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AIG Chief: Bonus Backlash 'as Bad' as Lynchings

Robert Benmosche's comment prompts call for his resignation

(Newser) - Doing nothing to help rehabilitate the public image of bankers, AIG's CEO Robert Benmosche has sparked outrage by comparing backlash over the millions in bonuses the company paid staff in 2009 to racist lynchings. The uproar "was intended to stir public anger, to get everybody out there with...

AIG Boss: Get Ready to Retire at 80

Robert Benmosche makes gloomy comment in response to EU debt crisis

(Newser) - Europe's debt crisis proves the need for governments around the globe to take big steps to get their economies back on track—and that may mean their citizens working for an extra decade ... or two. AIG's chief executive expects the retirement age to ultimately jump to "70,...

AIG's Benmosche: I'm Not Quitting

CEO is 'committed' to firm's employees

(Newser) - AIG CEO Robert Benmosche isn’t fed up with running a government-controlled insurance giant after all: Backing away from his threat to quit, Benmosche said today that he remains "totally committed” to the company. The CEO conceded, however, that he and the board “are indeed frustrated” with the...

Annoyed by Feds, AIG CEO Threatens to Quit

Benmosche, just 3 months in, is 4th CEO in 18 months

(Newser) - Just 3 months after taking the job, AIG CEO Robert Benmosche is threatening to storm out in a huff. At a directors’ meeting last week the voluble Benmosche, formerly of MetLife, told colleagues he was “done” with trying to operate the 80% taxpayer-owned company under federal supervision, particularly with...

What Bailout? AIG CEO Prefers Making Wine

Under fire for blunt talk, Benmosche pursues real passion: grapes

(Newser) - New AIG chief Robert Benmosche has garnered reams of bad coverage since taking over the train-wreck insurer—and nearly a month into the job, he's still at his holiday villa in Croatia. Reuters visited Benmosche at his coastal idyll and finds his true passion to be not finance but the...

New AIG CEO's Salary: $7M
 New AIG CEO's Salary: $7M 

New AIG CEO's Salary: $7M

Figure makes a mockery of government's 'populist image': blogger

(Newser) - The new CEO of AIG is bringing home $7 million a year to restore the bailed-out firm to health, Bloomberg reports. Robert Benmosche will receive $3 million in cash and $4 million in common stock, a regulatory filing notes. “The cash component had to be enough to attract a...

AIG Chief Takes Holiday After 2 Days on Job

(Newser) - Robert Benmosche has been at the head of AIG for 48 hours now, so naturally it's time for a vacation. The new CEO of the four-times-bailed-out insurer is leaving for his 8,000-square foot villa on the Adriatic for the next two weeks. "It’s probably not a propitious...

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