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6 Teens Guilty for Role in Teacher's Beheading

Defendants had testified they didn't know Samuel Paty would be killed by Islamic extremist

(Newser) - A French juvenile court on Friday convicted six teenagers for their roles in the beheading of a teacher by an Islamic extremist that shocked the country. Teacher Samuel Paty was killed outside his school in 2020 after showing his class cartoons of the prophet of Islam during a debate on...

6 French Teens Go on Trial Over Teacher's Beheading

Prosecutors say they helped killer find Samuel Paty

(Newser) - Six French teenagers have gone on trial in connection with a murder in a Paris suburb that horrified the country three years ago. History and geography teacher Samuel Paty, who had shown students caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed during a class on free speech, was beheaded near a secondary school...

It's Coup Part II for Burkina Faso
It's Coup Part II
for Burkina Faso

It's Coup Part II for Burkina Faso

Paul-Henri Damiba, who ousted the ex-president in January, has himself been ousted by soldiers

(Newser) - In January, Paul-Henri Damiba led a military coup that ousted Burkina Faso President Roch Kabore, citing widespread discontent at Kabore's inability to quell relentless attacks by Islamic groups like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State that have killed thousands. Now, it appears Damiba, who took over as the West Africa...

Campaign That Led to Teacher's Beheading Was Based on a Lie

Suspended student claimed she was kicked out of Samuel Paty's class, prompting attack from father

(Newser) - An online campaign targeting a French teacher who was beheaded days later started with a lie. That's according to Le Parisien , which reports a 13-year-old student has admitted to a judge that she lied when she claimed to be a witness to Samuel Paty's Oct. 6 lesson on...

2 Weeks After Terror Attack in France, a New 'Vision of Horror'

3 dead, several injured at Nice church in what mayor says is another terror attack

(Newser) - A knife attack at a church in Nice, France, has left three people dead and several others injured, with the mayor of the city declaring it has all the signs of a terror attack. The Washington Post and Guardian report the attack took place around 9am at and near the...

Teacher's Killer Paid Over $350 for Inside Help: Prosecutor

Abdullakh Anzorov allegedly got help from 2 teenage students

(Newser) - The guy who beheaded a teacher in France may have paid two students more than $350 to help him out, the BBC reports. Prosecutors say Abdullakh Anzorov, 18—who was later shot dead by police—paid two students, age 14 and 15, to identify Samuel Paty when he left his...

France Raids Homes, Detains Students in Teacher's Slaying

Samuel Paty had shown Muhammad caricatures in class

(Newser) - French police raided dozens of homes Monday in a search for suspected radicals and took more people into custody in the slaying of a teacher who had shown cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class. The raids go beyond the investigation of the slaying of Samuel Paty, 47. The teacher...

Suspect in Teacher's Beheading Was a Teenager

Officials have arrested 9 suspects in the killing of teacher Samuel Paty

(Newser) - A suspect shot dead by police after the beheading of a history teacher near Paris was an 18-year-old Chechen refugee unknown to intelligence services who posted a grisly claim of responsibility on social media minutes after the attack, officials said Saturday. France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said authorities investigating...

7 Sentenced to Die for 2016 Terror Attack

Bangladesh extremists killed 20 hostages

(Newser) - A special anti-terrorism tribunal in Bangladesh has sentenced seven members of a banned militant group to death for their involvement in an attack on a Dhaka cafe that killed more than 20 people. Judge Mojibur Rahman on Wednesday found the men from the Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh group guilty of various...

2 US Women Plead Guilty to Bomb Plot
2 Women Plead
Guilty to Terror Plot

2 Women Plead Guilty to Terror Plot

Asia Siddiqui, 35, and Noelle Velentzas, 31, appeared in federal court

(Newser) - Two New York women who went crazy for al-Qaeda—one of whom had an Osama bin Laden screensaver on her phone—pleaded guilty Friday to bomb-making charges in federal court, the New York Post reports. Asia Siddiqui, 35, and Noelle Velentzas, 31, could get 20 years each. After pleading not...

Shocking Hotel Attack Leaves 26 Dead

Including 2 Americans and a prominent journalist

(Newser) - Islamic extremists blew up the gate of a Somali hotel with a car bomb and took over the building for more than 14 hours, leaving 26 people dead before Somali forces who besieged the hotel overnight killed the attackers, the AP reports. The victims included a prominent Canadian-Somali journalist. Three...

Sri Lanka President: 'I Will Stamp Out ISIS'

Authorities say ringleader died in hotel bombing

(Newser) - The alleged ringleader of the group of Islamic extremists behind the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombings blew himself up in the attack, authorities say, though they fear other militants still at large could carry out more attacks. President Maithripala Sirisena said Friday that radical preacher Zahran Hashim was one of...

Official: Easter Bombings Were 'Revenge for Christchurch'

American 5th-grader was among Sri Lanka victims

(Newser) - The father of 11-year-old Kieran Shafritz de Zoysa says his "articulate and insightful and kind" son was one of the Americans killed in the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombings. The fifth-grader was staying with his mother in Sri Lanka during a leave of absence from the prestigious Sidwell Friends...

Cops: 'Serious Act of Violent Subversion' Halted in Germany

10 have been arrested for allegedly plotting terror attack

(Newser) - German police say they've arrested 10 people in the west of the country on suspicion of planning an Islamic extremist terror attack, per the AP . The DPA news agency reported the suspects were taken into custody on Friday and Saturday in the towns of Essen, Duesseldorf, Wuppertal, Moenchengladbach, Duisburg...

Dozens of Bodies Found After Pro-ISIS Group's Last Stand

Siege in Philippine city is finally over

(Newser) - Philippine troops have captured a building where pro-ISIS militants made their final stand in southern Marawi city and found about 40 bodies of suspected gunmen inside, two security officials say. The officials say the seizure of the building and the defeat of the militants will allow the military to declare...

18 Killed in Extremist Attack on Burkina Faso Restaurant

Armed attackers arrived on motorcycles

(Newser) - Suspected Islamic extremists opened fire at a Turkish restaurant in the capital of Burkina Faso late Sunday, killing at least 18 people in the second such attack on a restaurant popular with foreigners in the last two years. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the violence, which continued...

France Kills 20 Insurgents in Remote African Region

French forces strike forest near Mali border

(Newser) - French forces fighting extremism in Africa's Sahel region say they have killed at least 20 jihadists in a forest on the border between Mali and Burkina Faso. A statement Sunday from Operation Barkhane says soldiers also discovered large amounts of arms, ammunition, rocket launchers, and explosives in the area....

As Suspect Arrested in Bombing, German Soccer Team Plays on

Dortmund lost hastily rescheduled game 3-2

(Newser) - German authorities arrested a suspected Islamic extremist Wednesday in their investigation into a bomb attack on a top German soccer team , while the team—missing a defender wounded in the blast—lost 3-2 to Monaco in a hastily rescheduled Champions League match. Amid heightened security, the defeat for Borussia Dortmund...

How ISIS Is Trying to Be Like Japan's Kamikaze Fighters

Military targets are now in terrorists' sights more than civilian ones

(Newser) - Suicide bombing is nothing new in terrorism circles, but for Islamic State extremists, the tactic is getting a revamp. The Sunday Times reports on a new study released Monday out of the International Centre for Counter-terrorism in the Hague that shows a definite shift in how jihadi are using the...

13 Killed in Massive Assault on Somalia Hotel

Attack involved twin bombs, team of fighters

(Newser) - Terror and mayhem returned to the streets of Somalia's capital Wednesday with an attack on a luxury hotel that involved a team of gunmen and at least two bombs. Police tell Reuters that at least 13 people, including civilians and security forces, were killed when militants attacked Mogadishu's...

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