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FDA May Allow Babies With 3 Parents

Observers cite concerns about 'designer babies'

(Newser) - An advisory panel to the FDA is investigating the merits of a technique dubbed "three-parent IVF," a method opponents worry could lead to so-called "designer babies," the Washington Post reports. The method in question aims to help mothers who carry risky DNA mutations—causing blindness or...

IVF Births Hit Record High
 IVF Births Hit Record High 

IVF Births Hit Record High

Procedure now accounts for 1.5% of US births

(Newser) - Around 30 years after America's first "test tube baby" was born, enough IVF babies were born in the US in 2012 to fill a medium-sized town, according to a new report from the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology. The organization says its 379 member clinics performed a total...

Ovary-less Woman's Pregnancy Hailed as a First

Frozen ovarian tissue grafted onto abdominal wall, produced 2 eggs

(Newser) - A world-first procedure offers new hope to women seeking to get pregnant after losing their ovaries. For the first time, ovarian tissue transplanted to a woman's abdomen has led to a successful pregnancy. A woman in Australia identified as Vali had both her ovaries removed while being treated for...

Jason Patric Fights for More Rights for Sperm Donors

Jason Patric fighting for a relationship with his son

(Newser) - If Jason Patric has his way, sperm donors in California could find themselves with more legal rights regarding their biological children. The Lost Boys actor appeared before the Assembly Judiciary Committee yesterday to ask lawmakers to approve a bill that would expand paternal rights for fathers in IVF conceptions. The...

&#39;Father of IVF&#39; Dead at 87

 'Father of IVF' 
 Dead at 87 

'Father of IVF' Dead at 87

Sir Robert Edwards passes away at home

(Newser) - Sir Robert Edwards, the British professor who has been called "the father of IVF," died today at age 87. Edwards developed in vitro fertilization with another doctor, and in 1978, the first "test tube baby" was born. That baby, Louise Brown, now says she thought of Edwards...

Best Season for IVF: Spring
 Best Season for IVF: Spring 
study says

Best Season for IVF: Spring

Temps, daylight hours may affect fertility rates

(Newser) - Infertile couples considering in vitro fertilization might do well to develop a little spring fever, suggests a new study out of Brazil. It found that's the season in which fertilization rates are at their highest, reports the Wall Street Journal . Researchers reviewed the fertilization rates of 1,932 women...

IVF Has Now Made 5M Babies
 IVF Has Now Made 5M Babies 

IVF Has Now Made 5M Babies

350K born each year; twins, triplets less common

(Newser) - It's been 34 years since Britain saw the birth of the first test-tube baby; since then, another 5 million people have been born through in vitro fertilization. Some 350,000 are born each year, amounting to 0.3% of births across the globe, the AFP reports. Some 1.5...

Buy IVF Lotto Ticket, Win Baby?
 Buy IVF Lotto Ticket, Win Baby? 
only in the UK

Buy IVF Lotto Ticket, Win Baby?

$32 lottery tickets go on sale this month in Britain

(Newser) - Beginning this month, would-be British parents who are struggling to conceive will have an unusual way to attempt to have a baby: via lottery. To Hatch, a charity that doles out fertility advice, will raffle off $40,000 worth of fertility treatments at a top clinic beginning July 30. Tickets...

Scientists Grow Sperm From Mice in Laboratory for First Time
 Sperm Grown 
 in Lab for First Time 

Sperm Grown in Lab for First Time

If it works in humans, it could help with men's infertility

(Newser) - Japanese researchers have grown sperm in the laboratory for the first time, reports Nature . If the breakthrough with mice transfers to humans, it could open up IVF treatments for infertile men, notes the Guardian . Scientists created the sperm from the testicular tissue of mice and successfully produced a dozen baby...

Experts Weigh 3-Parent Test Tube Babies

Third donor could make for healthier babies

(Newser) - British authorities are considering approval for "three parent" test-tube babies to mix and match the best DNA for a healthier children. An expert panel of scientists has been asked to consider the safety and effectiveness of such a procedure, and advise government watchdogs. Babies resulting from the new process...

Mom Freezes Eggs for Sterile 2-Year-Old Daughter to Use

Which means her daughter would give birth to a sibling

(Newser) - British mom Penny Jarvis is determined that her 2-year-old daughter—who was born without ovaries—will be able to have children of her own someday. So much so that Jarvis plans to freeze her own eggs so daughter Mackenzie can use them to get pregnant via IVF, the Daily Mail...

Phone App Predicts Chance of IVF Success

Scientists develop one-minute questionnaire

(Newser) - British scientists have developed a one-minute test they swear is a highly reliable predictor of whether a couple can conceive a child with in vitro fertilization, the Telegraph reports. What's more, it's a questionnaire—no blood or tissue sampling required. It's already available for free here and will soon be...

UK's First IVF 'Savior Sibling' Saves 9-Year-Old Girl

Year-old brother provides bone marrow match

(Newser) - A British girl is on the mend from a life-threatening illness after an IVF “savior sibling” provided her with bone marrow, the Guardian reports. With their daughter suffering from a bone marrow-destroying disease, a couple couldn’t find a donor—so they had doctors create six IVF embryos and...

IVF Test Triples Birth Success
 IVF Test Triples Birth Success 

IVF Test Triples Birth Success

And could spare us future Octomoms

(Newser) - A new procedure in the trial phase makes a woman undergoing in vitro fertilization three times more likely to have a healthy baby, the Daily Mail reports. The test analyzes prospective embryos for chromosomal abnormalities, choosing a healthy specimen to implant into the womb and raising the success rate from...

Baby Born From Embryo Frozen in 1990

Sets new record; previous was 13 years

(Newser) - Thanks to IVF, a baby conceived 20 years ago was just recently born. The baby boy sets a new record for the longest-frozen human embryo to result in a live birth, the Telegraph reports. The previous record was 13 years. The chain of events for this baby’s birth began...

IVF Success Rate Plummets After First Two Tries

(Newser) - Trying to get pregnant with IVF? Be prepared to switch up your baby plan—experts warn that a woman's chances of becoming pregnant with in vitro fertilization decrease dramatically after only two attempts. After one treatment, 59% of women become pregnant, but that number falls to 35% for women who...

The Rise of Cheap(er) Fertility Clinics

Are discount clinics a good idea?

(Newser) - Fertility treatment doesn't come cheap—IVF typically costs $15,000. But a new wave of clinics hope to ease the expense, reports Newsweek . In St. Louis, for instance, a new facility offers a range of treatments for about $7,500. The goal is equal access, say supporters. "A woman’...

A Mother's Ordeal: Fertility Treatment, Then Abortion
Fertility Treatment Leads
to Twins, Then Abortion

Fertility Treatment Leads to Twins, Then Abortion

Author recounts her use of 'selective reduction'

(Newser) - At age 43, Bettina Paige turned to fertility treatments to get pregnant to provide a sibling for her young son. It worked, too well. When the doctor used the word she didn't want to hear—twins—Paige, faced with the possibility that "we’d have to leave our beloved...

Older Women Postponing Kids by Freezing Eggs

(Newser) - Women in their 30s are freezing their eggs to give themselves more time to start a family, according to a new study. The relatively new technology allows women to plan for IVF treatment in future—so they can take away the pressure of a ticking biological clock while they concentrate...

Studies Link Infertility Treatments to Autism

Clomid, other drugs, IVF associated with higher risk

(Newser) - Scientists have a new lead in the search for the causes autism. Research presented this week provides strong evidence of a link between infertility treatments and the disorder. A Harvard study has discovered that treatment with Clomid and other ovulation-stimulating drugs doubles a woman's risk of giving birth to an...

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