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UK Has an Unwanted First: Human Case of Swine Flu

At least 50 cases have been reported worldwide since 2005, so far with little consequence

(Newser) - The UK has joined a club it would have rather avoided: countries in which a human caught a case of swine flu. The unidentified patient has fully recovered from what was described as a mild illness, reports New Scientist . Health authorities say the person didn't work with pigs—the...

This Year's First Swine Flu Cases in Humans Linked to Fairs

No person-to-person transmission has been detected

(Newser) - This year's first two cases of swine flu in humans have both been linked to county fairs in Michigan. In the first case, a child whose age was not given developed the illness within 10 days of having been exposed to pigs at the Oakland County Fair, where the...

Now Scientists Are Warning About a Scary New Flu Virus

Virus can be transmitted from pigs to humans, but scientists worry it will mutate further

(Newser) - The year 2020 really is the gift that keeps on giving: Now researchers are warning that an influenza virus with the potential to become a pandemic has been discovered in China. Called G4 EA H1N1, the flu virus is carried by pigs but has already been transmitted to a small...

Swine Flu's 2009 Death Toll Not 19K—It Was 203K
Swine Flu's 2009 Death Toll
Not 19K—It Was 203K
new study

Swine Flu's 2009 Death Toll Not 19K—It Was 203K

New research finds H1N1 epidemic killed 10 times more than estimated

(Newser) - WHO initially reported 18,631 lab-confirmed deaths from 2009's "swine flu" epidemic—but a new study by epidemiologists finds that H1N1 actually killed as many as 203,000 people. The researchers looked at respiratory deaths in 20 countries and then used that data to calculate a global figure....

Swine Flu Shot May Have Caused Kids' Narcolepsy

795 European recipients of GlaxoSmithKline drug report illness

(Newser) - Children across Europe have been developing narcolepsy at increased rates since 2009—and experts fear the crisis may be linked to a GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine. The incurable sleep disorder has surged in Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, and Britain, experts say, and it can take a devastating toll: Reuters recounts...

Swine Flu Vaccine Could Cure All Flu for Life

Those who've been hit with virus seem immune to other flus

(Newser) - Swine flu might hold the key to an all-purpose vaccine that could, with a single injection, protect patients from all flus for the rest of their lives. Researchers in Chicago and Atlanta are set to publish a study finding that those who develop antibodies against swine flu appear to be...

Brits Running Out of Killer Flu Vaccine

They've just got enough for pregnant women, doc warns

(Newser) - Nervous UK health care providers are running out of the vaccine for a scary swine flu strain that has claimed 39 lives. Manufacturers have warned they have no supplies left in the wake of a surge of new cases, reports the Telegraph . "There's enough vaccine for pregnant women who...

56 Dead as Swine Flu Resurfaces in Egypt

Officials had taken measures to stop spread

(Newser) - The H1N1 swine flu virus has reemerged in Egypt, infecting 1,172 people and killing 56 since Oct. 8, Reuters reports. Some 16,373 have been infected in the country, with 281 deaths, since it was first reported there in June 2009. Egyptian officials last year culled all pigs, shut...

WHO Exaggerated Swine Flu Pandemic: EU Reports

Watchdogs accuse WHO of colluding with drugmakers

(Newser) - Was the H1N1 pandemic exaggerated? European officials are putting heat on the WHO over its handling of the pandemic, alleging the organization caused unnecessary panic and wasted millions of dollars. Reports released by an EU watchdog and the British Medical Journal go even further: they accuse the WHO of being...

Snopes Founders: People Are Suckers
Snopes Founders: People
Are Suckers

Snopes Founders: People Are Suckers

Please, stop falling for that Nigerian scam

(Newser) - The founders of Snopes.com started out investigating the origins of urban legends like the serial killer with a hook for a hand; 14 years later, their site is a major source of information for people seeking the real story behind political rumors. “When you’re looking at truth...

US May Toss 75M Doses of Swine Flu Vaccine

Unused shots are near expiration date

(Newser) - More than 71 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine purchased by the federal government to combat an expected flu pandemic will have to be discarded if they go unused, which seems increasingly likely. Those doses were packaged for individual use, which dramatically decreases their shelf life. Of the 229 million...

Harmful Bacteria Found in Hand Sanitizers

FDA issues warning on two Puerto Rican brands

(Newser) - The FDA has issued a warning on two Puerto Rican brands of hand sanitizer that are liable to coat your hands in dangerous bacteria instead of sanitizing them. Bee-Shield Hand Sanitizer and MD Quality Hand Sanitizer, made in Puerto Rico and sold only there, have high levels of Burkholderia cepacia....

Swine Flu Killed 17K Americans: CDC
 Swine Flu Killed 17K 
 Americans: CDC 
h1n1 outbreak

Swine Flu Killed 17K Americans: CDC

Total lower than usual, but victims skew younger

(Newser) - The H1N1 pandemic has been less deadly than a normal flu season, but the infection has claimed the lives of far younger victims, the CDC announced today. The outbreak killed 17,000 Americans, far less than the 36,000 who die during an average flu season. But in a normal...

Swine Flu Not Gone Yet
 Swine Flu Not Gone Yet 

Swine Flu Not Gone Yet

US is 'not at all out of the woods,' CDC chief says

(Newser) - H1N1 continues to spread, albeit at a subdued pace. The chances of a third outbreak this season seem slight, but even though swine flu is not mounting a major offensive, it seems unusually resilient—most influenza outbreaks would've dissipated by now. Deaths from pneumonia and influenza are up, for the...

Santa's a Terrible Role Model for Kids

He's obese, doesn't wear a helmet, and could be spreading swine flu

(Newser) - There really is a Santa Claus—and he's a public health menace, warns a light-hearted new study in a British medical journal. It identifies a "very high Santa awareness" among children and determines that he's a reckless role model with his frequent cookie snacks, occasional cigars, and refusal to...

Thank You, Swine Flu: Seasonal Version No Big Deal

History, and this past spring, show novel strains 'crowd out' normal ones

(Newser) - A perfect storm of factors related to the swine flu pandemic have many experts predicting the usual seasonal flu viruses will be no-shows this season. First off, the rush for H1N1 vaccinations saw many patients being vaccinated for the seasonal varieties as well. And then there’s “crowding out,...

800K Swine Flu Shots for Kids Recalled
 800K Swine Flu Shots 
 for Kids Recalled 
h1n1 outbreak

800K Swine Flu Shots for Kids Recalled

They lost effectiveness since being distributed

(Newser) - French drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis has recalled 800,000 child doses of swine flu vaccine sold to the US because the preservative-free shots have significantly declined in potency since manufacture. The CDC says anyone already vaccinated with the syringes—intended for children 6 to 25 months—is safe, but doctors should return...

Swine Flu Hits 1 in 6
 Swine Flu Hits 1 in 6 

Swine Flu Hits 1 in 6

H1N1 has killed 10K Americans

(Newser) - Swine flu had sickened 50 million Americans, and killed 10,000 of them by mid-November, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates released yesterday. A sixth of the population has been infected and over 200,000 people with the H1N1 virus have been hospitalized. The number of deaths...

Scam Emails Capitalize on Swine Flu Scare
Scam Emails Capitalize on Swine Flu Scare
h1n1 outbreak

Scam Emails Capitalize on Swine Flu Scare

Phishing scheme asks targets to register for vaccination

(Newser) - Bogus email alert: Be on the lookout for messages allegedly from the CDC about a "mandatory" swine flu vaccination program. The emails ask recipients to enter personal information in order to get vaccinated, but unlucky registrants get malware instead of medicine. The CDC has confirmed that it is not...

Flu Cases Plummet, But Child Deaths Rise
 Flu Cases Plummet, 
 But Child Deaths Rise 
h1n1 outbreak

Flu Cases Plummet, But Child Deaths Rise

32 states report widespread disease activity, down from 43 a week ago

(Newser) - The number of H1N1 cases fell throughout November, but children under 18 continue to be disproportionately affected by the virus, with 35 deaths reported last week. Flu activity was widespread in 32 states in the weekly report out today, down from 43 a week earlier. And the worrisome rise in...

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