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Another Setback for Teacher Fired Over Premarital Sex

Catholic school fell under religious exception to anti-discrimination law: NJ supreme court

(Newser) - New Jersey's Supreme Court has sided with a Catholic school that fired a pregnant teacher for having premarital sex. St. Theresa's in Kenilworth fired unmarried art teacher Victoria Crisitello in 2014, saying she'd violated an agreement to abide by Catholic law, which meant abstaining from premarital sex....

Bishop Ostracizes School Flying BLM, Pride Flags

Jesuit school in Massachusetts says displays merely indicate everyone is welcome

(Newser) - A Roman Catholic bishop in Massachusetts has told a school that displays Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ flags that it can no longer consider itself Catholic. Nor can school grounds host Mass or the sacraments, according to the decree issued Thursday by Bishop Robert McManus of the Diocese of Worcester,...

Catholic School's Mother's Day Flowers Had Quite the Surprise

Lingerie was stuffed inside artificial roses sold by Philly school

(Newser) - Picking out the right Mother's Day gift "isn't very hard to get right," according to the Philly Voice —pick up some flowers and you're good to go. Just maybe not the ones sold by St. Anselm School. The Voice reports that the pre-K through...

White Headmaster Told Black Boy to Kneel Like an 'African'

John Holian placed on leave at Long Island Catholic school

(Newser) - The headmaster of a Catholic school on Long Island has been placed on leave after reportedly telling a Black boy to kneel in apology, calling it "the African way." Trisha Paul's 11-year-old son, Trayson, told her that he'd been taken to the headmaster's office at...

Catholic Teacher Fired Over Cancer Treatment Can Sue

Federal appeals court overturns initial ruling against her

(Newser) - Kristen Biel was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014—and when she told her employer she would need time off for surgery and chemotherapy, she was dealt a second blow. St. James Catholic School in Torrance, Calif., declined to renew her contract to teach for the next academic year. She...

Valedictorian Banned From Giving Graduation Speech

So Christian Bales, 18, gave it on the lawn outside

(Newser) - When you're banned from giving a high-school graduation speech, what do you do? Give it anyway. On the lawn. With a bullhorn. That's what 18-year-old Christian Bales did Friday after Holy Cross High School in Covington, Kentucky, told him earlier that day he would not be allowed to...

Parents 'Livid' After Teacher Was Fired for Saying 'I Do'

Jocelyn Morffi said to have violated contract requiring adherence to Catholic teachings

(Newser) - She married the love of her life and believes she was fired for it. Jocelyn Morffi, a first-grade teacher at Miami's Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School, was terminated Thursday, days after marrying her same-sex partner of two years, reports the Miami Herald . A friend says Morffi was told...

Parents Are Fuming Over School's Tough-Love Policy
School's Tough-Love Policy
Raises a Ruckus
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School's Tough-Love Policy Raises a Ruckus

Others think Arkansas school is spot-on

(Newser) - A long-held school policy is suddenly getting a lot of attention after it was posted to Facebook this week—and parents are fuming. "If you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc., please turn around and exit the building. Your son will learn to...

Catholic School Staffer: My Gay Marriage Got Me Fired

Margie Winters married her partner in 2007

(Newser) - Parents of students at a Catholic elementary school in Pennsylvania say they're outraged by the school's apparent decision to fire its religious education director because she's married to a woman. In an email last week, the principal of Waldron Mercy Academy in Merion said Margie Winters had...

Catholic Principal Apologizes Over 'Poor Role Model' Ellen DeGeneres

Because school used celeb's image on dance invitation

(Newser) - Let's see, Ellen DeGeneres likes to dance, and she also likes to host the Oscars. So it kind of made sense when an elementary school near Philadelphia sent out invitations for an Oscar-themed dance innocently adorned with photos of the celeb. Except: The school is Catholic and its principal...

Catholic School Fires Pregnant, Unwed Teacher

She 'failed to follow Catholic lifestyle'

(Newser) - An unmarried Montana schoolteacher who became pregnant is now unemployed because she failed to "follow a lifestyle in line with Catholic teachings," the diocese says. Shaela Evenson, who has taught literature and physical education to sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders for nine years, was sacked from a private school...

Students Shut Down School as Gay Vice Principal Fired

Catholic school says he violated contract with same-sex wedding

(Newser) - A Seattle-area Catholic high school canceled classes today, partially because there was snow in the forecast, but also "in light of the difficult day" it had just been through. The difficulty? Hundreds of students staged a rally yesterday at Eastside Catholic High School to protest the termination of vice...

Teacher Fired Because Her Ex-Husband Is Abusive

Carie Charlesworth seen as a liability

(Newser) - It's bad enough that Carie Charlesworth is dealing with an abusive ex-husband—but now she's also out of a job due to the situation. After a "very bad weekend" involving her ex in January, Charlesworth warned the principal at San Diego's Holy Trinity School to watch...

Tom Cruise on Path to Be a Priest Til Booze Got in Way

Seminary school didn't want Cruise back: friend

(Newser) - Tom Cruise wanted to be a Catholic priest when he was a teen —so why did he give up on that dream and become a Scientologist instead? Blame booze. A friend who attended Cincinnati's St. Francis Seminary School with Cruise explains to the New York Daily News that...

NJ School Bans Cursing —If You're a Girl

Staff wants 'ladies to act like ladies'

(Newser) - New Jersey's Queen of Peace High School would like girls to stop cursing, saying it wants "ladies to act like ladies," a teacher tells the Record . So the Catholic school asked the girls, but not the boys, to take a pledge not to swear, NBC10 reports. The...

Principal at Bronx Catholic School Is White Supremacist

But pastor sees no cause for concern

(Newser) - Frank Borzellieri has written for a white supremacist publication, has called diversity "a weakness," and claims that rising black and Hispanic populations will lead to a "New Dark Age" in America ... and he's also the principal of a Catholic elementary school in the Bronx where most...

Catholic School Bans Rainbows at Anti-Homophobia Event
 Catholic School Bans Rainbows 

Catholic School Bans Rainbows an anti-homophobia event

(Newser) - One Canadian Catholic school went a step further than banning the word gay : It banned rainbows at a recent anti-homophobia event. “We brought signs and posters with rainbows, and we were told that we can’t put them up,” the founder of St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School’s...

Pope's Brother: I Overlooked Choir Abuse

Georg Ratzinger also admits to slapping students in the face

(Newser) - Pope Benedict’s brother today revealed that he used to slap pupils in the face at the Catholic school in Germany whose prestigious choir he led, and that he’d ignored allegations of more serious physical abuses. “Pupils told me about what went on,” Georg Ratzinger said in...

Catholic Teacher Held in 'Murder Attempt' on Student

British science teacher allegedly struck 14-year-old with a weight

(Newser) - A teacher in a Catholic school in England has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a student he allegedly attacked suffered serious head injuries, reports the Guardian. The teacher assaulted the 14-year-old boy with a weight block used in a science lab as class was about to begin,...

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