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The Boys Star Ditches Insta, Says 'Shame on You, Megyn Kelly'

Erin Moriarty says she's been dealing with harassment following Kelly's plastic surgery remarks

(Newser) - A young Hollywood actor says she's had to ditch Instagram after comments by former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly subjected her to a barrage of harassment on social media. "We're all subject to levels of bullying throughout our lives but I am horrified," Erin Moriarty, the...

Critics Blast Megyn Kelly's 'Grotesque' Tweets on Osaka

'It's not a public service to harass a woman over her depression,' says critic

(Newser) - Naomi Osaka has been focusing on her mental health ahead of her return to tennis at the Tokyo Olympics, but fans still got to see her on the covers of Vogue Japan , Time , and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition this month. That brought even more scrutiny on the four-time Grand...

Megyn Kelly on Gone With the Wind: 'Where Does This End?'

'Are we going to pull all of the movies in which women are treated as sex objects too?'

(Newser) - HBO Max says it has temporarily removed Gone With the Wind, which will return with an "explanation and denouncement" of the 1939 film's racist stereotypes—but Megyn Kelly seems to believe a form of Cultural Revolution is taking place. The former Fox and NBC host slammed the network...

Star's Tux Promise Draws Megyn Kelly's Sarcasm

Joaquin Phoenix pledged to not change for each awards event

(Newser) - PETA praised Joaquin Phoenix, actor and climate change activist, for announcing that he'll wear the same tuxedo to every Hollywood awards event this season to reduce waste. Stella McCartney, who designed his classic black tux, also was impressed. Former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly was not, People ...

In First Return to Fox, Megyn Kelly Slams NBC

Former 'Today' host calls for outside investigation over Matt Lauer

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly returned to her old network this week just long enough to tear into her other old network. In an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Kelly called for an outside investigation of NBC concerning the sexual misconduct allegations against former colleague Matt Lauer. "They investigated themselves," Kelly...

Charlize Theron's Look in New Trailer Makes Waves

'Charlize looks more like Megyn Kelly than Megyn Kelly does'

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly hasn't landed a new gig playing herself in a film about Roger Ailes' downfall at Fox News—but viewers of the new trailer for Bombshell could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Charlize Theron plays the former Fox anchor in the clip, which features a tense elevator ride...

New Yorker : Fox Killed 2016 Stormy Daniels Scoop
New Yorker: Fox Killed
2016 Stormy Daniels Scoop

New Yorker: Fox Killed 2016 Stormy Daniels Scoop

Jane Mayer reports on the ties between network and Trump

(Newser) - Jane Mayer of the New Yorker is out with a lengthy story about the relationship between Fox News and President Trump that revolves around a question stated in the headline: "Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?" Here are three nuggets generating early attention:
  • Debate

Sarah Silverman, Megyn Kelly Get in Twitter Spat

The two are in a spat over President Trump, climate change, Silverman's language

(Newser) - Sarah Silverman wasn't having it when President Trump called out Amy Klobuchar on Twitter, and ended up in a Twitter feud—which also conveniently plugged one of her movies—with Megyn Kelly as a result. The relevant tweets:
  • Trump : "Well, it happened again. Amy Klobuchar announced that she

Megyn Kelly Leaves NBC With Giant Paycheck

Network will honor her full $69M deal

(Newser) - Her controversial comments about blackface may have cost Megyn Kelly her show and future and NBC, but they won't hurt her bank account much. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Kelly officially parted ways on Friday with the network, which has agreed to pay her the remainder of her $69...

Protesters Give Tucker Carlson's Wife a Fright

Smash Racism, DC, turned up at Fox host's home Wednesday

(Newser) - Current and former Fox News personalities are blasting what they say was a terrifying display at the Washington, DC, home of Tucker Carlson Wednesday night. Carlson wasn't home but says his wife called police and locked herself in a pantry when protesters from a group called Smash Racism, DC,...

Megyn Kelly: I Offered Donuts, Begged, but Tabloid Was Rotten

She's outraged that 'Daily Mail' videotaped her 7-year-old

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly would like the paparazzi, and one tabloid specifically, to please leave her family alone in the wake of NBC News cancelling her show. On Wednesday she tweeted that "for a week paparazzi has been lurking outside my home day & nite. Finally today I took my kids...

Fox Doesn't Sound Thrilled on Idea of Megyn Kelly Returning

Host won't return to NBC show, and Fox is 'extremely happy' with its own lineup

(Newser) - NBC aired a rerun in the slot for Megyn Kelly Today for the second straight morning on Friday, and the writing on the wall became official in the afternoon: She won't return to her show, period, with the controversy over her blackface comments seen as the final straw. "...

Megyn Kelly May Be Losing Show
Megyn Kelly May
Be Losing Show

Megyn Kelly May Be Losing Show

Insiders say she is in talks for a new role at NBC

(Newser) - The blackface controversy may have sealed the fate of Megyn Kelly Today. Sources tell Variety that Megyn Kelly has been in talks with NBC execs about abandoning the 9am morning show for a possible new role at NBC News. An insider close to Kelly says both sides are ready for...

Megyn Kelly's Colleagues Publicly Blast Her Comments

She addresses her Tuesday remarks about blackface on Wednesday's show

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly apologized to her colleagues on Tuesday for the comments she made about blackface during a Megyn Kelly Today segment on Halloween costumes. On Wednesday, she apologized to everybody else. She opened her show with the following (video here ): "I want to begin with two words, I'...

Megyn Kelly Apologizes to Colleagues for Blackface Comments

Not everyone was down with the 'Megyn Kelly Today' host's thoughts on Halloween

(Newser) - While at Fox News in 2013, Megyn Kelly got slammed for saying Santa "just is white." Another network, another holiday, another controversy: During a segment on controversial Halloween costumes during her NBC show on Tuesday, Kelly brought up the subject of wearing blackface on Halloween and whether doing...

A-List Actress Will Play Megyn Kelly in Ailes Movie

Charlize Theron will portray former Fox host

(Newser) - The downfall of Fox News founder Roger Ailes is going to become a motion picture and while there's no word yet on who will play the disgraced CEO, who died a year ago , Charlize Theron has already been lined up to play Megyn Kelly, according to the Hollywood Reporter...

Putin Says Russia Will 'Never' Extradite 13 Indicted Nationals

'Russia does not extradite its citizens to anyone,' he tells Megyn Kelly

(Newser) - Will Russia extradite any of its 13 nationals indicted by US special counsel Robert Mueller for allegedly interfering in the 2016 US presidential election? "Never. Never," Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Megyn Kelly that aired Sunday. "Russia does not extradite its citizens to...

Ann Curry on Megyn Kelly: 'This Is Not Journalism'

She was referencing the Monday segment on Jane Fonda

(Newser) - A former Today show anchor had some tough words for a current Today host. In a Tuesday appearance on the View, Ann Curry addressed Megyn Kelly's Monday segment blasting Jane Fonda . By way of background, Fonda shut down a question Kelly asked about plastic surgery in September, then when...

Sister: Mom of Captive Kids Had 'Awakening' 9 Years Ago

Louise Turpin's siblings describe life of sexual experimentation, drinking

(Newser) - More disturbing details on the California couple accused of abusing and torturing their 13 children , now from the sister of the children's mother. Teresa Robinette, sister of 49-year-old Louise Turpin, appeared on Megyn Kelly Today on Monday and said she received a few odd phone calls between 2008 and...

Megyn Kelly Brings Up Jane Fonda, Tears Into Her

Says it's time to talk about the 'poor me routine'

(Newser) - Back in September, less than one week into Megyn Kelly's tenure as a Today host, she asked Jane Fonda a question about plastic surgery and got shut down. But the subject apparently isn't dead. Over the weekend, Fonda was asked by Variety if she'd ever be a...

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