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Baboons May Not Like Our Prying Eyes
Baboons May
Not Like Our
Prying Eyes
new study

Baboons May Not Like Our Prying Eyes

Study finds they had more sex at safari when the public was locked out during pandemic

(Newser) - When the public was locked out from zoos during the pandemic, did the animals miss their human visitors or welcome the peace? UK researchers set out to answer that question, and while they didn't settle on a definitive answer, they did find some interesting changes in behavior, reports the...

Baboon Moms Seen Holding Offspring Dead for 10 Days

Study took place over 13 years

(Newser) - An extensive new study on baboons has uncovered a mother-infant bond that persists even in death. Over 13 years, mother chacma baboons in the Namibian desert were observed carrying their dead infants for as long as 10 days before the body was abandoned, say researchers at University College London and...

Baboon Experiment May Have Big Implications
Baboon Experiment May
Have Big Implications
new study

Baboon Experiment May Have Big Implications

Two survive 6 months with pig hearts

(Newser) - A new study involving pigs and baboons could mean big news for humans downs the road. Researchers successfully implanted pig hearts into baboons, and two of the recipients lived for six months before being euthanized, reports Scientific American . Writing in Nature , the researchers from Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland call the...

Researchers Gave Baboons a Tool. They Used It to Escape

4 baboons are quickly recovered in Texas after using a barrel to gain freedom

(Newser) - Animal researchers saw the 55-pound barrel as an "enrichment tool." Baboons, to whom it was given, apparently saw only a means for escape. Indeed, four baboons briefly escaped the Texas Biomedical Research Institute Saturday after propping a barrel against a wall of their open-air enclosure and using it...

French Baboons Get Their Planet of the Apes Moment

52 baboons escaped at a Paris zoo on Friday

(Newser) - It was a baboon hullabaloo Friday morning in France when 52 of the animals escaped their enclosure at the Paris Zoological Park, leading to an evacuation and police response, BuzzFeed reports. Zoo spokesperson Jérôme Munier says the excitement started when a staff member saw a baboon in a...

Baboons' Lip-Smacking: Precursor to Speech?

Geladas of Ethiopia smack their lips to make human-like sound

(Newser) - Might this be a hint of how human speech came to be? Researchers at the University of Michigan say wild monkeys of Ethiopia known as geladas smack their lips together and make gutteral noises to produce a sound like our speech, reports PBS . The pattern of these "wobbles" follows...

Baboon 'Readers' Pick Out Real Words

Points to instincts behind reading

(Newser) - Don't expect him to pick up a novel anytime soon—but Dan the baboon and five buddies know real English words when they see them. For instance, if Dan sees the letters BRRU, ITCS, and KITE, he'll pick out the last one as the real word, even though...

Drunk Baboons Ravage Suburbia

Marauders plague South Africa vineyards

(Newser) - The vineyards and houses of one of South Africa's poshest suburbs are under siege—by groups of marauding Cape Baboons, who feast on sauvignon blanc grapes fermenting in the sun and terrorize locals. One troop of baboons recently broke into a family home in the Cape Town suburb and traumatized...

Some Male, Mom Baboons 'Just Friends'

Primatologists baffled by sexless simian friendships

(Newser) - Scientists are trying to figure out why many male baboons enter into platonic friendships with single moms, the BBC reports. Researchers probing relationships within baboon tribes found that the friendships, which did not appear to involve sex in about half the instances, helped mother and offspring dodge the unwanted attentions...

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