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Lab Wants Recall of Common Acne Meds

They may contain elevated levels of a cancer-causing chemical

(Newser) - An independent lab is calling on the FDA to suspend sales of benzoyl peroxide after finding the acne medication degraded into a cancer-causing chemical in products from popular brands like ProActiv and Clearasil. Valisure analyzed 99 acne treatment products containing benzoyl peroxide (BPO). Before heating, the carcinogen benzene was detected...

In Dating and Hiring Decisions, Acne Factors In
People Avoid Others
Who Have Bad Acne

People Avoid Others Who Have Bad Acne

Survey finds people with pimples face social, professional stigma

(Newser) - Research has shown acne takes a toll on emotional health , leading to low self-esteem and depression. Now, new research focusing on how society views people with acne, as opposed to how they view themselves, is highlighting further difficulties both in social and professional life. For instance, researchers found people are...

Kendall Jenner's 'Brave' Reveal: 'Welcome to the Family, Dahling!'

Reality star is new face of Proactiv skin care

(Newser) - "Be prepared to be moved." That was Kris Jenner's notice on Instagram over the weekend for her "brave and vulnerable" daughter Kendall, with the elder Jenner plugging an upcoming announcement that promised a "most raw story" from Kendall. That, of course, set off a series...

Acne Fighters Say Vaccine May Be on the Horizon
Got Acne? A Vaccine
Could Be Coming

Got Acne? A Vaccine Could Be Coming

Still a long way to go, but initial results on a possible vaccine seem promising

(Newser) - Eric Huang says he's "good at vaccine development." The UC San Diego dermatology professor tells the university's Guardian he has even worked on a biodefense vaccine to fight anthrax , with a boost from the National Institutes of Health. Huang's latest development on the vaccine scene,...

At Fashion Show, the Hottest Accessory Was Pimples

Moto Guo's spring 2017 collection is titled 'Picnic in the Society'

(Newser) - Malaysian fashion designer Moto Guo appears to be making some sort of statement about pimples, but exactly what, and whether they may actually now be fashionable, remains unclear. GQ reports that in his Milan Men's Fashion Week debut on Monday, Guo's makeup artists created blemishes on his models'...

Vitamin Supplement May Cause Acne
 May Cause Acne 
study says

Vitamin Supplement May Cause Acne

Research suggests link between breakouts and B12

(Newser) - Nature giveth, and nature taketh away. The same vitamin credited with helping the brain and nervous system—B12—is now accused of contributing to acne, reports the Independent . A new UCLA study suggests a link, though researchers emphasized that more research needs to be done to confirm what's actually...

FDA: Acne Meds Can Cause Life-Threatening Reactions

Warning issued for over-the-counter products

(Newser) - In rare cases, common over-the-counter acne products can cause severe and sometimes life-threatening allergic reactions, the FDA warns. Reactions include shortness of breath, fainting, and collapse, and almost half of those who reported severe symptoms required hospitalization, reports USA Today . The agency says it has had only 131 cases of...

New Acne Fighter: Thyme

 New Acne 
study says

New Acne Fighter: Thyme

Agent in plant kills bacteria better than leading treatment

(Newser) - The latest weapon against acne may be on your spice shelf. Scientists have found that thyme extract may fight the skin ailment more effectively than a commonly-prescribed treatment, Scientific American reports. Researchers used the plant's active compound against the chief cause of acne, the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. Turns out...

News Flash: These Apps Won't Cure Your Acne

FTC slaps two programs claiming to work dermatological wonders

(Newser) - No matter what the ads say, you just can’t cure acne with an iPhone. The FTC has moved to shush a pair of apps claiming to do just that. Going for 99 cents on Android Marketplace, AcnePwner said users could “Kill ACNE with this simple, yet powerful tool....

Pimple Popping Shouldn't Be Taboo
 Pimple Popping 
 Shouldn't Be Taboo 
in case you missed it

Pimple Popping Shouldn't Be Taboo

After all, we don't mind discussing celebrity private parts

(Newser) - You can blow your nose in public and discuss irregular bowel movements with a friend—but mention pimple popping, and the world goes “ewwww.” But “who hasn't popped a pimple? Who doesn't get a painful little prick of satisfaction from doing so?” writes David Marchese for Salon...

Acne Cure: Breast Milk Cream?
 Acne Cure: Breast Milk Cream? 

Acne Cure: Breast Milk Cream?

Lauric acid found to banish pesky pimples with no side effects

(Newser) - Move over, Proactiv. Turns out breast milk may be the real key to banishing the acne that strikes some 85% of teens. Scientists discovered that lauric acid, which is found in breast milk—and, less titillatingly, coconut oil—fights acne without side effects like redness and burning, reports the Telegraph...

Super-Acne Resists Drugs
 Super-Acne Resists Drugs 

Super-Acne Resists Drugs

Resistant bacteria strain increasingly defies antibiotics

(Newser) - As if regular old zits weren't bad enough, awkward teens now have a new worst nightmare: antibiotic-resistant super-acne. Dermatologists say the bacteria that causes pimples is increasingly immune to common treatments, reports MSNBC. And while acne may not be a life-threatening condition, the frequent prescription of antibiotics to treat it...

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