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$300 Shoe Claims to Boost Vertical Leap

Creators say the tech behind APL Concept 1 is for real

(Newser) - Two Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs have created an heir to Reebok’s famous “Pump” basketball shoes—and say their APL Concept 1 actually increases players’ vertical leap. It’s in the top-secret Load ‘N Launch technology, which, Ryan Goldston tells CounterKicks , compresses as the player puts weight on the...

Jay-Z, Beyoncé Hit White House Situation Room

Hip-hop's first couple get tour, meet Obama

(Newser) - Hip-hop’s first couple got a look at the DC digs of the nation’s first family this week, with Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé getting cozy in the White House Situation Room as they waited to meet President Obama. The rapper, who’s bragged in lyrics about close relations with...

Unclaimed Hardcore Rap Names

Looking to break into the biz? Use one of these pseudonyms.

(Newser) - With Diddy constantly changing his rap name, you might think all the good ones have already been used. But no: There are an awful lot of awesome pseudonyms still left, and Jesse Gissen lists his favorites on XXL :
  • Sirius Black: “This bad ass dude from the Harry Potter series

Lady Gaga Wins Big at Brit Awards
 Lady Gaga 
 Wins Big at 
 Brit Awards 

Lady Gaga Wins Big at Brit Awards

She wins three awards, dedicates opener to late designer

(Newser) - Lady Gaga scored three awards at tonight’s Brit Awards—the across-the-pond version of the Grammys—and won over the London audience by dedicating her show-opening performance to a late friend and favorite fashion designer. “This is for Alexander McQueen,” Gaga said before launching into an acoustic version...

How Gemma Ward Got Too 'Fat' to Model

Once touted as the next big thing, model simply got too big

(Newser) - Gemma Ward was discovered at 14, became Vogue’s youngest cover model at 16, and landed more than 20 Vogue covers by 19—but today, at just 22 and a few pounds heavier than she once was, Ward’s modeling career appears to be over. Speculation about her size began...

Sorry, Boys: The Thong Is Dead
 Sorry, Boys: 
 The Thong Is Dead 
the bottom line

Sorry, Boys: The Thong Is Dead

Yes, that most uncomfortable undergarment is finally out

(Newser) - The G-string has finally, truly peaked—and the end of the intrusive undergarment's reign merited a spread declaring the death of the thong in that bible of women’s magazines, Cosmopolitan. “The glory days of that skimpy, silky triangle of fabric—coveted by exhibitionists, praised by poets (well, Sisqo...

American Apparel Wants Your Butt

Clothing chain launches disturbing search for derriere model

(Newser) - American Apparel’s latest disturbing bid for publicity is ... the search for America’s Next Bottom Model. The clothing chain is asking ladies to submit photos of their booties—clad in, what else, American Apparel products—which will then be rated by, well, everyone who clicks here . Your votes won’...

Denim's Back, But Denim-on-Denim Is Pushing It

Jeans are back in the spotlight, but how much is too much?

(Newser) - Thanks in part to the recession, denim is all the rage—but the growing tendency to layer denim on denim (on, sometimes, even more denim) might be too much. “It can look silly, too contrived,” a video producer tells the Wall Street Journal . Nonetheless, the look is everywhere,...

20 Songs That Make No Sense
 20 Songs That Make No Sense 
you want it what way?

20 Songs That Make No Sense

I want it that way. Wait, you want what what way?

(Newser) - Some lyrics are just so ambiguous you have no idea what you’re singing about when you sing along. Willa Paskin lists 20 “songs that make you go, huh?” on BlackBook :
  • “I Want It That Way,” Backstreet Boys: “Make up your minds dudes, is ‘that

Today's Hippest Beer Accessory: The Growler

64-ounce takeaway bottles offer cheaper alternative to bar-hopping

(Newser) - Looking to host your Super Bowl party with beer that’s a bit more interesting than Coors Light? Look no further than the current beer trend sweeping New York: Growlers. The 64-ounce glass containers allow for fresher, cheaper, more interesting beer in the comfort of your own living room—and...

America's 10 Dirtiest Hotels
 America's 10 
 Dirtiest Hotels 

America's 10 Dirtiest Hotels

They may be cheap, but you really don't want to stay in them

(Newser) - Unless you like urine-scented rooms and hairs in the bathtub, you probably won’t want to stay at any of Trip Advisor ’s top 10 dirtiest hotels in the US. Below, a sampling of the user reviews:
  1. Heritage Marina Hotel, San Francisco: “The second room ‘appeared’ clean

My New Vid's Not Satanic: Jay-Z

Rapper, director deny On To The Next One contains occult images

(Newser) - With the conspiracy-theory corners of the Internet gnawing through the idea that Jay-Z’s latest video, for the single On To The Next One, is chock-full of Satanic imagery and the symbols of Freemasonry, the rapper and the vid’s director are laughing it all off. “That’s crazy...

The Rise of the Plus-Size Model
 The Rise of the Plus-Size Model 

The Rise of the Plus-Size Model

Crystal Renn is the most successful, but others hope for more work

(Newser) - At 5 feet 9 and about 165 pounds, Crystal Renn doesn’t look plus-size in person—but she is the industry’s most successful plus-size model, and potentially the face of a new movement in fashion. “You’re not big,” said a surprised creative director when he met...

5-Year-Old Drummer Wows YouTube

Jonah Rocks is sure to be a big deal

(Newser) - The latest sensation getting the Internet’s attention: Jonah Rocks , a 5-year-old drummer whose YouTube videos will likely blow your mind. BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post are both pointing to his website . Check out a few of his videos in the gallery.

10 Places Not to Visit in 2010
 10 Places Not to Visit in 2010 

10 Places Not to Visit in 2010

Can't afford a vacation? Don't worry about skipping these locales

(Newser) - Sure, you could read one of the many lists of destinations you should visit this year—but in this economic climate, wouldn’t it be more useful to check out a list of places not to visit? Hailey Eber thinks so, and gives her top 10 in BlackBook :
  • Oymyakon, Russia:

Megan Fox Armani Ads Debut

Actress strips down for Emporio Armani underwear, Armani jeans

(Newser) - Megan Fox made her Armani debut today, showing the world a fair amount of skin in the form of ads for Emporio Armani underwear and Armani jeans. The "come-hither shots are frankly better than expected," writes Gabriel Bell for New York . The photographers "have smoothed down some...

New Bras Moisturize, Smooth Cleavage
 New Bras Moisturize, 
 Smooth Cleavage 

New Bras Moisturize, Smooth Cleavage

Your underwear can now expand, contract with body temp, too

(Newser) - Who says bras are just for support? New undergarments set to be unveiled at an upcoming Paris trade fair are designed to do everything from “ironing out” cleavage wrinkles to moisturizing your skin. One Slovenian model has expandable cups that adjust according to body temperature. “Ironing out your...

10 Reasons Sexting Is Better Than Sex

No judging allowed: Sexting is, after all, safer

(Newser) - Sexting is getting a bad rap—but you really shouldn’t judge until you’ve tried for yourself. Simcha Whitehill offers 10 reasons why sending sexy text messages is better than doing the deed in real life, on The Frisky :
  • Imagination: As in, you actually have to use it—and

Meet New York's Worst Hipsters: Cavemen
 Meet New York's 
 Worst Hipsters: Cavemen 

Meet New York's Worst Hipsters: Cavemen

'Paleos' try to live as our ancestors did, succeed in being annoying

(Newser) - If the Atkins diet isn’t extreme enough for you, perhaps you’ll want to follow the example of a small group of New York hipsters following a “caveman” lifestyle. The group eats mostly meat (sometimes raw), fasts, and—of course—prefers exercise that simulates a prehistoric person fleeing...

Meet Ke$ha: The New Britney Spears
 Meet Ke$ha: The New 
 Britney Spears 

Meet Ke$ha: The New Britney Spears

And, by the way, it's pronounced 'Kesh-a'—not 'Kee-sha'

(Newser) - Who the heck is Ke$ha? She’s the decade’s first No. 1 artist on Billboard’s Hot 100, and just had the biggest-selling week of all time, for a female, on iTunes. There's a good chance you've heard the catchy if not lyrically impressive song "TiK ToK", but...

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