British Petroleum

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New BP Boss Decries 'Rush to Judgment'

But Bob Dudley says he doesn't plan on 'quitting America'

(Newser) - Newly minted BP CEO Bob Dudley spoke out in defense of his company’s handling of the Gulf oil spill today, saying there had been “a great rush to judgment” on the part of the media and rival oil companies. “I watched graphic projections of oil swirling around...

BP Funding Tea Party's Climate Change Deniers

Big polluters give $240K to Senate campaigns

(Newser) - Big-time big-polluting European firms are funding the Tea Party's climate change deniers, finds the Guardian . The paper discovered that 80% of campaign donations from major European firms like BP and Bayer went to politicians opposed to action on climate change. Recipients include Tea Party-backed incumbents Jim DeMint and James Inhofe...

BP's Gulf Fund Confusing Everyone

Including the Journal and the Post

(Newser) - All is not well with BP’s inscrutable Gulf compensation fund, but the exact problems seem to be a matter of debate. The Wall Street Journal today runs a piece complaining that payments have been too slow and weirdly erratic. The Justice Department has called the pace of payments “...

BP Well Is 'Effectively Dead'
 BP Well Is 'Effectively Dead' 

BP Well Is 'Effectively Dead'

Final pressure test seals the deal, Allen says

(Newser) - A permanent cement plug sealed BP's well nearly 2.5 miles below the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico, five agonizing months after an explosion sank a drilling rig and led to the worst offshore oil spill in US history. Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said today that...

Activists Fume Over Facebook Crackdown

Boycott groups say site 'silences' voices

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg may say he's all about making the world more open, but that world does not include certain sections of his own site, activists claim. A group called Boycott Target Until They Cease Funding Anti-Gay Politics tells Politico that certain sections of their page, including discussion threads and...

BP Finishes Relief Well
 BP Finishes Relief Well  

BP Finishes Relief Well

Now comes the 'bottom kill' permanent fix

(Newser) - It's been off the radar for a while, but BP has reached a milestone of sorts in the Gulf: The relief well is finally finished—it has intersected with the blown well, putting the company on the brink of a permanent fix (after 5 months), reports CNN . Next step is...

Who Is Getting Gulf Cleanup Contracts?
 Who Is Getting Gulf 
 Cleanup Contracts? 

Who Is Getting Gulf Cleanup Contracts?

Review finds some oddball examples of big spending by feds

(Newser) - It might have been cheaper if the feds had plugged BP's blown wellhead with dollar bills—or so an early AP analysis of Uncle Sam's expenditures on the response and cleanup. Mind you, these details are for the first $142 million the government is disclosing, a small fraction; BP , however,...

BP Workers Almost Saved Rig

Blowout preventer worked; crew made 2 bad calls

(Newser) - In the moments before the Deepwater Horizon blew skyward, rig workers came extraordinarily close to averting disaster, reports the Wall Street Journal in a closer look at BP's internal report on the Gulf oil spill. Contrary to popular belief, as the well failed, the blowout preventer was both deployed and...

Blowout Preventer Raised to Surface

Key oil spill evidence could shed light on elusive question

(Newser) - Investigators may now be able to answer the most elusive question since a rig explosion unleashed the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill more than four months ago, as they get a close-up view of a key piece of equipment for the first time: Why didn't it stop the oil?...

At Last: BP Raises Blowout Preventer

Key piece of evidence should tell feds what went wrong

(Newser) - BP is slowly raising from the depths of the Gulf the blowout preventer that, well, failed to prevent a blowout at its infamous Macondo well. The 50-foot, 300-ton device is on a delicate mile-long trip to the surface that will place it in the hands of federal investigators eager to...

BP: Kick Us Out of the Gulf and We Won't Pay Up

Company threatens Congress over rights to drill

(Newser) - BP has issued a veiled threat, warning Congress that if it bans BP from operating in the Gulf, it might not be able to pay for all the damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon spill, or participate in the ambitious coast cleanup project. Though the company promises to honor its...

BP Report: We Messed Up
 BP Report: We Messed Up 

BP Report: We Messed Up

Investigation faults engineers for spill

(Newser) - An internal investigation by the folks at BP confirms what we all suspected: BP messed up. The in-house report says that the company's engineers made mistakes while finishing the oil well and also misread pressure data that warned of a blowout, reports Bloomberg . It is therefore in part responsible for...

BP Skipped Certification of Blowout Preventer

They also changed safety test at last minute

(Newser) - Yet more details are emerging on the missteps that may have led to the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Among them: The all-important blowout preventer wasn’t recertified in 2005, as required by federal regulations, one worker responsible for maintaining the equipment told investigators yesterday. Transocean tells the AP that the blowout...

22-Mile Oil Plume Found in Gulf
 22-Mile Oil Plume Found in Gulf 

22-Mile Oil Plume Found in Gulf

BP pushes back final cap for well to mid-September

(Newser) - Scientists have detected an underwater plume of oil the size of Manhattan, according to the Wall Street Journal . The findings, published yesterday, further undermine the Obama administration’s optimistic view that most of the Deepwater Horizon oil has already disappeared. The 22-mile-long underwater plume is also highly unusual. “If...

BP to Pay Record $50M Fine Over 2005 Explosion

Blast killed 15 at Texas refinery

(Newser) - Beleaguered oil giant BP has agreed to pay a record $50.6 million fine for failing to correct safety hazards at its Texas City oil refinery after a 2005 explosion killed 15 workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said it is still working to collect another $30 million from...

Storm Forces BP to Halt Work on Relief Well

Now it's possible that the relief well will be unnecessary

(Newser) - BP engineers have suspended the drilling of a relief well in the Gulf of Mexico because of a tropical storm headed for the dig site, the Houston Chronicle reports. The crew of the Development Driller III will lock down the drilling rig for two or three days. By then, however,...

Future Gulf Profits to Back Cleanup Fund
 Future Gulf Drilling to Fund 
 Gulf Cleanup 
US, BP Deal

Future Gulf Drilling to Fund Gulf Cleanup

So much for lawmakers who want the company out of the Gulf for good

(Newser) - BP has almost reached a deal with the Obama administration to use its Gulf of Mexico profits to guarantee its $20 billion cleanup fund, the Wall Street Journal reports. BP has already paid $3 billion into the fund, which is designed to compensate coastal residents and businesses hurt by the...

'Static Kill' Worked; Well Is Plugged: BP

(Newser) - The cement sealing the blown oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has hardened as crews prepare for the final phase of drilling a relief well, BP said today. The oil giant said pressure tests on the cement plug poured down the throat of the well show the seal is...

BP May Drill Again Near Blown-Out Well

Company won't forget about rich oil find, despite spill

(Newser) - BP workers have moved into the second stage of the " static kill ," ensuring that the well in the Gulf will never again spew forth oil—unless BP resumes drilling into the reservoir beneath it. The company's COO is already suggesting that BP may want to go back for...

BP to Start Cementing Well
 BP to Start Cementing Well 

BP to Start Cementing Well

'Static kill' moves to second step

(Newser) - BP has been given the green light to cement its busted well in the Gulf of Mexico now that its "static kill" effort is going exactly as planned. Pouring heavy drilling mud into the Deepwater Horizon leak has reduced pressure, and BP plans to start pouring cement today, CNN...

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