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Archaeologist: Here's King David's Citadel

Reports fuel Israel-Palestine controversy

(Newser) - An Israeli archaeologist says he's discovered a citadel once captured by the Biblical King David, fueling controversy over his methods and the Israel-Palestine divide. "The whole site we can compare to the Bible perfectly," Eli Shukron says of the find, which emerged in a dig that started...

Book Upends Theory About First Americans' Arrival

Visitors may have gotten here thousands of years earlier than thought

(Newser) - Forget what you learned in school about the first Americans: A new theory is turning archeological assumptions upside down. A pair of experts on ancient history assert that the first Europeans arrived in the Mid-Atlantic region 20,000 years ago, during the Stone Age—rejecting the standard theory that North...

Captain Morgan's Ship Found, Thanks to Rum

Best marketing move ever?

(Newser) - How’s this for marketing genius: Archeologists are reasonably certain they’ve discovered one of the lost ships of infamous privateer Henry Morgan—in an expedition financed in part by Captain Morgan rum. “There’s definitely an irony in the situation,” one archeologist tells Discovery News . Morgan lost...

Roman Tomb Found Beneath Toxic Dump

Illegal dumping 'robbing our patrimony,' says environmentalist

(Newser) - It's enough to make Caesar roll over in his grave. An ancient Roman mausoleum has been discovered beneath an illegal toxic waste dump outside Naples. The huge, vividly decorated 2nd-century tomb was found beneath some 60 tons of refuse dumped on ruins at Pizzuoli, site of the ancient Roman...

Researchers Unearth 'First Gay Caveman'

Position of body suggests 'different sexual orientation,' say researchers

(Newser) - The first known "gay caveman" has been unearthed in a dig outside Prague, researchers believe. Archeological team members based their conclusion on the fact that the male body was interred in a ritualistic way reserved for females. "We know people from this period took funeral rites very seriously...

Mini-Pompeii Discovered in Norway

5,500-year-old site was found beneath three feet of sand

(Newser) - Though it was likely flooded with water and sand, not lava, a buried settlement discovered in southern Norway is being touted as a mini-Pompeii. Norwegian archaeologists found the site, which has slumbered untouched for some 5,500 years, beneath about three feet of sand, reports Discovery News . So far they've...

57 Ancient Tombs Found in Egypt

Many remarkably intact, include religious texts

(Newser) - Archeologists have discovered a cache of ancient tombs in Egypt, some of which are almost 5,000 years old. Most of the 57 tombs hold an ornately painted wooden sarcophagus that houses a mummy; the oldest among them dates back to the rule of Egypt's first and second dynasties. One...

Massive Ancient Gold Trove Likely Battle Booty

Experts compare record find to discovery of King Tut's tomb

(Newser) - Experts dazzled by a record trove of ancient gold and silver unearthed in an English field believe the hoard of coins, hilts and parts of shields was war booty stripped from fallen soldiers and buried on the run. It was finally unearthed by a man with a metal detector 14...

Ancient Royal Tomb Unearthed in Scotland

(Newser) - A spectacular royal tomb chock full of the personal belongings of a Bronze Age ruler has been discovered in Scotland, reports the Independent. The 4,000-year-old tomb, marked with engravings, lies at the center of a giant circle of 200 timber obelisks in Forteviot, which served as a capital of...

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