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Number of Homeowners Without Insurance Is Rising

One estimate says the figure is 12%, more than double the rate in 2019

(Newser) - Millions of Americans find themselves in a once-unthinkable position: They're homeowners without home insurance. A look at the numbers and the factors at play:
  • On the rise: In 2022, 12% of homeowners had no insurance, up from 5% in 2019, reports the Washington Post , citing stats from the industry

A Warren Buffett 'Mystery' Has Been Solved

His Berkshire Hathaway has scooped up a major stake in Chubb insurance giant, worth about $6.7B

(Newser) - Both CNN and the Wall Street Journal call it a "mystery" that's now been solved: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has revealed a major stake that's been kept hush-hush since last year. The outlets report that the investment is in global insurance giant Chubb, and that Buffett'...

These States Have the Most Expensive Home Insurance

Florida comes in at No. 1 on Insurify's list, with an average annual cost of close to $11K

(Newser) - The average annual rate for home insurance comes in at just under $2,400, but in many parts of the country, what homeowners are paying exceeds that figure by far. Insurify lays out the damage, citing rates that rose an average of 20% over the past two years across America....

Town Decimated by Fire Has New Obstacle to Rebuild

Homeowners in California town of Paradise find home insurance premiums have skyrocketed

(Newser) - The soaring cost of home insurance has consumed the California town of Paradise, residents and officials say, just after the five-year anniversary of the Nov. 8, 2018, Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in California history. Residents have received annual premiums that are near or exceed $10,000—leaving many to...

With Home Insurance Skyrocketing, Some Floridians Are 'Going Bare'

Many who own their homes outright are choosing to drop hurricane insurance

(Newser) - With home insurance rates skyrocketing, some homeowners in Florida are choosing to "go bare"—go without home insurance, particularly expensive hurricane insurance, despite the risk of losing everything. Those with mortgages are required to have insurance, but many people in communities like West Palm Beach who have paid...

California Is Making a Change to Stop Fleeing Insurers

Rates likely to spike as insurers incorporate catastrophe models in policy pricing

(Newser) - Insurance providers are applauding proposed changes likely to result in rate increases in one of the world's largest insurance markets to better account for billions of dollars in potential damage from natural disasters amid a changing climate. Through executive orders approving "emergency regulatory action," California moved Thursday...

Yet Another Insurer Ditches the Sunshine State

Farmers is dropping home, auto, and umbrella policies in Florida, citing 'risk exposure'

(Newser) - More homeowners in Florida received some bad news this week, with yet another insurance company pulling out of the state due to too much possible liability. The Miami Herald reports that Farmers Insurance will no longer be offering home, auto, or umbrella policies in the Sunshine State, the fourth carrier...

Another Insurer Stops Selling California Homeowner Policies

Allstate has put new policies in the state on pause

(Newser) - Another big insurance company has quietly stopped selling home insurance in California. Allstate, which in 2021 was the fourth-largest property and casualty insurance provider in the state, is no longer writing new homeowner, condo, or commercial insurance policies there, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The company says the pause on...

Auto Insurance Is Up Way More Than Inflation
Auto Insurance Is Up
Way More Than Inflation

Auto Insurance Is Up Way More Than Inflation

Rates rose almost 15% year-on-year

(Newser) - With rates surging far ahead of the overall inflation rate, car insurance is eating up a bigger slice of Americans' incomes, and it's not clear if the trend is going to turn around any time soon. According to the latest report from , the average annual cost of...

At Heart of a $410M Battle: 5 Possibly Damaged Paintings

Billionaire Ron Perelman says fire didn't ruin them, but did sap their luster

(Newser) - At the heart of this unusual court case sits a billionaire, five paintings worth $410 million that hung in an East Hamptons estate, and one of the "existential questions of art insurance," per the New York Times : "What exactly constitutes damage and how can it be measured?"...

Earthquake Shakes Parliament, Right on Cue

Lawmakers in Liechtenstein were discussing quake insurance at the time

(Newser) - Two earthquakes hit Liechtenstein just as lawmakers in the tiny Alpine principality were debating the pros and cons of quake insurance. Lawmaker Bettina Petzold-Maehr had just warned that the likelihood of all Liechtenstein citizens being affected by an earthquake striking the country is high when the first small temblor hit...

Business Closes for Juneteenth, With a Racist Message

Maine insurance agency is taking heat for sign referencing a well-worn stereotype

(Newser) - Many US businesses shuttered on Monday to mark the federal holiday Juneteenth, but one company in Maine is now taking heat for the way it chose to announce its closing. CNBC notes the import of the holiday, which commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union Army soldiers showed up in Texas...

With Cars Back on the Road, Insurance Rises Quickly
Insurance Rates Rise Quickly

Insurance Rates Rise Quickly

Drivers in some states will face more than one increase this year

(Newser) - Consumers have begun paying higher prices for another necessity. Car insurers are raising rates quickly, the Wall Street Journal reports—by 6% and up. Allstate, for instance, is increasing its rates an average of 7.1% in 25 states, and it's not finished yet. "We are continuing to...

Search Resumes as Officials Consider Remaining Structure

Standing building may be a threat to rescuers, officials say

(Newser) - Rescue crews at the collapsed condo building in Florida resumed operations late Thursday afternoon, after pausing when piles of shifting debris caused concerns. Work was stopped for about 15 hours, the Washington Post reports. "Our firefighters looked really, really excited to get back there," Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine...

Noah's Ark Replica Owners Sue Over Rain Damage

Owners of Ark Encounter say insurers need to pay up

(Newser) - Don't confuse the original Noah's Ark with the Ark Encounter—only the latter is suing its insurers over rain damage, CNN reports. The Kentucky attraction, which boasts a $120 million replica of the biblical ark, was affected when heavy rainfall in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on...

New Investigation Follows Cohen's Insurance Claims

NY regulators subpoena Trump Organization's insurance broker

(Newser) - Add one more to the list of investigations linked to President Trump: A week after Michael Cohen told the House Oversight Committee that his former client had inflated the value of assets to insurance companies comes news that the New York State Department of Financial Services is investigating the Trump...

She'd Helped This Teen Before. This Time, the Cops Came

School superintendent charged with fraud after using health insurance to help sick student

(Newser) - An Indiana school superintendent who says she was worried about a sick student was hit with fraud charges after cops say she used her insurance to get medical treatment and meds for him. Per KTXL , court records say 48-year-old Casey Smitherman picked up the 15-year-old, who had a sore throat,...

He Wanted a New Car. Insurance Was Steep. He Had a Plan.

Canadian driver applied for gender status change on paperwork to cut his premium rates

(Newser) - "I'm a man, 100%. Legally, I'm a woman," a Canadian man boasts to the CBC in explaining how he "beat the system" to save $900 a year on his car insurance. How "David" of Alberta (who requested anonymity) did it: He got a doctor'...

Aflac Workers Cry Foul on Company's Practices
Aflac Workers
Cry Foul on

Aflac Workers Cry Foul on Company's Practices

They allege widespread, companywide abuse and fraud—including charging workers for stuffed ducks

(Newser) - It has boasted about being called one of the world's most ethical companies, but based on what nine ex-Aflac employees are saying, the insurance company known for its annoying-sounding duck (once voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) may be anything but. The Intercept talked to the former workers, and current ones,...

Teen to Aetna After Brain Surgery Denied: 'Screw You'

Parents of girl wracked by seizures now trying to come up with $300K on their own

(Newser) - When Cara Pressman gets seizures, she describes it as "like having a nightmare but while you're awake," giving her the chills and the shakes and causing her to zone out for up to two minutes. So the 15-year-old, who a release says is from New York and...

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