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German Court Bans Circumcision

Religious groups cry foul

(Newser) - A court banned the circumcision of young boys in Cologne, Germany, ruling yesterday that the child's "fundamental right to bodily integrity" trumped their parents' right to religious freedom. The case centered around a 4-year-old Muslim boy who developed medical complications after he was circumcised, the New York Times...

Man Sues Hospital for Circumcising Him as Baby

Dean Cochrun only recently learned he had undergone procedure

(Newser) - A South Dakota prison inmate is suing the hospital where he was circumcised as a newborn, saying he only recently became aware that he'd undergone the procedure and that it robbed him of his sexual prowess. Dean Cochrun, 28, is asking for $1,000 in compensatory and punitive damages....

Circumcision Could Cut Risk of Prostate Cancer

Findings may be tied to reduced infection rates

(Newser) - There may be a new weapon in the fight against prostate cancer: circumcision. A study finds that men circumcised before their first time having sex had a 15% lower risk of the disease, NPR reports. That could be because cancer can be linked to infection. Prostate inflammation caused by an...

Baby's Herpes Death Linked to Circumcision

Baby believed to have gotten herpes from ceremony

(Newser) - A two-week-old baby who died last year from a circumcision ritual contracted a deadly case of herpes from the ceremony, reports the New York Daily News . The city medical examiner said that the cause of death was “disseminated herpes simplex virus Type 1, complicating ritual circumcision with oral suction....

Calif. Bans Circumcision Bans
 Calif. Bans Circumcision Bans 

Calif. Bans Circumcision Bans

Assemblyman boasts he's protecting 'parental rights'

(Newser) - The state of California has snipped San Francisco's uppity bid to erect a ban on circumcision. Any such ban is now banned in a law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Ban backers had collected nearly 8,000 signatures to put the measure to a vote in the city in...

Judge Chops SF Circumcision Vote

Proposal to ban male circumcision struck from ballot

(Newser) - A judge has snipped a proposal to ban male circumcision from San Francisco's November ballot. The judge said the proposal—which would have made it a crime to circumcise males under the age of 18 unless there was "a clear, compelling and immediate medical need"—violated religious...

States Drop Circumcision Funds From Medicaid

The latest, Colorado, will save $186,500 a year

(Newser) - A nationwide debate about circumcisions for newborn boys, combined with cash-strapped public health budgets, has Colorado taking sides with 17 other states that no longer fund Medicaid coverage of the once widely accepted procedure. For years, Colorado lawmakers considered doing away with funding for circumcisions under Medicaid—a move that...

&#39;My Husband&#39;s Circumcision Saved My Life&#39;
'My Husband's Circumcision 
 Saved My Life'

'My Husband's Circumcision Saved My Life'

It prevented me from getting his HIV: Diane Cole

(Newser) - Circumcision haters are out in force these days, with a vote coming later this year in San Francisco on whether to ban the practice entirely . But opponents overlook the health benefits that circumcision brings, specifically how it cuts down on the transmission of HIV, writes Diane Cole in the Wall ...

San Francisco Circumcision Ban Makes it Onto November Ballot
 SF to Vote on Circumcision Ban 

SF to Vote on Circumcision Ban

Ban on snipping under-18s makes it onto November ballot

(Newser) - San Franciscans are indeed going to be the first American voters asked to decide on giving circumcision the chop. "Intactivists" have succeeded in getting a proposal to ban the circumcision of males under 18 onto the November ballot, reports the AP . The proposal would make performing a circumcision—even...

NYC Toddler Dies After Circumcision

Jamaal Coleson Jr.'s family demand answers

(Newser) - A toddler died a month shy of his second birthday after a routine circumcision at a Manhattan hospital. Jamaal Coleson Jr.'s uncle accuses Beth Israel Medical Center of botching the operation by giving the boy a general analgesic instead of a local one. Jamaal, who died 10 hours...

San Francisco May Vote on Circumcision Ban

Activists submit signatures for ballot initiative

(Newser) - Is San Francisco about to cut out circumcision? A group of "intactivists" hope so; they’ve submitted 12,265 signatures to the city’s Department of Elections in a bid to get a ban on the practice placed on the ballot this November, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. If...

Circumcision Certificate OK in Arizona Birther Bill

The snip that might prove citizenship

(Newser) - If President Obama can't come up with his long-form birth certificate to run in Arizona, his circumcision papers might be sufficient to pass the state's 'birther bill' requirements —if he has any. Arizona's bill, passed by the state Senate, initially insisted that only a long-form...

Babies' Foreskins Turned Into Beauty Products
Babies' Foreskins Turned
Into Beauty Products

Babies' Foreskins Turned Into Beauty Products

Circumcisions also result in skin grafts for burn victims

(Newser) - On the off chance you've ever wondered what happens to the leftover foreskins from babies' circumcisions, Christie Haskell at Cafe Mom has three words for you: "Penis wrinkle cream." Turns out the foreskin—"or more accurately, the fibroblasts from the cells of the foreskin"—can be...

San Francisco May Vote on Circumcision Ban

Opponents working to get it on ballot next year

(Newser) - First San Francisco banned Happy Meal toys and now ... circumcision? A proposed ballot measure would prohibit circumcising newborn males within the city. If the measure gets enough support, it would appear on the ballot next November. If voters approved the ban, circumcision of a male under the age of 18...

Why I Allowed My Sons' 'Brutal' Circumcisions

It hurts, but it's a necessary comfort in an uncertain world

(Newser) - Taffy Brodesser-Akner believes that circumcision is “brutal” mutilation. So why did she subject her sons, and herself, to the traditional Jewish bris—even as she suffered “self-loathing” for what she was putting them through? She traces her Jewish upbringing, denouncement of religion, and eventual return to the faith...

Circumcision Prevents Sex-Related Injuries
 Circumcision Prevents 
 Sex-Related Injuries
study says

Circumcision Prevents Sex-Related Injuries

Lowered risk of minor cuts may protect against HIV/AIDS

(Newser) - Circumcised men's penises sustain fewer cuts, abrasions, and other minor sex-related injuries during intercourse, a new study finds—which could explain why circumcised men are less likely to get HIV during unprotected sex than uncircumcised men. Researchers analyzed data from an HIV study in Africa that followed 2,800 men,...

CDC Must Stop Advocating Circumcision
CDC Must Stop Advocating Circumcision

CDC Must Stop Advocating Circumcision

Male procedure just as backward as reviled female version

(Newser) - Virtually everyone in the Western world seems to agree that female circumcision is horrible. It greatly reduces sexual pleasure, violates individual autonomy, and provides no discernible health benefits. Well, all that is true of male circumcision, too, writes Ethan Epstein, yet the CDC is considering a plan to “promote...

Rush to Obama: Hands Off My Private Parts

Limbaugh makes leap from CDC advisory to mandatory circumcision

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh says President Obama is out to get his foreskin. Seriously. Or at least semi-seriously. It all started when the the Centers for Disease Control reported that it's thinking of issuing an advisory touting the health beneifits of male circumcision in infancy, writes Gabriel Winant for Salon. Conservative blogger...

Limbaugh: Jay-Z Diss 'Means I Made It'

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh says he’s finally an A-lister, the Huffington Post reports, after being name-checked by Jay-Z in a track leaked recently off the rapper’s forthcoming The Blueprint 3 album. “Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls, it’s 2010 not 1864,” goes the lyric from...

Treating Herpes Fails to Cut HIV Rate

Unexpected results stun scientists hoping for cut in transmission

(Newser) - An eagerly anticipated HIV study returned disappointing results yesterday, crushing scientists' hopes that targeting the genital herpes virus could help reduce the transmission of HIV. Although the reasoning seemed sound—having herpes boosts a person's contraction risk nearly threefold, so targeting herpes should combat HIV infection—the study found no...

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