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Trump Shifts From His Party, Increasing Criticism of Israel

GOP candidate avoided answering about whether his support in the war is still solid

(Newser) - After he said in an interview last week that the bombing campaign in Gaza is a "very big mistake," Donald Trump's allies provided assurances that he'd revert to his old Israel-supporting ways if elected president again. But Trump's change did not appear to be a...

Book: Trump Wanted to Trade Puerto Rico for Greenland

Idea to purchase Danish territory wasn't actually his, according to reporters

(Newser) - In an interview for a new book, Donald Trump insisted the idea to buy Greenland from Denmark was all his. Looking at a map, the president wondered, "Why don't we have that?" Trump told husband-and-wife journalists Peter Baker of the New York Times and Susan Glasser of the...

Iranian Charged in Plot to Kill Bolton

Killing was to be revenge for the death of a Revolutionary Guard commander, officials say

(Newser) - The US has charged a member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard with plotting to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton. Shahram Poursafi, 45, offered late last year to pay $300,000 for the killing, the Daily Beast reports. The Justice Department said in a statement Wednesday that the...

Bolton: I Planned Coups, and Trump Wasn't Capable of One

'It takes a lot of work' and 'that's not the way Donald Trump does things'

(Newser) - Planning a coup d'etat "takes a lot of work," according to John Bolton. He should know "as somebody who has helped plan coups d'etat" outside of the US, the former national security adviser to President Trump told CNN on Tuesday. While it's no secret...

Havana Syndrome Happening in US, Too: 60 Minutes

Former national security adviser John Bolton corroborates accounts of suspected victims

(Newser) - The baffling ailment known as Havana syndrome has had a common denominator in reported cases: They occurred overseas. Now, however, 60 Minutes reports that several cases have been reported not just in Washington but at the White House itself. In Sunday night's segment, a number of national security officials...

Feds Drop Trump-Era Lawsuit Over Bolton Memoir

Trump administration tried to block release, seize Bolton's profits

(Newser) - The Justice Department has dropped its investigation of John Bolton and a related lawsuit exactly one year after the Trump administration sued to block the release of memoir The Room Where It Happened. The criminal investigation into whether the former national security adviser violated laws on the disclosure of classified...

Bad News for John Bolton Over Trump Book

Justice Department opens a criminal investigation

(Newser) - John Bolton might be in a heap of trouble over his book about the Trump White House. The New York Times reports that the Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into the former national security adviser's memoir, called The Room Where It Happened. The issue is whether Bolton...

Trump Tweet: 'Corrupt Joe Is Shot' and 'White Power!'

The president's retweet sparks outcry on 'State of the Union'

(Newser) - President Trump grabbed the media's attention Sunday morning by retweeting a video that appeared to promote white power, NBC News reports. The video (WARNING: profanity) features a line of golf carts trundling past anti-Trump protesters who shout "racist," to which a Trump supporter yells, "white power!...

Another Big Republican Won't Vote for Trump

Carly Fiorina is OK voting for Biden instead

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina voted for Donald Trump in 2016 after running against him in the GOP primary, but he won't be getting her vote in 2020. "I've been very clear that I can't support Donald Trump," she tells the Atlantic . She was then asked if that...

Bolton to a Mocking Colbert: 'I Couldn't Believe It Was That Bad'

'Late Show' host grills former national security adviser, pokes fun at how 'naive' he was on Trump

(Newser) - Former national security adviser John Bolton popped in Tuesday for a guest appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Show, and it probably didn't go as he'd envisioned it. Bolton, who's been making the rounds to promote his upcoming tell-all book , was grilled by an "unimpressed" Colbert,...

Reporter Asks About Bolton's Book, Gets Muted

During a phone briefing on ... press freedom

(Newser) - "AT&T, we can mute that line." That was the bulk of the response from State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus on Monday when, during a phone briefing on Chinese propaganda, a reporter tried to ask about John Bolton's new book. The Reuters journalist was asking if any...

Sarah Sanders Has Unflattering Story About John Bolton

In memoir, she says he was 'drunk on power' and cites a London trip

(Newser) - Another White House memoir is surfacing, and this time John Bolton is on the receiving end of criticism. In an excerpt of Speaking for Myself obtained by Axios , former press chief Sarah Sanders calls Bolton "a classic case of a senior White House official drunk on power, who had...

Here's Who John Bolton Is Not Voting For

Trump—or Biden

(Newser) - You probably could have guessed that John Bolton won't be voting for President Trump come November—but in an interview with ABC News on Sunday night, the former national security adviser says he won't be voting for Trump's main rival, either. "I don't think he'...

Federal Judge Rules on John Bolton's Book

Looks like Bolton's book is coming out after all

(Newser) - A federal judge ruled Saturday that former national security adviser John Bolton can move forward in publishing his tell-all book despite efforts by the Trump administration to block the release because of concerns that classified information could be exposed, the AP reports. The decision from US District Judge Royce Lamberth...

The Unredacted Version of Trump's Request to Xi

'Make sure I win,' he said, according to 'Vanity Fair'

(Newser) - One of the big allegations made by John Bolton in his new book is that President Trump tried to get China's Xi Jinping to help him win re-election. According to Bolton, who is known as a prolific note-taker, Trump asked Xi to buy American farm products specifically to boost...

CBS Reporter Asks Trump Why He Keeps Hiring 'Wackos'

President declined to answer

(Newser) - President Trump has slammed former national security adviser John Bolton as a liar, a "wacko," "incompetent," and a "sick puppy," which raised a question about the former Apprentice host's hiring practices for CBS journalist Paula Reid. "Mr. President, why do you keep...

Bolton: Trump Is Not 'Fit for Office'
Trump Is
Not 'Fit
for Office'

Bolton: Trump Is Not 'Fit for Office'

Former national security adviser says all Trump decisions revolve around reelection prospects

(Newser) - John Bolton has begun doing interviews to promote his controversial new book , and one of the first is generating strong words. "I don't think he's fit for office," Bolton tells ABC News in regard to President Trump. "I don't think he has the competence...

Federal Prosecutors Mull Whether to Charge Bolton
Federal Prosecutors Mull
Whether to Charge Bolton
the rundown

Federal Prosecutors Mull Whether to Charge Bolton

Plus more revelations from Bolton's upcoming book

(Newser) - President Trump warned John Bolton might have a "criminal problem" on his hands were he to go ahead with releasing his White House memoir. Now, federal prosecutors are considering making good on that threat, the Los Angeles Times reports. Specifically, they're mulling whether to charge the former national...

Bolton Says Trump Asked Xi to Help Him Get Re-Elected
Bolton Says He Reported
Trump to AG Multiple Times

Bolton Says He Reported Trump to AG Multiple Times

He says president asked Xi Jinping to help him get re-elected

(Newser) - The Trump administration has sued to block John Bolton's White House memoir for being an alleged threat to national security—but the book portrays the "erratic" President Trump himself as the real threat to national security, according to the New York Times and other outlets that have received...

Trump Sues to Block John Bolton Book

Lawsuit seeks order to have copies already printed "retrieved and disposed of'

(Newser) - John Bolton's White House memoir has been printed and shipped to warehouses ahead of a scheduled June 23 release date—but the Trump administration doesn't want it to see the light of day. The administration filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to block the release of The Room Where ...

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