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The 10 Most Loaded Reality Stars

Obviously, Kim Kardashian is on the list

(Newser) - If you just hate the idea that someone can let a camera crew follow them around and end up a millionaire, do not read on. Celebuzz rounds up the 10 richest reality stars:
  • Kim Kardashian: Not only is she one of the richest reality stars, she's also the second

Simon Cowell Sick of Britney
 Simon Cowell Sick of Britney 

Simon Cowell Sick of Britney

Report says her first season with 'X Factor' will be her last

(Newser) - December has not been kind to Britney Spears, what with the rumors of relationship trouble and claims her ex-hubby's brother actually fathered her kid . Now, Us Weekly reports that the singer's first season as an X Factor judge will be her last. "Britney will get the boot,...

20 Biggest Pop Culture Letdowns of 2012

C'mon, Gwen, this is the best you can do after four years?

(Newser) - It's the end of the year: time to look back on the things we loved —and the things that severely, severely disappointed us. Zap2it runs down the 20 biggest pop culture letdowns of 2012:
  • Tim Tebow: He was awesome with the Broncos, but since being traded to the

Day 1 of X Factor: Brit a Drama Queen?

Spears dogged by rumors that she stormed out of taping

(Newser) - New judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato had their first X Factor taping yesterday, and of course there were rumors of bad behavior. TMZ reports that Spears stormed off the set upset after a contestant did a less-than-stellar version of her song "Hold It Against Me," forcing...

Britney Spears, Demi Lovato New Judges on X Factor

Singing stars appear at New York's TV 'upfronts'

(Newser) - Britney Spears and—as TMZ put it—"some other girl" appeared in New York today to present themselves as new judges on Simon Cowell's X Factor. That "other girl" has 15 Billboard Hot 100 hits, by the way, and her name is Demi Lovato. A photo of...

Could TV's Highest-Paid Star Be ... Beyonce?

If Simon Cowell has his way; he wants her as 'X Factor' judge

(Newser) - Who could possibly take the place of Paula Abdul on X Factor ? If Simon Cowell has his way, it will be Beyoncé—and he's offering her a cool $100 million per season (total contract: $500 million) to do it, according to Media Take Out . If she accepts...

Simon Fires Practically Everyone From X Factor

Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, Steve Jones all get the boot

(Newser) - It was a "bloodbath" at X Factor yesterday, Nikki Finke writes at Deadline , with host Steve Jones and judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul all getting the ax. Apparently Simon Cowell himself made the decision to clean house, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Cowell and LA Reid are the...

Paula Abdul Rejoining Simon Cowell on X Factor

Idol Judges Will Reunite for His New Talent Reality Show

(Newser) - It will be just like old times: Paula Abdul will join Simon Cowell as a judge on his new talent show, the X Factor, reports AP . The move had been rumored , but a source says Abdul will indeed be at the judges' table when the first taping takes place Sunday...

Talentless Best Friends Get Into TV Brawl

Viral singing sensation sounds, fights like Susan Boyle's cat

(Newser) - Like so many other hopefuls with stars in their eyes, Abbey Johnston and Lisa Parker excitedly took to The X-Factor stage—and it was all downhill from there, reports Time . Before they even opened their mouths to "sing," the duo, titled "Ablisa," told the audience to...

Why Cowell's X-Factor Will Overtake Idol

Leaving 'American Idol' likely right move for Simon Cowell

(Newser) - With Simon Cowell set to depart American Idol at the end of this season, the big question becomes: Did he make the right choice? Yes, and not just because Cowell’s judgments are notoriously “cold, unsentimental, and usually correct,” Tom Ewing writes for New York . Cowell’s new...

Simon Wants Paula on X Factor
 Simon Wants Paula on X Factor 

Simon Wants Paula on X Factor

Cowell, Abdul in talks to team up on new show

(Newser) - Good news for anyone pining for the good ol' days of American Idol: Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell may be reuniting for Cowell’s X Factor. Sources tell TMZ the pair is discussing the possibility of Abdul coming on the US version of his UK hit as a judge. Cowell...

Simon Cowell Finally Quits American Idol

Tart-tongued judge will launch 'X Factor' after 9th 'Idol' season

(Newser) - Simon Cowell made the first of what will surely be many farewells to American Idol today, confirming to a gathering of American TV critics in Pasadena that he's leaving the show at the end of this year's 9th season. The caustic Brit who's considered Idol's biggest star said he's launching...

Asperger's Man Could Be Next Susan Boyle

Briton who can barely leave the house wows X Factor judges

(Newser) - A young singer with Asperger’s syndrome who once spent 7 years without leaving his home is poised to take the British reality TV world by storm, the Independent reports. 21-year-old Scott James’ yet-to-be broadcast audition on the show X Factor features a rave review from Simon Cowell, earning him...

Cowell: Quitting Idol 'Feels Right'

Says his plan is no negotiating trick

(Newser) - Simon Cowell has three hit shows worldwide, including America’s most popular; he pulls in $36 million a year from Fox; and the success of Susan Boyle is raising the talent guru’s profile even higher. But, he tells the New York Times, he’s not backing off statements to...

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