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Denmark Will Conscript Women for Military Service

Becoming just the 3rd European country to do so

(Newser) - Denmark will become just the third European country to conscript women for military service starting in 2026, the Danish government announced Wednesday. Norway started conscripting women in 2015, and Sweden in 2017. The announcement was one of a few made to address what the prime minister said are major defense...

A Woman Is Leading US Military Service for First Time

Admiral Linda Fagan takes over at the Coast Guard

(Newser) - For the first time, one of the US military services is being led by a woman. Admiral Linda Fagan took control of the Coast Guard on Wednesday, reports ABC News . Fagan, who became the service's first female admiral last year, previously served as second in command, per Military.com...

First Woman Completes Army Sniper Course
Female Sniper Grad
Is an Army First

Female Sniper Grad Is an Army First

Military is not yet identifying the Montana soldier

(Newser) - A Montana soldier is the first woman to graduate from the US Army's sniper course, the Montana National Guard announced. “We are extremely proud of this soldier’s achievement and recognize that this is a milestone for not only Montana, but the entire National Guard and Army,”...

Women Soon May Have to Register for the Draft

Commission makes formal recommendation to Pentagon

(Newser) - If a commission's recommendation is accepted, young women will have to register for the draft when they turn 18, just like their male counterparts. After a three-year study into whether women should be eligible for the draft, the panel has decided they should, reports Politico . The outlet got the...

Report: First Female Green Beret Is Coming

National Guard soldier to graduate training within weeks, per 'NYT'

(Newser) - The US Army may soon have its first female Green Beret. The enlisted National Guard soldier is set to graduate from the yearlong qualification course as a Special Forces engineer sergeant in the coming weeks, reports the New York Times , which cites officials as saying her success is essentially guaranteed....

Judge Rules That US Draft Violates the Constitution

Judge Gray Miller says it shouldn't be male-only

(Newser) - Women may soon have a new ritual on their 18th birthday: signing up for Selective Service. A federal judge in Texas ruled Friday that the current system—which requires men age 18-25 to sign up—violates the Fifth Amendment's due process clause of right to life, liberty, and property,...

A Big First Is Coming for Marine Corps

1st female infantry officer is expected next week

(Newser) - A big first for the Marine Corps: It will likely soon have its first female infantry officer. The unnamed lieutenant is expected to graduate Monday from the Corps' Infantry Officer Course, three military officials tell the Washington Post . She is the first of three dozen women who've attempted it...

First Female SEAL Candidate Is Here
First Female
SEAL Candidate
Is Here

First Female SEAL Candidate Is Here

She must still get through difficult training

(Newser) - A big first for the US Navy: The branch has its female SEAL candidate. A second woman is a candidate to become a special warfare combatant crewman, another elite special operations job previously open only to men. "They are the first candidates that have made it this far in...

Our Most 'Honorable' Citizens and Their Revenge Porn

Behind the scenes of 'Marines United' and other sexist military pages

(Newser) - Stumble onto a random revenge-porn site, and you'll likely be confronted with various avatars of trolls who hide behind screen names and aliases. But that wasn't the case with the "Marines United" private Facebook group that retired service member John Albert found himself invited to in September...

Today, a Big First for the Marine Corps

3 enlisted female Marines have been put in a ground combat unit

(Newser) - For the first time, the Marine Corps has put three enlisted female Marines in a ground combat unit once open only to men, officials said Thursday. They will serve as a rifleman, machine gunner, and mortar Marine, said 1st Lt. John McCombs, spokesperson for the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force at...

Women Won't Have to Register for Draft After All

One senator calls it 'a victory for common sense'

(Newser) - Should conscription ever again be necessary in the United States, it'll still be men called first. Though now eligible to fill combat posts, women will not be forced to register for involuntary military service beginning in January 2018. The provision mandating that women sign up—backed by women's...

Marines Getting New Gender-Neutral Job Titles

In most cases, 'man' replaced with 'Marine'

(Newser) - Now that all military jobs are open to women , the Marines are doing away with most job titles that include the word "man." Nineteen of the Marine Corps' military occupational specialties are being renamed, with, in most cases, the word "man" being replaced by the word "...

Female Ranger Grad Makes History Again

Kristen Griest becomes first female infantry officer

(Newser) - She made history once. Now she's done it again. Kristen Griest, one of the first female soldiers to earn a Ranger tab , has become the US Army's first female infantry officer after the military overturned a ban on women in combat positions, reports the Army Times . "Like...

This Could Be Our First-Ever Female Combatant Commander

President Obama to name Lori Robinson as head of Northern Command

(Newser) - President Obama will name Air Force General Lori Robinson to lead the military's Northern Command, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday. It's one of the top US military positions and Robinson would be the most senior general overseeing North American activities. She "would also be the first...

Study on Women in Marines 'Flawed': Military Researchers

Weaknesses in design, overgeneralizations show 'clear intent to keep women out'

(Newser) - Some of the results from a Marine Corps study of an experimental gender-integrated unit were released last month, and they were less than flattering in many cases: Women service members were found to be injured more than men, all-male units were found to have more accurate shooting scores, and all-male...

First Female Grads Get Their Ranger Tabs

Shaye Haver and Kristen Griest make history

(Newser) - The first female soldiers to complete the Army's rigorous Ranger School pinned on their black-and-gold Ranger tab at a graduation ceremony today to cap their history-making week. At a ceremony on the shore of "Victory Pond" at Fort Benning, First Lt. Shaye Haver of Copperas Cove, Texas, and...

If 2 Women Conquer Florida Swamps, It's Army History

They'll be first females to earn Army Ranger title

(Newser) - Two women tomorrow will begin a grueling 17-day stretch in the swamps of Florida, and if they make it out OK, they'll become the first females to earn an Army Ranger title. The pair have advanced to the final stage of the Ranger school, having gotten through the arduous...

Girl, 17, Sues for Right to Register for Military Draft

Files class-action suit against Selective Service

(Newser) - A teenage girl in New Jersey is suing the federal government for the right to be drafted. Or at least the right to register for the draft, which hasn't been used in decades. Though identified only as E.K.L. in the federal class-action suit, the Star-Ledger identifies the...

In Next Stage of Ranger School: Zero Women

Though 3 have been invited back to start over

(Newser) - Nineteen women became the first to attend the Army's elite Ranger School in late April, 16 of them made it through the first day , eight were allowed to "recycle" through the program, and zero will be going on to the next mountain stage of training, reports the Army ...

First Women Pass Marines' Grueling Infantry Training

But only non-combat roles await

(Newser) - For the first time, women have passed a military ordeal that would crush most men—the Marine Corps infantry training course. Three women out of 15 to enlist in the program will graduate from the course tomorrow after 59 grueling days of training, including a 12.5-mile hike carrying almost...

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