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Another 2020 Candidate Is Out
Democratic Race 
Thins Out by 2

Democratic Race Thins Out by 2

Steve Bullock and Joe Sestak call it quits

(Newser) - The Democratic field is a little smaller Monday morning. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and former Pennsylvania congressman Joe Sestak dropped their bids, report Politico and the AP . Neither rose high enough in national polls of late to qualify for the debates. Bullock pitched himself as a moderate who could win...

Retired 3-Star Admiral Joins Democratic Race

'The president is not the problem,' says Joe Sestak

(Newser) - Democratic voters unenthused with any of the other 23 candidates running for president may be glad to hear Joe Sestak has entered the race. The former congressman and retired three-star Navy admiral from Pennsylvania became his party's 24th candidate for 2020 with an announcement on his website Saturday, reports...

The Most Covered Candidates of 2010

Guess who's No. 1?

(Newser) - When it comes to the most covered candidates of the midterm elections, is it any surprise that Tea Partiers claim five of the top 10 slots? The Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism analyzed the election stories produced by 52 TV networks, websites, radio stations, and newspapers since Jan....

Where The Big Races Stand
 Where the Big Races Stand 
polling roundup

Where the Big Races Stand

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio up big, Harry Reid, Sharron Angle too close to call

(Newser) - With T-Minus one day to the election, here's where the most-watched races in the country stand:
  • Harry Reid and Sharron Angle are locked in a dead heat; the latest Public Policy Polling survey has Angle squeaking ahead 47% to 46%.
  • Looks like harping on the Aqua Buddha incident didn't help

Bloomberg Endorses Flock of Moderates
Bloomberg Endorses
Flock of Moderates

Bloomberg Endorses Flock of Moderates

He's the anti-Tea Partier

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg is going on a Palin-like endorsement streak—only instead of endorsing Tea Partiers and conservatives, he’s backing moderates from both parties. Among his beneficiaries: Meg Whitman, Harry Reid, Lincoln Chafee, and Joe Sestak. Bloomberg says he's looking for candidates who aren't bound by rigid ideology, and are...

Democrats Hammer GOP on Wall Street Ties

Pat Toomey's taking especially heavy fire

(Newser) - As the midterms heat up, expect to hear the words “Wall Street” a lot. Democrats are hammering Republicans on their ties to Wall Street, no matter how tangential, and on their party’s opposition to financial reform legislation, the LA Times reports. Republicans, meanwhile, speak angrily about bailouts and...

GOP Itching to Investigate Obama
GOP Itching to Investigate Obama

GOP Itching to Investigate Obama

Republicans to launch gaggle of probes if they take House

(Newser) - Republicans are already preparing to launch a host of congressional investigations against the White House if they prevail in November, handing out subpoenas at a rate not seen since the Clinton administration, Republican staffers tell Politico . A group of would-be committee chairmen, led by Darrell Issa and Lamar Smith, are...

Darrell Issa: The Republicans' Best Pest
Darrell Issa: The Republicans' Best Pest

Darrell Issa: The Republicans' Best Pest

'Call me a pain,' says man who wants to impeach Obama

(Newser) - Darrell Issa makes it his business to be the fly the Obama administration can’t swat. The ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee is an admitted attention hog, and he brings that attention to whatever issues will most annoy the White House, writes Mark Leibovich in a profile for...

Please, Let 'Overblown' Sestak Story Go Away

It's a fairy tale, but it's just politics as usual

(Newser) - The story from the White House is that Bill Clinton, on Rahm Emanuel's behest, offered Joe Sestak an “unpaid advisory position” to drop out of the race against Arlen Specter. It's an obvious lie—come on, would Sestak even consider dropping out for so little?—and Joe Klein of...

Sestak Confirms Clinton Offer: 'I Said No'

White House counsel says no laws were broken

(Newser) - Drip by drip, we're getting a clearer picture of the White House's attempt to keep Joe Sestak out of the Arlen Specter race. Sestak today confirmed that Bill Clinton called him last summer, reports Politico . A portion of his statement: "He expressed concern over my prospects if I were...

White House Asked Bill Clinton to Talk to Sestak

He reportedly offered an unpaid advisory position

(Newser) - Bill Clinton has emerged in the middle of the Joe Sestak controversy. He's the man the White House asked to talk to Sestak about dropping out of the Pennsylvania Senate race to clear the way for Arlen Specter, reports the Washington Post . Clinton offered Sestak a "prominent, but unpaid,...

Sestak Offer: Crime or Small Potatoes?

 Sestak Offer: 
 Crime or Small 
Opinion roundup

Sestak Offer: Crime or Small Potatoes?

Pundits divided on alleged job offer

(Newser) - Republicans are eager to make a fuss about the job Joe Sestak says he was offered by the Obama administration, with Darrel Issa calling it an “ impeachable offense .” So is it a big deal? Here's what pundits are saying:
  • Sure the allegations are disturbing, but impeachment-worthy? Please. “

Obama on Sestak: 'Nothing Improper Took Place'

White House will issue a formal response soon

(Newser) - Republicans might be thinking impeachment , but President Obama says he "can assure the public that nothing improper took place" in regard to Joe Sestak. At his news conference today, Obama didn't elaborate much when asked whether his administration offered the congressman a cushy job to stay out of Arlen...

GOPers Smell Impeachment in Sestak Job Offer

Repeated calls to Holder to appoint special prosecutor

(Newser) - Republicans are calling for the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Sestak's claims that someone in the Obama administration offered him a high-ranking job to drop out of the Pennsylvania primary race against Arlen Specter. And they've already used the “I” word. “It's very...

Palin on Paul: 'Gotcha' Media Strikes Again
 Palin on Paul: 
 'Gotcha' Media 
 Strikes Again 


Palin on Paul: 'Gotcha' Media Strikes Again

Michael Steele distances himself from Kentucky candidate

(Newser) - Rand Paul has famously taken the day off , but he was certainly everywhere on the Sunday circus dial. Sarah Palin led Paul's defense, decrying a media perpetually in search of that "'gotcha' moment," while Michael Steele backed away, calling Paul's philosophy "misplaced in these times." Tim...

Obama Embraces Sestak
 Obama Embraces Sestak 

Obama Embraces Sestak

Meet the man who beat Arlen Specter

(Newser) - Barack Obama was lined up against Joe Sestak until Tuesday, as was much of the Democratic establishment, but, well, that was Tuesday and this is now. The president called the Pennsylvania rep yesterday to congratulate him on beating Arlen Specter, and promised him his full support—including campaigning on his...

Primary Upsets Signal a New Era
 Voters to Specter & Co.: 
  We Want New Blood 
incumbents take warning

Voters to Specter & Co.: We Want New Blood

Voters reject GOP, Democrat establishments

(Newser) - Yesterday's primary results show that incumbents from both parties are probably going to have to get comfortable with rejection. The results—including the ouster of Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and the victory of Tea Party fave Rand Paul in Kentucky—signal a wave on anti-incumbent, anti-party establishment feeling that is...

Sestak Beats Arlen Specter
 Sestak Beats Arlen Specter 

Sestak Beats Arlen Specter

Democratic challenger beats longtime incumbent

(Newser) - Arlen Specter goes down. Democratic voters in Pennsylvania picked Rep. Joe Sestak as the party's nominee for the Senate, denying the 80-year-old Specter his bid for a sixth term. Specter said he called Sestak to congratulate him and offer his support in the fall election against Republican Pat Toomey. The...

What to Watch in Today's 4 Primaries

Pennsylvania, Arizona, Kentucky offer intrigue

(Newser) - Four states go to the polls today, and the results will have huge implications. Politico breaks down what to watch for in each race, and we, as always, provide the cliff notes:
  • Pennsylvania: Arlen Specter—the longest serving senator in state history—is in real danger of losing a primary

3 Big Primaries Test Voter Rage
 3 Big Primaries 
 Test Voter Rage 

3 Big Primaries Test Voter Rage

Arlen Specter, Blanche Lincoln, Rand Paul in key races

(Newser) - Look to three big primaries tomorrow, in both parties, for a test of the country's anti-establishment rage and the chances that Congress will be even more polarized after November, reports the Los Angeles Times . In Pennsylvania, Democratic challenger Joe Sestak has pulled even with Arlen Specter with ads sneering that...

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