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White House, Met Hop Aboard Google Art Project

Online gallery now has works from 151 museums in 40 countries

(Newser) - The White House's art collection, all 139 pieces, is being added to the Google Art Project, as part of a major expansion of Google's online art initiative, reports CBS News . Other collections being added include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery in London,...

Peeing Gardener Sues Google Over Image on Street View

French man says he's been ridiculed in his village

(Newser) - AFP has the lawsuit of the day: A man in France has sued Google because a Street View image caught him urinating in his garden and made him the "object of ridicule in his village," says his lawyer. He filed suit in the city of Angers, claiming...

Google Street View Shows Tsunami Destruction

Images have been updated to reflect damage

(Newser) - Google Street View has been updated to show what Japan looks like after the tsunami and earthquake in March. Google also launched a site called Memories for the Future where users can compare before-and-after shots of the disaster zone. Between July and November, Google dispatched its camera-clad vehicles through 27,...

Far-Flung Amazon Village Hitting Google Street View

Brazilian villagers had never heard of Google before

(Newser) - Google's effort to extend Street View to places well off the beaten track has brought it to a remote village on a tributary of the Amazon. A Google trike with nine cameras attached was sent to the remote Brazilian community of Tumbira and traveled up and down its paths...

Google Street View's Next Conquest: the Amazon

Will document river and small villages throughout remote region

(Newser) - Google has brought its famous Street View cameras to the Amazon, and is using its famed trike , along with a boat, to map what are some of the most remote spots on Earth, reports the BBC . Together with the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS), Google's plan is to...

Indian Cops to Google Street View: Stop Filming

Google must obtain the proper security clearance to continue

(Newser) - Police in southern India have halted Google from taking pictures of streets for its popular Street View services until it gets approval from the federal government. The Mountain View, California-based company will be allowed to resume filming only after it produced security clearances from the Home Ministry and Ministry of...

Google Threatens to Erase Street View in Switzerland

Search engine refuses to grant 'absolute anonymity' in Street View images

(Newser) - The time for a virtual trip to Switzerland is now. Google is threatening to wipe photographs of streets and houses in Switzerland from its online maps unless the country's supreme court overturns a ruling requiring an absolute guarantee of anonymity for people captured by the popular Street View service....

Google Lovers Egg Houses of 'No Street View' Germans

Choose one: Show your home, or egg attack

(Newser) - It's a bizarre case of vigilante vandalism: A group of Germans have egged the houses of dozens of families who have chosen to opt-out of Google Street View. About 3% of Germans—250,000 people—requested that their homes be blurred, which makes it very easy to tell which houses...

Nude Guy in Trunk Stumps Google Street View Fans

What the hell was he doing?

(Newser) - Why would a naked man calmly climb into the trunk of a car parked in a driveway? That's what the world wants to know after eagle-eyed Street View fans spotted the unusual scene and posted their intriguing find online. The shot, which has been taken down by Google, showed the...

Cops Nab Alleged Dealers... Using Google Street View

(Newser) - Police say they’ve nabbed a trio of alleged Brooklyn drug dealers—after spotting them working a corner in Google Street View. In the photo, they’re not doing anything terribly incriminating, simply milling about outside a bodega. But the bodega’s owner complained to police that they were peddling...

Google: We Accidentally Grabbed Emails, Passwords

Street View privacy flap worse than reported

(Newser) - First MySpace , now Google: Apparently today is the day for Internet privacy flaps. Google, which admitted in May its roving Street View cars collected data about websites people visited on unprotected WiFi networks, admits now that the cars actually collected even more personal data—including complete emails and passwords,...

Germans to Google Street View: Nein!

More than a million could opt out as service launches nationwide

(Newser) - When Google Street View launches in Germany at year-end, at least 3% of the homes in the country's 20 biggest cities will look pretty darn fuzzy—intentionally. Some 244,000 of the 8.5 million German households located there have requested that their homes be blurred out before the launch,...

Gawker Finds God —on Google Street View

Where else?

(Newser) - Not even the almighty is safe from Google's cameras. Or so it appears, based on an image on Google Street View taken over a lake in Switzerland, notes Gawker . "Is it something on the camera lens?" asks Max Read. "Or is it maybe... God and His only begotten ...

Google Street View Comes to Brazil, Finds Bodies

Company has to take down several images

(Newser) - Google's Street View has come to Brazil, but only a week after its debut in South America, the tech giant has been hit with complaints of grisly images available on the service, the Telegraph reports. It seems the world at large is not quite ready for an unadulterated look at...

Google Street View Comes to Antarctica

Service now reaches every continent

(Newser) - Near inaccessibility, cold weather, and a distinct lack of streets haven't kept Google Street View out of Antarctica. The service has mapped a small part of the continent, offering panoramic views of icebergs, rocky beaches, and plenty of penguins. The service also goes live in Ireland and Brazil today, extending...

100K Germans Opt Out of Google Street View

Country may be a little blurry when service launches

(Newser) - Planning to use Google Street View in Germany? It may not be very useful: More than 100,000 Germans have requested their homes be blurred out when Street View launches in their country this year. That number could actually be in the several hundreds of thousands, sources tell Der Spiegel...

Body on Google Street View?
 Body on Google Street View? 

Body on Google Street View?

Nope, just child's play

(Newser) - A 10-year-old girl playing a prank on a friend just happened to do so as a Google Street View vehicle rolled down her street in the UK. Because the prank involved her playing dead near the side of the road, the image caused a ruckus when it appeared online. "...

Google Street View Ambushed in Norway
 Google Street View 
 Ambushed in Norway 

Google Street View Ambushed in Norway

Tipped to car's arrival, buddies wait with spears, wetsuits

(Newser) - Tipped off by their driver buddy to its whereabouts, a Norwegian pair ambushed Google’s Street View camera car last summer, chasing it while wearing wetsuits and wielding spears. The photos have been making the online rounds, and Oslo daily Aftenposten tracked down the Bergen residents. “It was meant...

Google Street View Reveals Ruins of Pompeii
 Google Street View 
 Reveals Ruins of Pompeii 
time travel

Google Street View Reveals Ruins of Pompeii

New photos allow immersive experience of Italian ruins

(Newser) - Google's roaming photographers have found their way to ruins of Pompeii, and you can now tour the Italian archaeological treasure from the comfort of your own home using Street View. The Google Maps app, which creates an immersive 3-D environment from digital photographs, had previously focused on more traditional—and...

Microsoft's Bing Maps May Beat Google
 Microsoft's Bing Maps 
 May Beat Google 

Microsoft's Bing Maps May Beat Google

Innovative integration and photo features make beta worth a test

(Newser) - The beta version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine maps feature could well give Google Maps a run for its money, Jason Kincaid writes for TechCrunch . The new feature challenges Google on every front: Streetside, the answer to Street View, functions similarly but uses 3D modeling to provide a seamless...

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