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Bird Flu Spreads to US Cattle, Goats
Bird Flu Spreads
to US Cattle, Goats

Bird Flu Spreads to US Cattle, Goats

Commercial milk supply is said to be safe, though, per officials

(Newser) - A week after officials in Minnesota said bird flu had been found for the first time in US livestock—specifically, goats living on a farm with infected poultry—the virus has been found to have spread to dairy cows in Texas and Kansas, per the AP . The highly pathogenic avian...

Sweden Moves Toward Fighting Methane With Seaweed

Agency will study effects of additives in cows' diets

(Newser) - Encouraged by early developments in the field, Sweden is stepping up its research into whether seaweed and other additives in cows' diets might cut methane emissions. The country's Environmental Protection Agency has received the government's go-ahead to study the possibilities of feed additives—including the seaweed red algae...

Cop Rescues Cows From Burning Barn
Cop Rescues Cows
From Burning Barn

Cop Rescues Cows From Burning Barn

'Prone to escape' cows were trapped in Wisconsin barn

(Newser) - A Wisconsin police officer who ran into a burning barn and found cows near flames says the bovines "made a beeline" for the safety of a pasture once he opened a gate holding them back. Sturgeon Bay police officer Andrew Crabb was nearing the end of his overnight shift...

Bizarre Mystery Finds Cows Sliced With 'Apparent Precision'
Bizarre Mystery Finds Cows
Sliced With 'Apparent Precision'

Bizarre Mystery Finds Cows Sliced With 'Apparent Precision'

Similar cow deaths have been described for decades, with no concrete answers

(Newser) - Seven cows have been found dead with surgical-like cuts across three Texas counties in recent weeks, adding to a larger unsolved mystery of cattle mutilation dating back decades, per the Guardian . In a April 19 statement , the Madison County Sheriff's Office described the discovery of a cow with "...

India Declares Feb. 14 'Cow Hug Day'

Government says 'dazzle of western civilization' is eroding Hindu traditions

(Newser) - India's Hindu nationalist government is urging the country's 1.4 billion people to turn their backs on Valentine's Day and hug a cow on February 14 instead. In a statement issued earlier this month announcing "Cow Hug Day," India's government-run Animal Welfare Board said...

This 'Bovine Revolution' Has Lasted for Months

Cows who escaped from Quebec dairy farm in July keep evading capture, wreaking havoc on fields

(Newser) - In late July, a herd of 20 or so cows escaped from their dairy farm in St.-Severe, Quebec, after a thunderstorm spooked them, causing them to bust out of their pen. They've been on the lam ever since—annoying some by tearing up local farms, and earning the...

Bovine Mystery Stumps in Colorado: 'We're Scratching Our Heads'

State wildlife officials don't know why dozens of cows, calves near Meeker have died since October

(Newser) - Cattle are dying by the dozens in a tiny corner of Colorado, and it's left local wildlife authorities flummoxed. The Guardian reports that, over the past two months, about 40 cows and calves have expired near the northwest town of Meeker, with a rancher there first reporting the deaths...

Their Survival May Change How You Think About Cows

Atavist explores how 3 of them swept out to sea in a hurricane somehow lived

(Newser) - Cows can swim, of course, as anyone who has seen a Western or read about cattle drives can attest. But swimming across a river or calm water is one thing. It's "quite another to swim through a hurricane," writes JB MacKinnon at the Atavist . His story digs...

You Didn't Really Want Butter for Your Popcorn, Did You?

It's getting harder to find, and prices have spiked to an average of $4.70 per pound

(Newser) - If you're already looking forward to baking for the holidays, there's one kitchen commodity you may want to start stockpiling now. Butter is increasingly in short supply, which means the price of it has skyrocketed—last month, it reached an average price of $4.70 per pound, a...

As US Dries Up in Drought, Farmers' Hands Are Forced

America's farmers are having to kill off their own crops, sell cattle earlier than usual

(Newser) - In 2021, nearly a quarter of America's farmers said they had to kill their own crops because drought conditions had made the environment so dry that the crops were never going to mature. Things haven't gotten any better since: This year, 37% of the nation's farmers say...

Farmers Who Raise Cattle Facing a Fraught Question

Shell out the money for feed, or sell?

(Newser) - Much has been written about the impact of heat on humans in recent weeks. But for humans who raise cattle, it's a double whammy. CNN describes things at "a boiling point for farmers and ranchers," who are dealing with the extreme drought conditions that are plaguing some...

Bull Achieves 'Legend Status' After Intense 50-Mile Ordeal

He apparently survived getting swept over a New Zealand waterfall, for one thing

(Newser) - A cattle farmer in New Zealand says he's preparing a welcome home party for a young bull who vanished in floodwaters earlier this month, only to turn up 50 miles away near the coast. After intense flooding on the South Island's West Coast, locals spent hours pulling dead...

S. Korea Dairy Company Sorry for Turning Women Into Cows

The advertisement for Seoul Milk wasn't well received

(Newser) - "We are taking this matter seriously, and we will pay more attention and review to prevent similar problems in the future." It's a fairly standard corporate apology. What prompted South Korea's largest dairy company to issue it is a little less typical: an advertisement that critics...

Scientists Managed to Potty-Train Cows

They learned to urinate in a 'MooLoo,' and the discovery is more serious than it sounds

(Newser) - Turns out cows can be potty-trained as easily as toddlers. Maybe easier. Scientists put the task to the test and 11 out of 16 cows learned to use the "MooLoo" when they had to go, per the AP . Just like some parents, the researchers used a sweet treat to...

Escaped Cows Stampede Through California Town

Local ranchers grabbed their lassos and headed to the scene

(Newser) - Forty cows made a break for freedom and stampeded through a California neighborhood after a slaughterhouse gate was left open. Video shows the cows running through streets in Pico Rivera, around 11 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Police say they shot and killed one of the animals after it charged...

First, a Cow Held Up Traffic. Then Came the Alligator

Houston-area cops have an eventful day with wayward animals

(Newser) - Some days, Houston-area traffic can be a nightmare. Other days, it can be a zoo. A cow and an alligator caused traffic delays on Wednesday during separate incidents in which the animals took themselves for a spin on local roadways, per the AP . Around 8am, the cow was spotted moving...

Steer That Escaped Slaughter Still Loose a Month Later

He's been roaming Rhode Island since Feb. 4

(Newser) - Where's the beef? Still very much on the mooove in Rhode Island, per the AP . More than a month after escaping while being unloaded at a slaughterhouse, a 1,600-pound steer is still roaming the streets of Johnston , about 10 miles west of Providence. Police said Wednesday in a...

After Cow-Laden Cargo Ship Capsizes, a 2nd Rescue

Crew member from Gulf Livestock I found alive in raft in East China Sea off Japan; 40 still missing

(Newser) - Dozens of crew members and thousands of cows are missing after a cargo ship in the East China Sea was hit by a wave and capsized Wednesday near Japan, but a bit of good news emerged Friday. One crew member of the 43 aboard the doomed Gulf Livestock I had...

Angry 'Beefalo' Still on Run Weeks After Escape

Cross between bison and cow escaped slaughter in Connecticut

(Newser) - An 800- to 900-pound beefalo remains on the loose in Plymouth, Conn., weeks after it escaped while being loaded off a truck for slaughter, per the AP . The beefalo—a cross between a bison and domestic cattle—escaped from a meat-processing business on Aug. 3, the Hartford Courant reported. Authorities...

Cows With 'Butt Eyes' Ward Off Deadly Attacks
Experts Paint Eyes on
Cow Butts—and It Works
in case you missed it

Experts Paint Eyes on Cow Butts—and It Works

Researchers find a low-cost way to save cattle in Botswana

(Newser) - Want to save cattle from predatory attacks? First, paint eyeballs on their butts. Then see what happens. That's pretty much the gist of a new study out of Botswana—and it worked, Happy Mag reports. Researchers at the University of South Wales painted the eyes on cow butts to...

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