Mexican drug cartel

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Search Group Makes Grim Find in Mexico City

Volunteers say they found clandestine crematorium

(Newser) - Volunteer searchers say they have found a clandestine crematorium on the edge of Mexico City. It's the first time in recent memory that anyone claimed to have found such a body disposal site in the capital. In northern Mexico, drug cartels often use drums filled with diesel or caustic...

Mexican Cartel Targets Seniors' Timeshares
Powerful Mexican Cartel
Targets Timeshare Owners
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Powerful Mexican Cartel Targets Timeshare Owners

Jalisco New Generation call scam might be its most lucrative venture

(Newser) - The scam started small. After receiving a call from a supposed real estate agent offering to broker the sale of their barely used timeshare to a wealthy Mexican businessman, the US couple agreed to send a few thousand dollars across the border to settle transaction costs. Then they sent more...

Bishops Take Drug Cartel Matters Into Their Own Hands

Catholic clergy is trying to negotiate for peace, says Mexican government isn't doing its job

(Newser) - Four Roman Catholic bishops met with Mexican drug cartel bosses in a bid to negotiate a possible peace accord, and President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday he approves of such talks. The revelation by the bishop of Chilpancingo-Chilapa, Jose de Jesus Gonzalez Hernandez, illustrates the extent to which the...

It's Breaking Bad Meets the Mennonites
It's Breaking Bad
Meets the Mennonites

It's Breaking Bad Meets the Mennonites

'Los Angeles Times' tells the story of a pious farmer accused of becoming a drug smuggler

(Newser) - In some respects, the story isn't so unusual: The Los Angeles Times tells the tale of a 40-year-old man sitting in a maximum-security prison in Mexico, accused of becoming a ruthless associate of the Sinaloa drug cartel. In another way, the story is a strange one to fathom: The...

He Kept a Murder Tally, Became Victim No. 56

Mexican activist Adolfo Enríquez was killed in Leon on Tuesday

(Newser) - An activist who documented murders in one of Mexico's deadliest cities has himself been killed, authorities confirmed Wednesday. Adolfo Enríquez was killed in the city of Leon, in north-central Guanajuato state. The city has the third-highest number of homicides in Mexico, trailing only the border cities of Tijuana...

Cartel Leaves Grisly Messages of Warning

Body parts and handwritten signs strewn about in Mexico state's capital of Toluca

(Newser) - A cartel turf war has taken a gruesome turn near Mexico City, with body parts strewn about the city of Toluca. The severed leg of one victim was hung from a bridge, with the trunk of his body left on the street below, reports the AP . Parts of at least...

Gunmen Kill 7, Including Child, at Mexico Resort

Gunmen shot up pool area of La Palma resort

(Newser) - Six adults and a child under the age of 7 were killed Saturday when gunmen shot up a resort in Mexico. The shootings took place at La Palma, a resort in the municipality of Cortazar in Guanajuato state, NBC News reports. An eighth victim was also hospitalized with serious injuries,...

Mexico's Military Implicated in Disappearance of 43 Students

It was a 'state crime,' truth commission finds, along with evidence all were 'cunningly killed'

(Newser) - Mexico's military was involved in the disappearance of 43 college students in 2014, according to the final report of a truth commission arranged by the current administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The report labeled the mass abduction and murder a "state crime." It found that...

'Extermination Site' Illustrates the Scale of Mexico's Missing

Progress is slow, and justice is nowhere in sight for families of the nearly 100K who have disappeared

(Newser) - The human foot—burned, but with some fabric still attached—was the tipoff for investigators. Until recently, this squat, ruined house in Nuevo Laredo was a place where the remains of some of Mexico’s missing multitudes were torn apart and incinerated. At the site—to which AP was given...

Cancun Tourists Flee Beach as Gunmen Storm It, Shooting

Armed drug gang storms beach near luxury hotels

(Newser) - On Thursday gunmen stormed ashore at a beach on Mexico's resort-studded Caribbean coast and executed two drug dealers from a rival gang in front of luxury hotels. The dramatic shooting attack sent tourists scrambling for cover at the resort of Puerto Morelos, just south of Cancun, the AP reports....

Cartel: We'll Kill Journalist Unless She Gives Equal Coverage

Men claim to represent Mexico's Jalisco New Generation cartel

(Newser) - Masked men claiming to represent Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel have taken the unusual step of circulating a video threatening to kill a national television news anchor for what they viewed as unfair coverage. The video circulated Monday showed masked and heavily armed men surrounding a man seated at...

Former Mexican Gov. Killed in Restaurant Bathroom

Aristóteles Sandoval had served as governor of Mexico's Jalisco state

(Newser) - The former Governor of Mexico's "violence-wracked" state of Jalisco died early Friday morning after being shot in the back while in a restaurant bathroom, the Guardian reports. Authorities say that Aristóteles Sandoval, 46, was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta when he was gunned down, per the New York ...

Cartel Boss Arrested in Massacre of 9 Americans

Mormon women, children, were killed on highway

(Newser) - A cop-turned-cartel boss has been arrested in connection with last year's massacre of nine American Mormons in an ambush in northern Mexico. Roberto Gonzalez Montes, also known as Mudo or El 32, is the alleged leader of the La Linea drug cartel in Chihuahua state, reports the Daily Beast...

Search Teams Make 'Sad and Terrible' Find

Officials make a grim discovery in central Mexico

(Newser) - Search teams dug for more remains Thursday at a site in central Mexico where 59 bodies have already been found in clandestine graves over the past week in an area known as a cartel battleground, the AP reports. It was the largest such burial site found to date in Guanajuato,...

Gunmen Kill 24 at Mexico Rehab Center

Guanajuato governor blames drug gangs

(Newser) - Gunmen burst into an unregistered drug rehabilitation center in central Mexico and opened fire Wednesday, killing 24 people and wounding seven, authorities say. Police in the north-central state of Guanajuato said the attack occurred in the city of Irapuato. Three of the seven wounded were reportedly in serious condition. Apparently...

Virus Kills Feared Gang Leader
Virus Kills Feared Gang Leader

Virus Kills Feared Gang Leader

Scores of other cases reported in same prison

(Newser) - Mexican gang leader Moises Escamiilla May—also known as "Fat May"—has died from COVID-19 in a maximum security prison. The 45-year-old kingpin of the "Old School Zetas" group, part of the Los Zetas cartel, was 12 years into a 37-year sentence for crimes including his role...

El Chapo's Daughter Weds Nephew of 'The Empress'

Alejandrina Guzman marries Edgar Cazares in Mexico

(Newser) - Mazel tov: El Chapo's daughter has married the nephew of another drug boss. Alejandrina Guzman, daughter of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, married Edgar Cazares on Jan. 25 in Sinaloa’s state capital, Culiacan, Reuters reports. As the UK Times explains, Cazares is the nephew of Blanca Margarita Cazares,...

Gunmen Attack US Family on Mexican Road, Kill Teen

Group was returning home in an area known for cartel battles

(Newser) - Gunmen in northern Mexico opened fire on a family returning to the US on Saturday night, killing a 13-year-old girl and wounding her brother and parents. The family and other relatives were driving in two vehicles after spending the holidays in San Luis Potosi in central Mexico, CBS News reports....

Cartel Launches Assault on Town Near US Border

Authorities say 14 gunmen are among the 20 dead

(Newser) - Mexican security forces on Sunday killed seven more members of a presumed cartel assault force that rolled into a town near the Texas border and staged an hour-long attack, officials said, putting the overall death toll at 20. The Coahuila state government said in a statement that lawmen aided by...

Trump's Plan: Designate Mexican Cartels as Terrorists
Mexico Seems
'Caught Off-Guard'
by Trump's Comments
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Mexico Seems 'Caught Off-Guard' by Trump's Comments

President says he will designate its drug cartels as terrorists

(Newser) - President Trump is making a big move against Mexican drug cartels, and it's one he says has been in the works for three months. In an interview with Bill O'Reilly posted online Tuesday that referenced the "more than 100,000 Americans" killed a year via imported drugs,...

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