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Tattoos Sank His Green Card, and SCOTUS May Step In

High court to review case of Salvadoran man who says he was wrongly pegged as gang member

(Newser) - For nearly a decade, a Salvadoran man has missed Christmas after Christmas in the United States with his wife—not because he doesn't want to spend it in California with her, but because he can't. Luis Asencio-Cordero has long been denied a visa from the American government, partly...

Austrian Climate Minister Pushes Public to Get Tattoos

Or, one specific climate-related tattoo, in exchange for a free train pass

(Newser) - The Austrian government isn't just encouraging tattoos—it's rewarding those who get them, or, at least, one specific tattoo. Climate officials set up pop-up tattoo shops at two festivals, where the first three people willing to get inked with the word "Klimaticket" landed a free year of...

Finally, Common Ground Among Americans: Tattoos

Pew Research Center survey finds growing acceptance nationwide

(Newser) - The Pew Research Center has managed to find a topic in America that is not politically divisive: tattoos. Its new survey finds that 32% of Americans have a tattoo, with neither the left nor the right dominating. Roughly a third of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents have some ink, the same...

Museum Pays Homage to Rembrandt With Tattoos

Dutch tattoo artist Henk Schiffmaker calls the project 'highbrow to lowbrow'

(Newser) - Henk Schiffmaker's needle whirrs as he tattoos the familiar lines of an elephant on Lilian Rachmaran's back. “Highbrow to lowbrow” is how the famous Dutch tattoo artist describes his latest project, per the AP —inking sketches by Rembrandt van Rijn onto the skin of visitors to...

Fetterman Explains Tattoos After Tucker Carlson's Rant

The dates on his forearm are quite meaningful, Senate candidate writes

(Newser) - Earlier this month, Tucker Carlson went on what John Fetterman calls a "nearly 20-minute long," "unhinged" rant about Fetterman's tattoos, among other things. In an essay on NBC News on Sunday, Fetterman responded. According to the Hill , one of Carlson's comments—while decrying Fetterman as...

Court Intervenes in Auction of Auschwitz Item
Doubt Cast on
'Most Shocking
Holocaust Item'
in case you missed it

Doubt Cast on 'Most Shocking Holocaust Item'

Tattoo stamps allegedly used at Auschwitz may have been made later

(Newser) - Update: A tattoo kit touted as "the most shocking Holocaust item" may not date to the Holocaust at all. After the planned auction of the steel-needle stamps, which were allegedly used to tattoo Jews at Auschwitz, was blocked in November, the court asked Israel's Yad Vashem center to...

Alleged Mobster Covered His Face on YouTube Videos, Forgot His Tattoos

Tats were visible on cooking show of alleged 'Ndrangheta gangster from Italy, hiding in DR

(Newser) - Come for the pasta making, stay for the arrest. Since 2014, Marc Feren Claude Biart, a purported member of Italy's infamous 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate, has been on the run from authorities in his home country after allegedly taking part in a Dutch cocaine trafficking operation. The BBC reports...

Ky. Woman Gets a Poorly Timed Tattoo

It's supposed to be a self-affirmation, she says

(Newser) - Leah Holland wants you to know that she is not an anti-masker—despite what her tattoo says. The 25-year-old from Georgetown, Ky., had the words “courageously & radically refuse to wear a mask” inked onto her left arm on March 4, 2020, Lex 18 reports, just two days before...

Reality Show Pulled Over Face Tattoo Controversy

Viewers said some tattoos were neo-Nazi code

(Newser) - The broadcast of a new reality show in Britain was postponed after viewers got a good look at one of the contestant's tattoos. In a promotional clip for The Chop: Britain's Best Woodworker, numerical tattoos including 88 could be seen on the heavily tattooed face and head of...

New Patriots Kicker Will Cover Controversial Tattoo

Justin Rohrwasser's tattoo has been adopted by a right-wing militia group

(Newser) - New Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser says a tattoo on his arm is not representative of a loosely organized right-wing militia group that has adopted the symbol. Rohrwasser, who played at Rhode Island and Marshall, was taken 159th overall in the fifth round of the draft Saturday. He said in a...

Presley Gerber's News Has Nothing to Do With Coronavirus

Cindy Crawford's son got another face tattoo

(Newser) - Can't handle any more coronavirus news? Thank Presley Gerber, then, for this headline that instead involves facial tattoos. The 20-year-old son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber now has a second one, because his first went over so well . The new face tat is a star with "LA"...

Actor's Tattoo Is Misspelled. Worse: It's His Own Kid's Name

Morse code ink gets the little guy's name wrong

(Newser) - Getting a tattoo that honors your child is a rather sweet thing to do. Orlando Bloom would like to show you his, for his son Frynn—er, Flynn. The latter is the real name of the 9-year-old, the actor's only child with ex Miranda Kerr, but the former is...

Cindy Crawford's Son Defends His Face Tattoo

'F--- you if you don’t like it,' says Presley Gerber

(Newser) - Presley Gerber is perfectly happy with his face tattoo, thank you very much. That's the message the 20-year-old son of supermodel Cindy Crawford and liquor mogul Rande Gerber has for haters after he revealed the new ink via two Instagram posts from tattoo artist Jon Boy. Those posts garnered...

In Hong Kong, Another Form of Protest Emerges

Anti-government protesters show their support with tattoos

(Newser) - Mike Chan's tattoo needle buzzes gently as he draws a design on his customer's thigh—a figure wearing a helmet, goggles, and mask. Dipping his needle into black, red, and yellow ink, Chan hunches over his client's leg as he painstakingly brings to life the image of...

Artist Removes Tattoos From Larry Bird

Former NBA star objected to additions

(Newser) - Larry Bird was surprised to see his tattoos in a mural painted on the side of a building in Indianapolis. The spider web tattoo on his left shoulder, the dagger on his right cheek, "Hoosier" on his neck—and more—don't exist on the real Larry Bird. So...

Man With Tattooed Eyes Taunts the Police

Ethan Bramble isn't exactly turning himself in

(Newser) - Yes, Ethan Bramble looks unusual. He also posts unusual messages for Australian police while they seek him on an assault charge, the BBC reports. "Nananana you'll never catch me," the 23-year-old posted on Facebook with a pic of him eating ice cream, per Australia's News Network...

What Karl Lagerfeld Thought About Tattoos, the Middletons

Legendary fashion designer has died

(Newser) - Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who died Tuesday , was almost as famous for his biting and often controversial quips as he was for his fashion designs. Here are a few of his memorable quotes, per the AP :
  • On style: "If you come and ask me, 'I want to be

Ariana Grande's Tattoo 'Fix' Not Actually a Fix

'Japanese BBQ finger'? 'Ring seven finger'? 'Seven finger ring'?

(Newser) - Ariana Grande has now "fixed" her new palm tattoo ... kind of. Much drama ensued when the singer posted a photo of the tattoo, which was supposed to be the Japanese characters for "7 Rings" in honor of her latest single, only to find out a character was missing...

There's One Little Problem With Ariana Grande's Tattoo

It reads ... 'charcoal grill'?

(Newser) - Ariana Grande got a new tattoo that's supposed to read "7 Rings" in Japanese to honor her latest single. What it actually reads: shichirin. What does that mean? A small barbecue grill, the New York Post reports. Japanese fans noticed the error when Grande posted a picture of...

Told to Cover Up, Beauty Queen Turns in Her Crown

Sierra Leyde says tattoos are the new normal

(Newser) - A beauty queen in the Southern California desert community of Phelan has given up her crown rather than cover up her tattoos, the AP reports. Sierra Leyde didn't have tattoos when she was named Miss Phelan at age 17. But she celebrated her 18th birthday with tattoos of flowers...

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