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Refugee Team for Paris Games Has 36 Athletes in 12 Sports

They will compete under their own banner

(Newser) - The Refugee Team for the Paris Olympics will feature 36 athletes from 11 countries in 12 sports. Instead of competing under a national banner, the refugees have their own emblem featuring a heart at its center, surrounded by arrows symbolizing how lost refugees can find their way back, per the...

With No Options Left, They Keep Risking Lives by Boat

But 1 in 8 Rohingya refugees who flee Myanmar or camps in Bangladesh are lost at sea

(Newser) - Across a treacherous stretch of water, the Rohingya came by the thousands, then died by the hundreds. Last year, nearly 4,500 ethnic Rohingya Muslims—two-thirds of them women and children—fled their homeland of Myanmar and refugee camps in neighboring Bangladesh by boat, the United Nations' refugee agency reported....

Traveling 12-Foot Puppet Aims to Stir Empathy in US

'Little Amal,' puppet of Syrian refugee, will trek from Boston to San Diego to raise migration awareness

(Newser) - Little Amal, a 12-foot puppet of a Syrian refugee, will journey across the United States this fall, visiting key places in America's history to raise awareness about immigration and migration. The puppet of the 10-year-old girl will visit the US Capitol, Boston Common, Joshua Tree National Park, and the...

The Numbers Out of Sudan Are Jarring
The Numbers Out
of Sudan Are Jarring
the rundown

The Numbers Out of Sudan Are Jarring

More than 100K have fled the country's fighting, and the UN warns the total may reach 800K

(Newser) - Two rival generals in Sudan have been waging war against each other for more than two weeks now, and the UN offered some stats on Tuesday reflecting the brutal impact on citizens:
  • Refugees: More than 100,000 have fled to neighboring nations already, and the figure is projected to rise

With Orban in Crowd, Pope Urges Hungary to Open Its Doors

In his closest trip to Ukraine, Francis calls for an end to the war

(Newser) - Pope Francis urged Hungarians to open their doors to others on Sunday, as he wrapped up a weekend visit with a plea for Europe to welcome migrants and the poor and for an end to Russia's war in Ukraine. Francis issued the appeal from the banks of the Danube...

For $2.3K, Americans Can Sponsor a Refugee

Welcome Corps initiative allows citizens to help displaced people make a home in the US

(Newser) - Ordinary Americans can apply to sponsor refugees on an expanded basis through a new effort expected to assist with the Biden administration's goal of welcoming 125,000 refugees this fiscal year. Nine federally funded nonprofits have helped settle most refugees in the US since 1980, though recent trials have...

Man Stuck in Airport for 7 Months Gets His 'Perfect Ending'

Syrian refugee Hassan Al Kontar granted Canadian citizenship, meaning a family reunion is imminent

(Newser) - Hassan Al Kontar has felt like a Canadian since the moment he arrived in British Columbia in 2018, after seven months spent in limbo in a Malaysian airport. But now it's official. The Syrian refugee who was previously granted asylum and permanent residency in Canada received his Canadian citizenship...

US Falls Way Short on Refugee Admissions

Just 20% of Biden administration's allocated spots were taken

(Newser) - The Biden administration allocated 125,000 spots for refugees during fiscal year 2022, but ultimately, about 25,400 refugees—20% of the target—were allowed into the US. The White House raised the annual refugee ceiling significantly, following the era of Donald Trump, who lowered the ceiling to record-low levels...

Nobel Winner Sells Medal for Ukraine, Gets Huge Price

Journalist Dmitry Muratov's gold prize went for a staggering $103.5M; proceeds will go to UNICEF

(Newser) - Ukrainian children and their families who've been uprooted from their homes due to the Russian-led invasion are about to get a boost from a benevolent benefactor. Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Russia's independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper, announced earlier this year that he was selling the gold Nobel Peace Prize...

23 Years After Act of Kindness, She Finds Out How Much It Meant

Tracy Peck's $100 gift to 2 young refugees kept them eating in 1999

(Newser) - The woman signed the envelope "a friend from the plane—Tracy." Then she tucked her earrings and a $100 bill inside and handed it to the two young refugees sitting next to her on the flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis in 1999. It was an act of kindness...

Americans Can Sponsor Ukrainian Refugees

US government unveils new program

(Newser) - Americans can now sign up to be prospective sponsors of specific Ukrainians looking to come to the US. Border officials have admitted 15,000 Ukrainians without valid travel documents in the past three months, with most of those entering through the US-Mexico border "after multi-flight trips from Eastern Europe,...

Thousands of Ukrainians at Train Station When Rockets Hit

At least 30 were killed

(Newser) - A Russian rocket attack in eastern Ukraine Friday killed dozens of people who had been trying to flee to safer parts of the country, Ukrainian authorities say. The state railway company says two rockets hit Kramatorsk railway station, killing more than 30 people and injuring more than 100, Reuters reports....

Russians Keep Red Cross From Mariupol

Thousands of refugees reach inland city anyway by car and bus

(Newser) - The International Committee for the Red Cross said it was unable to carry out an operation to bring civilians out of the shattered and encircled city of Mariupol by bus on Friday, but Ukraine said thousands of refugees nevertheless made it to safety. The Red Cross said its team had...

There's a New Milestone in Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

4M refugees have evacuated from the country since Feb. 24: UNHCR

(Newser) - The UN refugee agency said Wednesday more than 4 million refugees have now fled Ukraine since Russia launched its war in the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. The new figure was posted on an UNHCR website, per the AP , and represents about a tenth of Ukraine'...

Biden Denounces Putin, Saying He 'Cannot Remain in Power'

Kremlin says that's Russia's decision, and White House aide says it wasn't a call for a regime change

(Newser) - President Biden denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin in his strongest terms yet on Saturday, calling him "a butcher" after meeting with Ukrainian refugees and saying he "cannot remain in power" in a forceful speech in Warsaw. Biden's declaration came at the end of an address intended to...

US Plans to Welcome 100K Ukrainian Refugees

Programs will focus on those with family already in the US

(Newser) - More than 3.6 million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began a month ago, and the White House says the US will do its part to welcome refugees and assist those who remain in Europe. In a statement Thursday morning, the White House said the US is...

Convoy Evacuates Mariupol Residents
Convoy Evacuates
Mariupol Residents

Convoy Evacuates Mariupol Residents

Humanitarian convoy bringing food and medicine is stopped before reaching the city

(Newser) - A convoy of more than 160 cars carrying civilians left Mariupol on Monday, a city under siege by Russian forces. Local officials called it the first successful evacuation through a "humanitarian corridor," the Guardian reports. An online post by officials said the convoy had made it to Berdyansk,...

Poles Fixing Century-Old Railroad Tracks to Help Rescue Refugees

'Poland cannot be indifferent to the tragedy of the Ukrainian people,' says nation's infrastructure chief

(Newser) - Poland is receiving praise the world over for embracing refugees fleeing Ukraine as Russian forces continue their assault . Now, Poles are supplementing this "tidal wave of support" for their desperate neighbors by rebuilding a long-abandoned railroad line, placed more than a century ago, to help expedite rescue efforts at...

In Just 13 Days, Number of Refugees Hits 2M
Zelensky Speaks From His
Office: 'I'm Not Hiding'
the rundown

Zelensky Speaks From His Office: 'I'm Not Hiding'

Number of refugees reaches 2M in just 13 days

(Newser) - Russia's invasion of Ukraine isn't even two weeks old, but already it's turned 2 million people into refugees. The UN's refugee agency announced the new figure on Tuesday, reports the AP , adding that Poland has accepted the largest number of people: 1.2 million.
  • Not leaving:

They Fled Afghanistan for US. Now They Can't Find Homes

Tens of thousands of Afghans who escaped Taliban now face housing problems in America

(Newser) - After fleeing her home in now-Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Mozhgan Entazari did everything she could to find a new one for her family in the sunny, palm tree-lined communities of Southern California. The 34-year-old mother of two scoured options on Zillow with her husband, while the family lived at a hotel in...

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