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Thieves Lift $5.4M in Jewels From Woman Stuck in Traffic

Paris raid took place in car tunnel known for 'smash-and-grabs'

(Newser) - The Landy Tunnel that runs between Paris and Charles de Gaulle Airport is known for its traffic and, possibly as a result of that, frequent "smash-and-grab" crimes, where thieves bust car windows and snatch whatever they can from inside the car. A Taiwanese art collector stuck in the 0....

Over Easter Weekend, a Daring Jewelry Heist

As many as 70 safe deposit boxes ransacked in London

(Newser) - A heist of epic proportions took place over the weekend in London's famous Hatton Garden jewelry district. Authorities are remaining tight-lipped while the "slow and painstaking" forensic investigation continues at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit, but so far the BBC reports that as many as 70 safe deposit boxes...

Robbers Grab $9.5M in Jewels From Armored Cars

Authorities in France say holdup took place at toll booth

(Newser) - Finesse can help in a jewel heist, but brute force is handy, too. Police in France say about two dozen "heavily armed and battled-hardened" robbers attacked two armored cars at a highway toll booth, securing a payday of $9.5 million in jewels, reports the Guardian . Not a single...

After 350-Mile Pursuit, a Rest Stop Jewelry Heist

Thieves appear to have trailed a van after it left a jewelry trade show

(Newser) - Four thieves police are describing as "very patient" pounced on a small window of opportunity yesterday morning and walked away with at least a half-million dollars. Officials near Rochester, Minn., say a van that left a diamond and jewelry trade show in Chicago on Sunday drove 350 miles over...

Paris Jewel Thief Caught After He Kissed Hostage

He was trying to 'ease her trauma,' but the DNA did him in

(Newser) - Ah, l'amour. Police have captured an admitted jewel thief in Paris, and all because he made the last-second mistake of planting a kiss on his hostage. In April the 20-year-old, identified only as "Pierre G," and an accomplice allegedly followed a 56-year-old jewelry store employee home, where...

'Strong' Thieves Steal Museum's Viking Jewels

Thieves 'used a lot of strength' to remove a first-floor window of Swedish museum

(Newser) - A forensic unit has descended on a Swedish archaeological museum after thieves managed to steal an array of Viking artifacts—including precious jewelry—early today. "The thieves got in through a window on the first floor which they used a lot of strength to remove and which subsequently broke,...

Reward for Jewel Heist Clues: $1.3M

Insurer seeks aid in France's largest gem theft

(Newser) - An insurer with Lloyd's of London needs a little help in the biggest gem heist in French history—and it's willing to pay up for it. The company is offering $1.3 million for dirt on the robbery from witnesses or insiders, Reuters reports. "A reward of...

Cannes Diamond Heist Netted $136M—in 1 Minute

Original estimate more than doubles in daring daylight raid

(Newser) - Wearing a scarf to mask his face, the gunman held up at least three security guards and then fled the luxury Cannes hotel roughly a minute later with $136 million in diamond jewelry, more than twice the initial estimated worth of the loot. The simple, speedy theft is the biggest...

$53M in Jewels Stolen From Cannes Hotel

Follows pair of thefts during film festival

(Newser) - Cannes, it seems, has become a popular target for jewel thieves. Its film festival suffered two jewel robberies this year ; now a gunman has fled with a briefcase full of jewelry worth $53 million. Today's heist occurred at a jewelry show at the Carlton Hotel, on the famous Croisette...

Cannes Hit With $1M Jewelry Heist

Bling intended for the stars goes missing from hotel safe

(Newser) - If the Cannes red carpet looks a little less fabulous this year, blame jewel thieves. Someone made off with more than $1 million worth of jewelry that was supposed to be lent out to the stars yesterday, smashing the security box where it was being kept in a Novotel Hotel...

How Police Cracked Case of the $50M Diamond Heist

Organized crime leader offered breakthrough

(Newser) - The "what" was big news yesterday— dozens of arrests in connection with one of the world's biggest diamond robberies—and the "how" begins to emerge today: The investigation into February's $50 million Brussels airport jewel heist leaped forward when police found out that, soon after the...

One of World's Largest Diamond Robberies Unravels

31 arrested in connection with Brussels heist

(Newser) - Brazen robbers were able to make off with $50 million worth of diamonds in a daring Brussels airport heist , but they held onto their riches for less than three months. In a cross-border operation, police have arrested 31 people in connection with the heist—one of the world's biggest...

Thieves in $50M Diamond Heist Dressed as Police

Belgians fear speedy airport theft will ruin reputation

(Newser) - There have been no arrests in the $50M diamond heist at Brussels' international airport yesterday, but a few more details have emerged: The eight gunmen removed 120 packages from the plane's hold, said a rep for the Belgian public prosecutor. The thieves were apparently clad in what the AP...

$50M in Diamonds Stolen in 11-Minute Airport Heist

Masked men enter through hole in fence at Brussels airport

(Newser) - Millions of dollars in diamonds have been stolen from a plane at Brussels' international airport yesterday in a daring heist, the AP reports. Police say the jewels were lifted by eight masked men who, though armed, never fired their weapons. How did they pull it off? By cutting a hole...

Crown Jewels From Ghana Snatched in Hotel Lobby

King's rep shrugs off theft as 'not such a big deal'

(Newser) - Even a king has to keep an eye on his luggage, apparently. King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II of Ghana was visiting Norway this week when some of his family's crown jewels were snatched from a hotel lobby in Oslo, the BBC reports. Police say they have "good" surveillance...

Clown Thieves Get Punked in Jewelry Heist

Their loot isn't really all that valuable

(Newser) - Send in the clowns: Two gun-waving robbers dressed in clown makeup and wigs robbed a Denver jewelry story yesterday, roughing up employees and stripping display cases clean. They made off with the loot after a 15-minute robbery, notes CBS4, but there's a caveat: The precious stones aren't so...

Jewel Thieves Borrow Sherlock Holmes Plot

Russian gang copies heist scheme from story

(Newser) - Russian cops think they have some literary jewel thieves on their hands. The gang borrowed the plot of a Sherlock Holmes story, tunneled into a jewelry shop, and made off with hundreds of gold bars and silver gems, reports the Telegraph . The thieves paid a 74-year-old woman to stay out...

$25M in Gems Found in Paris Sewer

Loot from Harry Winston heist recovered

(Newser) - Stolen gems worth $25 million have been found stashed in a rain sewer in a Paris suburb. Police say the gems—taken in a spectacular $100 million heist in 2008 —were hidden in a plastic container embedded in cement, the BBC reports. The home above the sewer belongs to...

Mom Has 6th-Grade Son Locked Up for Jewel Theft

Sixth grader gave away $7,000 worth of rings

(Newser) - A Florida sixth-grader is facing grand theft charges after his mother and stepmother had him arrested for stealing their jewelry and giving it away to his classmates. The boy gave away at least five rings worth $7,000 in all, authorities say. He managed to get only one piece back—...

High-Class Cat Burglar 'Rico Suave' Roams LA
 High-Class Cat Burglar 
 'Rico Suave' Roams LA 

High-Class Cat Burglar 'Rico Suave' Roams LA

Debonair thief took $45K from Four Seasons days before Oscars

(Newser) - The LAPD has been on his trail since October, but that didn’t stop debonair burglar “Rico Suave” from pulling off a heist just days before the Oscars at one of Beverly Hills’ most glamorous hotels in the middle of a massive police presence. The thief apparently used his...

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