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Why the iPhone 4G Won't Be Worth the Money
Why the iPhone 4G Won't Be Worth the Money

Why the iPhone 4G Won't Be Worth the Money

Mostly because the current one does

(Newser) - When the iPhone first debuted, it was in a class by itself. But these days it's “a triumph of marketing over functionality,” writes Mark Warman of the Telegraph . Unless the following issues are fixed, there's no point getting a 4G.
  • It's anti-technology: Apple keeps rejecting new features other

Wal-Mart Unloading iPhones for $97

Probably to make room for 4G

(Newser) - Wal-Mart must really want to get rid of its iPhone 3GS stock, because it's slashed the price on the 16GB model of the phone to a mere $97—that's $100 off, and that's for a brand new one, not a refurbished model. Gee, why would Wal-Mart offer such a spectacular...

New iPhone OS Allows Multitasking*

*As long as you aren't using an iPhone 3G

(Newser) - iPhone OS 4 will at long last allow iPhone users to multitask—as long as they’re using the latest version of the device. Just double-click the home button and you’ll see a list of apps you can switch between. It’s not precisely true multitasking—apps can only...

Apple Earnings Up 15% on iPhone, Mac Success

Firm sold 5.2 million iPhones last quarter

(Newser) - Apple reported a strong quarterly profit, beating analysts’ expectations by selling 5.2 million iPhones and 2.6 million Mac computers, MarketWatch reports. The firm reported earning $1.23 billion on revenue of $8.34 billion in the quarter ending June 26. Sales of iPhones were the highlight, as the...

New iPhone Dazzles, But Battery Fizzles

(Newser) - Lost amid the hoopla over the new iPhone 3GS is an annoying flaw: its battery rarely gets through the day without pooping out. Apple's website now advises users to temporarily shut down certain features, including the 3G network itself, to prolong battery life, reports the Los Angeles Times. Battery life...

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