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Dad of Rare Identical Triplets: 'Man, I Need a Bigger Car'

Ron, Elkanah, and Abishai Choge are a 1-in-20M birth in Kansas City

(Newser) - A Kansas couple is celebrating after becoming parents to a rare set of identical triplets. Dr. Josh Petrikin says the boys are "doing wonderfully" while under observation in Truman Medical Center's neonatal intensive care in Kansas City, Mo. Researchers say identical triplets occur only about once per 20...

One in 500 Trillion: Triplets All Suffer Same Disorder

But Howard brothers of Long Island are doing fine after surgery

(Newser) - Kaden, Hunter, and Jackson Howard were born newsworthy—the Long Island triplets were conceived without fertility drugs, and Hunter and Jackson are identical while Kaden is fraternal. But not long into their young lives, the happy news took a turn. Their heads became noticeably misshapen. Kaden had a pointy forehead...

Mom of Triplets Dies After Babies Go Home for Christmas

Poppie, Mollie, and Evelyn Park were born several weeks before their due date

(Newser) - A UK mother who made the news for having extremely premature triplet girls who all survived has herself died unexpectedly. Rachel Park, who died at age 39 just days after taking her 9-month-old babies home from the hospital for Christmas, became pregnant after six years of trying with her husband,...

Big Tip Brings Triplet-Raising Grandma to Tears

'Words can't describe how grateful I am'

(Newser) - A bartending grandmother in North Dakota was floored by a tip left by two strangers last Saturday night, ABC News . According to the Grand Forks Herald , 48-year-old Shiela Weisgerber was talking about her 4-year-old triplet grandsons—who she's raised on her own practically since they were born—with customers...

Dads Claim They're Stuck in 'Hellhole' With Surrogate 'Triplings'

Couple say they were ripped off, have no money to get home; others would beg to differ

(Newser) - Ask David and Nicky Beard about their time in Mexico to bring their newborns home to New Zealand, and they'll tell you they're stuck in a "dangerous ... hellhole" and "third-world" nation they say has left them $190,000 in debt and abandoned by the Cancun surrogacy...

Mom Finds Out She's Expecting Triplets Soon After Hubby's Death

'I now have three blessings that will remind me of him'

(Newser) - Courtney and Brian Hill had been trying to get pregnant for four months when Brian was killed in a car accident while making a lumber company delivery on Feb. 2. The morning he died, the Texas couple had taken a pregnancy test together, which came back negative, Hill's twin...

Mom of 5 Dies 10 Days After Birthing Triplets

Cassia Rott died just after returning home from hospital

(Newser) - A Kansas woman has died from a blood clot just 10 days after the premature birth of her triplets, leaving behind a husband and two older children. Cassia Rott died the day she came home from the hospital to see her two older daughters, Chloe, 7, and Tenley, 2, for...

Nursing Mom of Triplets Lauds Delta's First-Class Act

Flight attendants gave mom privacy and space to pump

(Newser) - Jenna Mde had to travel from Atlanta to Dallas on Friday, leaving her triplet babies behind. But because she breastfeeds, Mde still needed to pump during her flight—and that's where a Delta crew came through for her with flying colors, Today reports. Two flight attendants brought her into...

Surrogate, Told to Abort, Sues the Father

Melissa Cook wants to adopt baby the dad doesn't want—and maybe the other 2, too

(Newser) - A complicated case has become even more so after a surrogate mom of triplets refused the biological dad's demand to abort one of the fetuses. Melissa Cook says she was threatened with financial ruin by the father for violating her contract (he was allowed a "reduction" if he...

Family Seeks Long-Lost Triplets via Facebook

They were born March 9, 1972, in Kansas

(Newser) - Cynthia Bush says her parents were "appalled" when she became pregnant with triplets at 16 in 1971. They sent her from upstate New York to stay with an aunt in Kansas until she gave birth and adoptions were arranged through Catholic Charities. Bush eventually married the biological father of...

Parents Tell Surrogate to Abort Triplet, She Refuses

Parents want to abort one of the triplets over the risk of disabilities

(Newser) - When 26-year-old Brittneyrose Torres of Thousand Oaks, Calif., read on Facebook about a couple who couldn't have children, she decided to try surrogacy and agreed to carry one of their children for $25,000 and two or more for an extra $5,000. But not long after learning that...

NY Couple Has Identical Triplets—Conceived Naturally

'We hit the genetic lottery,' says the proud dad

(Newser) - Most moms will boast that their child is one in a million. Kelli Fenley can say her three sons are literally that after the identical triplet boys were born in Mineola, NY, on July 1. Owen, Noah, and Miles each weighed less than three pounds at birth but are doing...

Teen Fakes Triplet Pregnancy ... for 10 Months

 Teen Fakes 
 Triplet Pregnancy 
 ... for 10 Months 
in case you missed it

Teen Fakes Triplet Pregnancy ... for 10 Months

She freaked out her boyfriend and received thousands of dollars in donations

(Newser) - After discovering his girlfriend was pregnant with triplets, a 16-year-old Michigan boy was prepared to do whatever he needed to do in order to be a father. "I started looking for jobs the best I could," a teen identified as Jordan tells FOX2 Detroit . "I was ready...

Mom Has Identical Triplets, Two of Them Conjoined

It's a 1-in-50-million occurrence, doctors say

(Newser) - Sylvia Hernandez and Roel Torrez are now the proud parents of identical triplet girls, two of whom are conjoined. This means a single fertilized egg split not just once (which would form twins), but into three genetically identical triplets , though one of those splits was ultimately incomplete and the girls...

Couple Has Identical Triplets—Conceived Naturally

That's a one-in-a-million chance, a doctor says

(Newser) - To conceive identical triplets with fertility drugs, or to spontaneously conceive fraternal triplets, is not necessarily headline-worthy. But "to have a patient with spontaneous identical triplets is incredibly rare," says a doctor who recently delivered a set of such triplets—and puts the odds at about one in...

Mother of 25-Year-Old Gives Birth to Triplets

Pregnancy was a surprise for Sharon Lewis, 47

(Newser) - Sharon Lewis wasn't trying to get pregnant. She certainly hadn't done any hormone or fertility treatments. Oh, and she was a 47-year-old mother of two already—including a 25-year-old daughter. So imagine the South Florida woman's surprise when she found out she was pregnant ... with triplets. Lewis...

1 in 100M: Identical Triplets Born in California

Abby, Brin, and Laurel were conceived naturally

(Newser) - A California couple has created something so rare that experts can't put the odds to the nearest million: naturally conceived identical triplets. A single fertilized egg split in three to give Hannah and Tom Hepner of Quincy their daughters Abby, Brin, and Laurel, who are doing well in hospital...

Woman Has Identical Triplets —Conceived Naturally
 Woman Has Identical Triplets 
 —Conceived Naturally 

in case you missed it

Woman Has Identical Triplets —Conceived Naturally

Odds of that are up to 200 million to one

(Newser) - When Karen Gilbert started experiencing pain eight weeks into her pregnancy, she feared the worst—but doctors soon determined it wasn't a miscarriage but three fetuses being carried in a single placenta, fighting for food and space, Medical Daily reports. They predicted Gilbert and husband Ian would have to...

Ohio School Graduating Triplets, 10 Sets of Twins

The 23 multiples have all been in the district since kindergarten

(Newser) - The graduating class of Ohio's Canfield High School features a multitude of multiples: 10 sets of twins and one set of triplets. They make up 8% of the 282 seniors receiving their diplomas on June 12. The 23 students have all been in the school district since kindergarten. Some...

Third Triplet Born 11 Years After Sisters

Embryos were conceived at once, but one was frozen

(Newser) - For a baby, Ryleigh Shepherd looks a whole heck of a lot like her 11-year-old sisters Megan and Bethany—which makes sense, because technically, they’re triplets. Welcome to the miracles of modern reproduction. When health problems prevented Lisa Shepherd from conceiving naturally, she and her husband went the in...

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