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Mom Who Threw Kids Onto Freeway Was Astrologer, Upset by Eclipse

But police aren't considering the celestial event to be a contributing factor

(Newser) - A woman who authorities say fatally stabbed her partner at their Los Angeles apartment Monday then threw her two children from a moving SUV onto the freeway, killing her infant daughter, was an astrologer who called the impending solar eclipse "the epitome of spiritual warfare" in an online post...

Soothsayer Busted for Predicting President's Demise

Probably wasn't a good idea to say Maithripala Sirisena was going to die

(Newser) - An astrologer who made several predictions that Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena would die has been arrested and released on bail, police said Wednesday, per the AP . Most Sri Lankans follow astrologers' advice, and the suspect, Vijitha Rohana Wijemuni, is a former navy sailor convicted of attempting to assassinate India'...

NASA Doesn't Care About Your Zodiac Confusion

'We didn't change any zodiac signs, we just did the math'

(Newser) - OMG, did your star sign change? Probably, and you didn't even know it. A controversy erupted on social media this month after Cosmopolitan picked up on a NASA post aimed at kids about how the signs of the zodiac came to be, reports the Christian Science Monitor . Because the...

Shamans in Peru: Obama's Got It

But astrologers say Mercury Retrograde could make things messy

(Newser) - Forget the pundits and statisticians : To find out who's really going to win the election, some are turning to shamans and psychics. In Peru, shamans have called a winner: President Obama. They came to the conclusion after chewing coca leaves, drinking a hallucinogenic brew called ayahuasca, and putting flower...

Wall Street Traders Turn to ... Astrology?!

Thousands subscribe to star-based finance newsletter

(Newser) - Wall Street is a sophisticated place full of smart, savvy professionals who make decisions based on rational criteria … like whether or not Mercury is in retrograde. An astrology-based financial newsletter has drawn a couple thousand subscribers, reveals. Another has at least 300 traders subscribed, for the low-low...

Top Astrologers: Obama Will Win

 Top Astrologers: 
 Obama Will Win 

Top Astrologers: Obama Will Win

United Astrology Conference panel is unanimous in prediction

(Newser) - A panel of renowned astrologers unanimously predicts that President Obama will be re-elected this fall—and before you scoff, the same panel also predicted his win in 2008. The presidential election prediction is the final event—and the highlight—of the United Astrology Conference, the world's largest astrology gathering...

Chinese Lust to Have 'Dragon' Baby
Chinese Lust to Have 'Dragon' Baby

Chinese Lust to Have 'Dragon' Baby

Infants born this year will be lucky, successful, wanna-be parents believe

(Newser) - The dragon is one of the luckiest and most powerful signs in the Chinese zodiac, and people born in the year of the dragon—which runs from today to Feb. 9, 2013—are supposed to be strong and successful. So many Chinese and Chinese-Americans are going to extraordinary lengths to...

'Supermoon' Nearest Earth Tomorrow

But contrary to rumor, it had nothing to do with Japan's earthquake

(Newser) - Hope for clear skies: A "supermoon" is due tomorrow. NASA scientist Jim Garvin explains that a supermoon is "when the moon is slightly closer to Earth in its orbit than on average"—a situation that’s "most noticeable" when it coincides with a full moon, as...

Astronomers Add New Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Gets a 13th Sign:

Zodiac Gets a 13th Sign: Ophiuchus

Say astronomers ... but some astrologers say 'who cares?'

(Newser) - Astronomers say astrologers have got it all wrong: The Zodiac as we know it has been off for thousands of years because of wobbles in the Earth's axis. Star sign dates as people know them are incorrect, according to the Minnesota Planetarium Society , and people born between Nov. 29 and...

Your 2011 Horoscope? It's Wrong
Your 2011 Horoscope?
It's Wrong

Your 2011 Horoscope? It's Wrong

Your sign isn't what you thought it was...

(Newser) - If you’re basing your plans for the coming year on astrological predictions, you might want to think again. The Zodiac was established 2,500 years ago, and the signs were based on the constellation the sun was in on a person's birth date. But in those 2,500 years,...

India Cowers Ahead of Total Solar Eclipse

(Newser) - Wednesday’s total solar eclipse is eliciting fear and speculation across the Indian subcontinent, AFP reports. A New Delhi gynecologist says caesarian sections scheduled for the day of the eclipse have been canceled. “This is a belief deeply rooted in Indian society,” he said. “Couples are willing...

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