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Ramsay Accident Left Him Looking Like a 'Purple Potato'

Celebrity chef says he's OK after spill from his bike in Connecticut, advocates for helmet use

(Newser) - Gordon Ramsay doesn't tolerate spills in his kitchen, but he was well prepared for one he recently took off his bike. The 57-year-old Hell's Kitchen host put up a PSA of sorts on Saturday after a bicycle ride went awry, advocating for helmet use to prevent serious injury,...

Celebrity Chef's Aid Group in Spotlight After Fatal Strike

Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen was delivering food in Gaza when hit by Israeli forces

(Newser) - The Israeli airstrike that killed seven workers with the charity World Central Kitchen in Gaza has focused attention not just on WCK but on its high-profile founder, chef and restaurateur Jose Andres.
  • About him: The 54-year-old is a native of Spain who moved to the US at age 21 and

Top French Chef Quits After Alleged Hazing Incident

Kitchen hand was allegedly tied to chair naked at luxury hotel

(Newser) - A top French chef, possibly unable to handle the heat after disturbing reports of the hazing of a staff member, has gotten out of the kitchen. Aurélien Largeau, head chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant at the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz, southwest France, left his job last week, the...

He Put Avocado Toast on the Menu—and the Map
Man Who Put
Avocado Toast
on the Map Has Died

Man Who Put Avocado Toast on the Map Has Died

Australian chef Bill Granger was 54

(Newser) - You can find avocado toast on the menus of many, if not most, breakfast joints these days. That was not the case in 1993, when self-taught cook Bill Granger opened his first restaurant, bills. At 21, the Aussie had just dropped out of art school and was keen to share...

Chinese Chef in Hot Water Over Egg Fried Rice Video

Wang Tang accused of mocking death of Mao Zedong's eldest son in Korean War

(Newser) - A popular Sichuan chef in China has apologized for sharing a video about cooking egg fried rice—which, at this time of year, is viewed as a challenge to the Communist Party regime and an insult to the memory of Mao Zedong's eldest son. Military officer Mao Anying was...

Apolitical Guy Fieri Is Suddenly Political
Guy Fieri
Is Suddenly
the rundown

Apolitical Guy Fieri Is Suddenly Political

Although it's unintentional, as a photo of him with Donald Trump creates a ruckus online

(Newser) - Generally speaking, celebrity chef Guy Fieri has never been one to mix politics with his food. As Matt Schimkowitz wrote for the AV Club in a 2021 profile, "the vagueness in Fieri's political beliefs has allowed fans to project whatever they want onto him." Which is part...

In Seeking Scandals, the 'Oscars of Food' Creates One

Chefs complain of secretive investigations of James Beard Award nominees

(Newser) - The James Beard Awards are known as " the Oscars of the food world ," where a win can catapult a chef's career. That's why Sam Fore, owner of pop-up restaurant Tuk Tuk in Lexington, Kentucky, was delighted to be named as a 2023 finalist for the "...

He Rose From Drug Addiction to Top of the Cooking World

Scottish chef Jock Zonfrillo dies at 46 on eve of season premiere of 'MasterChef Australia'

(Newser) - The 15th season of MasterChef Australia was set to premiere Monday, but that airing of the cooking competition program has since been postponed after its host died over the weekend. Per a statement from Network 10, Jock Zonfrillo died suddenly on Sunday in Melbourne at age 46, reports CNN . Zonfrillo'...

This Person Wasn't Supposed to Be on World Cup Field

FIFA looking into how celeb chef Nusret Gokce, aka Salt Bae, ended up celebrating with Messi, team

(Newser) - Protocol has it that only FIFA officials and the winning team are allowed to handle the World Cup trophy, but the soccer governing body has now launched an investigation after one person who wasn't supposed to be on the field Sunday after Argentina's victory had his hands all...

Pastry Chef Who Served 5 Presidents Dies
Pastry Chef
Who Served
5 Presidents Dies

Pastry Chef Who Served 5 Presidents Dies

Roland Mesnier was hired by Rosalynn Carter

(Newser) - Roland Mesnier, who created often-magical desserts for five presidents and their guests as White House executive pastry chef, has died at age 78. His death was confirmed Saturday by the White House Historical Association, which said he died Friday following a short illness. One of the longest-serving White House chefs,...

Batali's Sex Misconduct Trial Starts, With One Decision Made

Celebrity chef opts for judge to decide his fate, not a jury

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Mario Batali has waived his right to a jury trial and is opting to have a judge decide his fate in his sexual misconduct trial in Boston. Batali confirmed the decision to Boston Municipal Court Justice James Stanton as the trial opened Monday morning, per the AP . In...

Man Whose Meal Killed 1: I'm a Better Chef Now
Chef Sentenced to 4 Months
for 'Rushed' Shepherd's Pie
in case you missed it

Chef Sentenced to 4 Months for 'Rushed' Shepherd's Pie

John Croucher's 2018 meal served to church congregation sickened dozens, killed one

(Newser) - John Croucher served up a shepherd's pie in 2018 that ended up giving 32 people food poisoning, including one woman who died. Now, the former head chef at a UK country pub has been sentenced to four months in prison, with a year's suspension, after conceding that he'...

3-Star Restaurant Known for Meat Ditching the Meat

Eleven Madison Park will be almost entirely vegan upon reopening

(Newser) - A Manhattan restaurant once considered the best in the world will no longer serve meat. David Humm's Eleven Madison Park, which topped the World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017 but failed to land a place in 2019 , plans to serve "an eight to ten course menu...

Burger King Apologizes Over Tweet About Women's Place

Similar message appears in the US on International Women's Day

(Newser) - Burger King UK says its tweet on International Women's Day was misunderstood. "Women belong in the kitchen," said the Monday tweet, which has since been taken down. A followup tweet added context: "If they want to, of course. Yet only 20% of chefs are women. We'...

Renowned Chef Dies of Coronavirus
Takes Another
Big Name

Coronavirus Takes Another Big Name

Floyd Cardoz, 59, was a Top Chef Masters winner and a legend in New York City

(Newser) - The coronavirus has claimed another prominent name. Renowned chef Floyd Cardoz, 59, has died of complications from the virus in a New Jersey hospital, reports People . Two notable claims to fame: Cardoz won Top Chef Masters in 2011, and he opened what Eater NY calls "one of New York’...

Chef Loses Unusual Court Fight Over Critique

Marc Veyrat sued the Michelin Guide when it demoted his restaurant

(Newser) - Some chefs don't care about getting three stars in the Michelin Guide. French chef Marc Veyrat cares very much. So much, in fact, that he took Michelin to court to force a full explanation of why his restaurant got demoted from three stars to two. The court, however, has...

Chef Takes Fight Over Michelin Star to Court

He says inspectors slandered his soufflé

(Newser) - A chef in France is suing the Michelin guide for downgrading his rating by a star, complaining that the prestigious guide sent inspectors so incompetent that they thought his "virtual scallops" were "real coquilles Saint-Jacques when they were made from a base of burbot livers from Lake Geneva"...

Paula Deen Jokes About Deceased Chef
Paula Deen Jokes
About Deceased Chef

Paula Deen Jokes About Deceased Chef

Critics say comment on Carl Ruiz's death was tasteless

(Newser) - Paula Deen is feeling the heat for a comment she made following the sudden death of celebrity chef Carl Ruiz . Deen, 72, discussed her new cookbook Paula Deen's Southern Baking in a Monday interview on The Big J Show, aired by Montana's Hot 101.9, before host Jason...

Famous Chef Says This Spice Cost Him a Michelin Star

France's Marc Veyrat says saffron fooled inspector into thinking pedestrian cheese was used

(Newser) - Marc Veyrat is world renowned, recognized for both his wild herb-based fare and his trademark look—a "wide-brimmed black Savoyard hat and smoke-tinted glasses," per the Guardian . What the 69-year-old French chef doesn't want to be known for, however, is losing a coveted star in the Michelin...

Celebrity Chef Carl Ruiz Dies
Celebrity Chef Dies Suddenly

Celebrity Chef Dies Suddenly

Food Network star Carl Ruiz was 44

(Newser) - Guy Fieri is among the many fellow celebrity chefs paying tribute to Food Network star Carl Ruiz, whose sudden death at the age of 44 was announced over the weekend by his La Cubana restaurant. The Cuban-American chef and restaurateur appeared on shows including "Guy's Ranch Kitchen" and...

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