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'Stressed Out' Juror Sends 'Highly Unusual' Note to Judge

In New York corruption trial, she asked to be sent home after 2 hours

(Newser) - In a move the New York Times calls "highly unusual," a "stressed out" juror sent a note to the judge asking if she could go home after less than two hours of deliberations. "I don’t feel like I can be myself right now!" the...

Mom's Stress While Pregnant May Explain Why You're a Klutz

New research links maternal stress to later childhood coordination

(Newser) - Are you a klutz? A new study out of Australia suggests an unexpected reason why. It found that stressful events in the latter stage of a woman's pregnancy may increase the risk of movement and coordination deficits later in the child's life. Reporting this week in the journal...

Work Stress as Bad as Secondhand Smoke
 Work Stress as Bad as 
 Secondhand Smoke 
study says

Work Stress as Bad as Secondhand Smoke

Study finds it can be just as dangerous to health

(Newser) - Stressed at work? You may as well be breathing in secondhand cigarette smoke, a new study suggests. Researchers from Harvard and Stanford did a meta-analysis of 228 studies on workplace stress, UPI reports; they found that "the effect of workplace stress is about as large as that of secondhand...

Holocaust Survivors' Trauma Lives On in Kids' Genes

Study may explain why offspring are more at risk for stress disorders

(Newser) - Holocaust survivors pass on trauma through their genes, making their children and possibly even grandchildren more susceptible to PTSD and other stress disorders, according to new research . The Guardian reports researchers looked at 32 Jewish men and women who survived traumatic experiences at the hands of Nazis during World War...

Hugs Can Help Fend Off Colds
 Hugs Can Help Fend Off Colds 
study says

Hugs Can Help Fend Off Colds

Study finds link between more hugs, reduced risk of infection

(Newser) - Want to fend off illness? Try hugging more often. It may sound too warm and fuzzy to be true, but researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that more frequent hugs can help protect people from getting sick. Being stressed can cause greater vulnerability to infections, but hugs can apparently act...

How Whale-Watching Might Be Harming Whales

Researchers say the animals get stressed, see boats as predators

(Newser) - Gazing at whales from a boat may seem like an animal-friendly pursuit, but new research is questioning that idea. Why? It's not just about the odd collision; whale-watching seems to stress out the whales, Nature reports following a symposium in Scotland. When they spot a boat—whose operators know...

Watching TV After Work Makes You Feel Like a Loser
Watching TV After Work Makes You Feel Like a Loser

Watching TV After Work Makes You Feel Like a Loser

Winding down in front of the boob tube can cause high levels of guilt, scientists say

(Newser) - It seems natural to reach for the remote to take a breather after a taxing day of conference calls and TPS reports , but a new study warns that especially work-weary folks who flick on the TV or play video games may feel incredibly guilty and like failures afterward, reports the...

How Food Affects Your Stress Level

Sugars and white pastas don't help, but fish does

(Newser) - What did you eat last time you got stressed? Odds are it was packed with sugar or refined carbs, and apparently that's not good. "There can be a bit of a vicious cycle," Harvard professor David Ludwig tells NPR . People often remedy stress with comfort foods, he...

How Big Tobacco Shaped the 'Science Of Stress'

Cigarette companies wanted illness linked to stress, not smoking: expert

(Newser) - A few 20th-century scientists gave birth to the modern notion of stress—and Big Tobacco got so excited that it swooped in and funded their research, NPR reports. It all started with endocrinologist Hens Selye, who in the 1930s subjected rats to stress and cut them open to reveal the...

Stress Kills 600K Chinese Yearly: Report

Regulator who died working called 'model'

(Newser) - Brutal work schedules and stressful lifestyles have put China in the midst of what Bloomberg calls an epidemic: China Youth Daily has reported that some 600,000 people die every year due to overwork, while China Radio International has put the figure at 1,600 a day. Bloomberg zeroes in...

Here's How Stress Causes Heart Attacks

It turns out your body thinks you're sick or wounded

(Newser) - It's common knowledge that stress can lead to a heart attack, but scientists have never actually known how—until now. It turns out that when you're stressed, your body starts overproducing white blood cells, or leukocytes, as if you had a wound or infection, researchers from the Harvard...

America's Most Stressed States Are...

Unemployment helps put Florida top

(Newser) - Florida is the most stressed-out state in the lower 48 and that has nothing to do with pythons , shark attacks , or drug-dealing mayors , according to a new study. Real-estate blog Movoto used factors including commuting times, housing prices, and lack of health insurance to arrive at its findings. It ranked...

Stress Can Spread Between Strangers

 Stress Can Spread 
 Between Strangers 
study says

Stress Can Spread Between Strangers

Even through a TV screen: study

(Newser) - Stress, it seems, is contagious—even when we don't know the anxious person we're witnessing. So suggests a new study, which paired observers and stressed-out people of the opposite sex. Stress was induced via math problems and interviews. Some of the observers knew and loved their partners in...

Downside of Life in a Rich Nation: More Stress
Downside of Life in a
Rich Nation: More Stress
study says

Downside of Life in a Rich Nation: More Stress

New study finds that those who live in poorer countries are less stressed

(Newser) - One unhappy side effect of living in a well-off country? The people who live in the richest countries experience more stress and anger than those who live in less wealthy nations, a new study finds. "Life [in an affluent country] is more fast-paced, and there are just so many...

Trouble Conceiving? Stress Could Be to Blame
Trouble Conceiving?
Stress Could Be to Blame
study says

Trouble Conceiving? Stress Could Be to Blame

New study finds link between stress, likelihood of getting pregnant

(Newser) - If you're trying to get pregnant, you may want to go out and get a nice, relaxing massage first: A new study finds that stressed women took longer to conceive. Specifically, subjects with the highest levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that indicates stress, were more than twice as likely...

Midlife Stress Boosts Women&#39;s Dementia Risk
 Stress Linked to 
 Dementia in Women 
study says

Stress Linked to Dementia in Women

Swedish study assesses 800 subjects over almost 40 years

(Newser) - In news that is sort of, well, stressful, a study of 800 Swedish women has found that women who suffer from midlife stress may have a higher risk of dementia. Divorce, bereavement, job loss, and mental illness in the family were among the 18 stressors assessed; the study found that...

Why Getting Stressed About a Shot Is Actually Good

It whips up the immune system, making vaccines more effective: researcher

(Newser) - Hate the idea of getting poked by a needle at the doctor's office? Congratulations, new research suggests you're actually making the shot more effective. As Scientific American explains, a team of Stanford researchers found that mice exposed to minor stress before getting vaccinated were better able to fight...

Least-Stressed State? Same as Always...

 Least-Stressed State? 
 Same as Always... 
gallup poll

Least-Stressed State? Same as Always...

Hawaii takes top honors, shocking no one

(Newser) - You probably won't be surprised to hear that Hawaii is, yet again, the least-stressed state in the nation, according to a new Gallup poll . (The poll has been taken each year since 2008, and Hawaii has won every time.) Just 32.1% of those polled in the state...

Chill! You&#39;ll Get Way More Done
 Chill! You'll Get 
 Way More Done 

Chill! You'll Get Way More Done

Human-energy expert urges us to relax and get some sleep

(Newser) - Wake up tired, scroll through email, wolf down whatever, rush to work, and scramble to keep up—and that's just your morning. Sound familiar? A man who has built a business around telling people to relax makes his case in the New York Times : "Paradoxically, the best way...

Math Can Hurt You&mdash;Physically
 Math Can Hurt  
Study Says

Math Can Hurt You—Physically

Just thinking about it hurts, say researchers

(Newser) - Thanks to Barbie, we've long known that math class is tough. But now scientists say just the thought of math can be downright painful, reports Stuff . Researchers used MRIs to measure subjects' brain activity in a variety of hypothetical situations, including "walking to math class" and "receiving...

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