men's IQ Easier to Spot Than Women's

Study asks people to guess IQ by looking at faces

(Newser) - It's easier to guess men's intelligence than women's just by looking at their faces—maybe because we're so distracted by female beauty, according to a new study . Czech researchers gave IQ tests to 80 male and female students, took photos of them, and asked 160 students...

Colonel Exits After Calling for Uglier Women in PR Photos

Lynette Arnhart: Less-attractive women seen as 'competent'

(Newser) - An Army colonel has stepped down from a study on women in combat after she urged military spokespeople to use less-attractive women in publicity shots, the AP reports. "In general, ugly women are perceived as competent while pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead,...

Plastic Surgery Won't Make You Look Much Younger
Plastic Surgery Won't Make You Look Much Younger

Plastic Surgery Won't Make You Look Much Younger

Or much more attractive, according to strangers: study

(Newser) - Think plastic surgery will make you more attractive while shaving a decade off your appearance? A new study says that's bogus. Thanks to the honesty of strangers, researchers found plastic surgery makes a person look only 3.1 years younger on average, and only very slightly better looking, NBC...

Guys, You're 12% Hotter in a Plain White T

And it's particularly effective for the less fit

(Newser) - Note to guys re: looking good: Keep it simple, with a secret weapon. A plain white T-shirt can make a man some 12% more attractive to women, and it actually appears to work better for men who are less shapely, scientists find. Such shirts make the shoulders look broader and...

Think You're Pretty Hot? You're Probably Wrong
Think You're Pretty Hot?
You're Probably Wrong
in case you missed it

Think You're Pretty Hot? You're Probably Wrong

Study finds we believe we're more attractive than we actually are

(Newser) - The latest video in Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign featured women describing themselves to an unseen forensic sketch artist, who drew them as they were described by themselves and then as they were described by a stranger. The sketches based on the stranger's description turned out more attractive,...

Harvard Study: Romney a Hottie, Ryan Is ... Meh

Undergrads rate ex-gov in the 99th percentile

(Newser) - Forget everything you've heard about Paul Ryan's good looks: He is officially not that handsome, according to a Harvard study. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is quite the looker, the National Journal reports. In the study, undergraduates were flashed images of politicians for a single second each....

Pretty People Are More Selfish
 Pretty People Are More Selfish 
study says

Pretty People Are More Selfish

New study finds those with symmetrical faces less likely to cooperate

(Newser) - A pretty face comes with many benefits, but apparently a sense of selflessness is not one of them. A new study shows that people with more symmetrical facial features—which tend to be viewed as more attractive—are more likely to be selfish. Subjects were studied under laboratory conditions and...

America's Vainest Cities
 America's Vainest Cities 

America's Vainest Cities

San Francisco, Boston lead pack of beauty-obsessed locales

(Newser) - Which American cities work the hardest to look hot? The Daily Beast took the 25 cities that claim the highest percentages of residents who belong to gyms, and ranked the top 20, taking into account body mass figures and spending on "personal care"—at drugstores, salons, and other...

Study: Beauty Sleep Is Real
Rest Up, Look Hot:
Beauty Sleep Is Real
study says

Rest Up, Look Hot: Beauty Sleep Is Real

Better-slept people look healthier, more attractive

(Newser) - The notion of “beauty sleep” is no myth: people who get more sleep are more attractive, new research suggests. A researcher in Sweden took mid-afternoon photos of 23 people between the ages of 18 and 31; some had gotten plenty of sleep the previous night, while others hadn’t...

Tilting Head Boosts Your Attractiveness
 Tilting Head Boosts 
 Your Attractiveness 
study says

Tilting Head Boosts Your Attractiveness

Women should try to look shorter, men taller

(Newser) - How attractive you look might have a lot to do with how you tilt your head. According to a new study, women appear more comely if they tilt their faces forward so that they have to look slightly upward, while men earn higher marks if they lean their heads back...

10 Sexiest, Ugliest American Cities

Not surprisingly, you'll find pretty people in beachy cities

(Newser) - Travel + Leisure put together its annual America’s Favorite Cities survey, of which arguably the most interesting category is the American cities that boast the most attractive—and least attractive—residents. Click through the top five in each category in the gallery, or click here for more.

Pretty Women Who Want 'Manly' Jobs: Get Ugly
Pretty Women Who Want 'Manly' Jobs: Get Ugly
study says

Pretty Women Who Want 'Manly' Jobs: Get Ugly

Study shows, sometimes, it hurts to be beautiful

(Newser) - Thinking about buying a sexy new outfit to up your chances at scoring a new job? Think again…if you’re a woman applying to be, say, a tow truck driver. A new study shows that attractive women are actually less likely to be hired to fill positions that are...

Sometimes 'Hot' Is in the Job Description

Outrage over retail hiring practices is 'overblown'

(Newser) - American Apparel and Abercrombie & Fitch have come under fire lately for, apparently, employing only hot people. “Wait—you want people who look good in your clothes to sell them? Oh, the injustice! All the plain people will have to work at Radio Shack!” gasps Mary Elizabeth...

Hot Girls Are Bad for You, Dude
 Hot Girls 
 Are Bad 
 for You, 

Hot Girls Are Bad for You, Dude

Men stress out in the presence of beautiful women: study

(Newser) - For men, being alone with an attractive woman can be unhealthy. Researchers monitored young male and female subjects tasked with solving a Sudoku puzzle on their own. When men were left alone with attractive women, they experienced elevated levels of cortisol, the body's stress hormone. Consistently elevated levels of cortisol...

Stressed Men Go for Novelty in Sex Partners

Men suddenly choose women who don't look like them

(Newser) - Men who are under stress choose different women as sex partners than they do under normal circumstances, a new study shows. Men tend to be attracted to women whose facial features are like their own, but if stress is added to the equation, they flip to females who don’t...

Men Prefer 'Normal' Weight Women
 Men Prefer 
 'Normal' Weight Women 
eye of the beholder

Men Prefer 'Normal' Weight Women

Pictures of faces give info about subjects' health, too

(Newser) - Celebrity culture and body image issues aside, women of “normal” weight are by far the most attractive to the opposite sex. College-age men asked to rate headshots of their counterparts judged women in the normal weight range more attractive. “This sends a strong message to all the girls...

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